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Globalist Financier  Plans to Return Britain to the European Union

George Sorus is the billionaire who earned the title of the man ‘who broke the Bank of England’. This was when in 1992 his bets against the pound forced the UK to withdraw from the European Exchange Mechanism. Since then he has donated more than $32 billion to the Open Society Foundation (OSF), which he founded in 1979.

No Way Out For The French

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show,  French President Macron admitted that a vast majority of French voters were in favour of leaving the European Union.

New Leader For The Conservative Party?

If the Conservative Party do not get their act together soon they will become unelectable and pave the way for a socialist Corbyn Government which would without doubt lead this country into a political mire from which it may never recover.

Theresa May’s Heart Is Not in Brexit

REMAINER, Theresa May did the WRONG thing when she stood for and was elected leader of the Conservative Party knowing full well she was not best placed to lead the Party and Government in Brexit negotiations.

Is Nigel Farage Under The Influence Of Brussels?

Nigel Farage is now considering a ‘SECOND REFERENDUM’ following his recent meeting, this week, with Michael Barnier the EU’s chief negotiator for Brexit[1]. Arron Banks, the Brexit Leave Campaign Chief, has also come out in support of a second referendum.

Sold Down The River!

Conservative minded people as well as the vast majority of traditional British citizens waited in hope for the Conservative Party to ‘come good’ and deliver the Brexit that was voted for and indeed promised.  Instead they are letting us all down again, badly.

UKIP Leadership Election – Who is Henry Bolton?

Henry Bolton beat Anne Marie Waters, who said Islam was “evil” and a “killing machine”, to the top job to roars of approval at UKIP’s conference in Torquay.  Obviously Anne Marie Waters was just too anti-Islam and right wing for the majority of the ‘conservative’ UKIP members.

Letter from Andrew Brons To Telegraph

The EU is still insisting that negotiations about future trade relationships between the UK
and the EU cannot begin until the UK’s fee for leaving the EU has been agreed.

What’s Wrong With These People?

Now in his old age he is denying Brexit by trying to defy our democratic vote and bowing down to the foreign power of the EU superstate. He is in fact going against all he previously believed.