Britain For The British

by John Shaw

‘Britain for the British’ – This self evident statement is at last becoming the popular thought of British people.  In Labour’s Northern heartlands they ignored their Marxist led Party’s mind numbing E.U. REMAIN campaign and voted heavily for LEAVE.  They did this to end the free movement of people.

Despite 30 years or so of institutional ‘multi-culturalism’, Labour and Conservative people have had enough of having their ‘culture enriched’. Just look at London.

Whilst admittedly we are a ‘million miles’ from power the main political parties are totally out of touch with the people and we are becoming the ‘mainstream’ in my opinion. In other countries, sensible patriotic parties have swept to being in power or at least the official opposition, in a very rapid and quite extraordinary way, so it can be done.

Join us today and let’s get Britain on the way to sweeping the old fashioned, class based parties aside.



One thought on “Britain For The British

  1. Seems a very similar pattern has emerged throughout the entire United Kingdom John, that being, that we have a series of utterly useless parties running affairs in Government.

    I can tell you here and now that Northern Ireland is certainly no exception to this rule. Although the politicians in this part of the United Kingdom cannot even agree to form a Government, most if not all are merely in the poltical game for self interest. However not only are we Ulster folk lumbered with that, we are also damned with a pack of blood stained IRA criminals whom are masquerading as mainstream politicians!

    Forget the DUP: The closest we have to a British Nationalist politician in this province is a young independent Councillor called Jolene Bunting. It appears that young Bunting may have become involved in one way or another with Paul Goldings ‘Britain First’, but this political marriage was a brief one and ended in a somewhat messy divorce that was played out in public.

    Neverthesless though, casting aside Miss Buntings faults, she has at least had the courage to speak out openly against mass immigration & other related issues such as Islam etc. I can’t think of too many other Ulster politicians whom have displayed the same courage as Miss Bunting when it comes to extremely important issues such as these.

    This Nation as a whole needs a new wave of politicians with a new set of politics. Politics that, as John Shaw said, gives Britain back to the British.

    I shall be renewing my BDP membership when it expires at the end of December.

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