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Help Chuck Chequers Proposal

Chequers didn’t make an appearance at Conservative Party Conference, but the Prime Minister is still trying to push it through Parliament.

Boris Johnson speech to Conservative Party Conference

Why was it 25 years since any of my predecessors had been to Argentina or Chile? It was because our entire global strategy has been focused on the EU. And while that may have been sensible in the 1970s, when we first joined the common market, it makes less sense in the globalised economy of today, when 95 per cent of the world’s growth is going to be outside the EU.

Ignore The Will Of The People At Your Peril

A great headline from the Daily Express. A meaningful vote has already been taken by the people of this country and it is time the unelected members of the ‘other house’ and our elected MPs take account it.

Daily Mail ‘Adopts’ The British Democratic Party?

Having reflected the statements of the British Democrats, yet again. I expect this newspaper to promote our Party and our nation saving social and economic policies, on an official basis

They Really Are Selling Us Out!!

The British people’s ‘red lines’ are that we cease free movement of peoples and we cease to pay the EU ‘superstate’ anything.

Globalist Financier  Plans to Return Britain to the European Union

George Sorus is the billionaire who earned the title of the man ‘who broke the Bank of England’. This was when in 1992 his bets against the pound forced the UK to withdraw from the European Exchange Mechanism. Since then he has donated more than $32 billion to the Open Society Foundation (OSF), which he founded in 1979.

No Way Out For The French

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show,  French President Macron admitted that a vast majority of French voters were in favour of leaving the European Union.

New Leader For The Conservative Party?

If the Conservative Party do not get their act together soon they will become unelectable and pave the way for a socialist Corbyn Government which would without doubt lead this country into a political mire from which it may never recover.

Theresa May’s Heart Is Not in Brexit

REMAINER, Theresa May did the WRONG thing when she stood for and was elected leader of the Conservative Party knowing full well she was not best placed to lead the Party and Government in Brexit negotiations.