Donald Trump Should Make A State Visit To The United Kingdom

by John Shaw

I have added my vote to the Governments On Line Petition titled ‘Donald Trump Should Make A State Visit To The United Kingdom’   So far we have 280,982 signatures and the petition will be debated by our parliament on the 20th February 2017.

We are still a civilised, democratic country and if our Prime Minister cannot host a visit from the President of the United States of America without mass violence from unhappy anarchists , various communists, Liberal types and immigrants, then we have sunk further into the abys than I thought.

6 thoughts on “Donald Trump Should Make A State Visit To The United Kingdom

  1. The Left/Liberals, with all their usual double standards and hypocrisy on display… only hate Donald Trump because he is a White man who has waged war on the evils of Political Correctness.

    If Trump was Black or a Muslim then these Liberals would be all over him regardless of what his past was.

    1. Indeed, that is correct, John. What makes it worse is the fact these types of people warmly welcomed President Obama when he made a state visit to us yet he was anti-British and had a chip on his shoulder with respect to the United Kingdom yet they don’t want President Trump to visit because he is a white man who has launched a war on PC but also shows some warmth and a liking for our country. It is surely better to have a resident of the White House who isn’t an enemy of us!

  2. Mr Obama’s great legacy was tripling the national debt which was already in the trillions when he came to power. On top of that the”Obamacare” debacle was doomed to fail from the get go. Causing bloodshed and mayhem in Libya. Obama was a Liberals hero only because of his ethnicity. The establishment media deified him for the same reason.

  3. I hate to be a contrarian But today Britain is not a civilised or democratic country. When I was a child in the early fifties, maybe.
    Today it is uncouth, not at ease, plus thoughts are now deemed a crime. In the fifties we he Labour and Conservative. The difference between the two was sizable. Today both are Blairite monster toadies, so voting either way makes not a ha’peth of difference. Our only chance is reliant on the USA elections plus France and Belgium’s ones. Thus giving our cowardly voting blocks a chance to grow a pair and do likewise.
    If Trump comes, what sort of rabble will the elites allow to sabotage it at every level. Thus making it very uncomfortable .( Even Charlie boy the royal adulterer says he’ll boycott him ( a great relief for The Donald) no doubt) We know to well who they are . Paid lackeys of the very types they claim to hate . Irony just doesn’t cover it

  4. John Shaw ( Party Official ) This ST. Valentines day , we have received an ‘ E ‘ mail from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to inform us that the PETITION ( with no help and publicity from our horrible media , who shouted from the rooftops about the HOSTILE , BAN THE VISIT PETITION ON FACEBOOK ) has reached over one hundred thousand signatures ! This means that the eleven M.P.’s on the petition committee will CONSIDER A DEBATE IN PARLIAMENT. Let’s have the debate , ONLY to see how many ANTI DEMOCRATIC , New World Order Marxist’s reveal their TRUE , DESPICABLE , ANTI CIVILISED WORLD CREDENTIALS !

  5. though Mr Trump was elected by Americans as President I have long believed Britain should distance itself from the Yanks completely as much as Europe the mythical Special relationship is a one sided farce

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