Donald Trump Rejects The Below Standard and Biased B.B.C.

by John Shaw

Anyone who watched the President of the United States of America and our Prime Minister give a press conference that extended the courtesy of giving the BBC the first question would have been appalled at the behaviour of the disgusting individual, Laura Kuenssberg, from the ‘Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation’

She stood up and in the guise of a question, made five very rude statements.

Theresa May looked shocked, as did the President, who passed the vile Laura Kuenssberg’s questions onto her.    Theresa give her short shift and the press conference moved on with sensible(ish) questions.

The BBC are a national embarrassment and an expensive one at that.  They are now no longer invited to U.S. Presidential Press Conferences.

The Royal Charter should be invoked, the TV licence scrapped and they should be forced to apply for a licence to broadcast in Britain just like any other company.  They would not last long.


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  1. I cringed when I viewed it, what a rude, ignorant creature she is.Sadly this reflects on us as a people even though this vile object is a foreigner.

  2. The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation specialising in political correctness. I used to admire the BBC as a great British institution, but now they are a Leftist propaganda outlet. Well done Mr Trump.

  3. John(party member)

    An organisation that has betrayed the British people and forced it’s left-wing agenda on us. This is why Donald Trump has banned them from his press conferences…he knows how biased they are…hats off to the President !

  4. John Shaw ( Party Official ) I have just seen a typical example of the work of the Bolshevic Broadcasting Corporation. They ran a so called news feature regarding the Conservative type candidate for the French Presidential Election. The analasis was fair enough about his problems and where he is in the so called ‘ polls ‘ but they refused to mention who was favourite to win , which was very RELEVANT TO THE STORY ! The reason for this glaring omission ? Yes , you know ! MARINE LE- PEN IS LEADING THE POLL FOR THE FRONT NATIONAL ! The B.B.C. ARE A NATIONAL DISGRACE.

  5. I respect Donald Trump greatly I hope He turns around America Our Party must rescue Britain

    • John Shaw ( Party Official ) Well said Adam. I follow the great Donald , all the time , on Fox News. It is very informative and although far from perfect they actually give the opposition their say with live interviews. This NEVER happens in our Country that really is in free speech lock down against our NATIONALIST VIEWS. The Donald , well the more you learn you realise he is 95% us !

  6. Enjoy the older article and comments. Our Party ‘ on the ball ‘ as usual. The License fee should be scrapped. We would then see how long the Lefty / liberal type mouthpiece lasts ! Anyway , in AMERICA , we are told that ‘ suspected ‘ New York city bus terminal bomber , AKAYED ULLAH , has been living in the U.S.A. for seven years. They tell us he is from BANGLADESH and is twenty seven. They tell us that an explosive device , that he had strapped to his body , detonated early in a tunnel. He had been heading for a very crowded bus terminal , with the intention of Killing and Maiming as many People as possible. The Media However , are NEVER going to tell us how much the U.S.A. HAS DONE FOR THIS PERSON AND PROBABLY HIS FAMILY AS WELL. They have LET HIM INTO THEIR COUNTRY ,given him every OPPORTUNITY and probably SUPPORTED him FINANCIALLY at times. How does he THANK the Good People of the U.S.A. for all this ? He tries to KILL AS MANY AMERICANS AS HE CAN. Britain also does many things , for a lot of People , who quite frankly , HATE US AND EVERYTHING WE STAND FOR. THIS MADNESS , WARNED ABOUT BY THE GREAT ENOCH POWELL , HAS TO END.

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