Britain Cannot Afford Mass Immigration

By John Shaw

Refugees trooping into Europe 2016, many headed for UK.

The British Democratic Party ‘Social and Economic Policy’ will reduce the extortionate direct and indirect taxation burden on our people, without the financial drain on our economy of continually supporting millions of people from around the world.

We were therefore very pleased to see the Economic Report produced by ‘Leave Means Leave’, ‘Labour Leave’ and ‘Economists for Free Trade’.  On page 6 they point out that under our complex system of benefits, each unskilled migrant worker  costs our country £3,500 per year!

Given that we have around 2 million unemployed people and another 10 million ‘under employed people’, encouraging immigration is the politics of the ‘Madhouse’

The British Democratic Party policy of deporting around one million illegal immigrants and also any immigrants  from wherever, who commit any criminal offence will give us the ability to half VAT to 10%. This will considerably help the poorest in our society as will the fact that we will be able to take the ten million lowest paid out of the tax net altogether.


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  1. Still talking about People we can not afford , I read that APPLICATIONS FOR BRITISH CITIZENSHIP are up 80% since our Brexit Vote , from so called E.U.CITIZENS RESIDING IN OUR COUNTRY. Personally I am amazed that the figure was not Half a MILLION. Anyway I would like to know how many from Pakistan , Afghanistan and such like have Applied ! Also why hasn’t this been even MENTIONED ?

  2. The politics of the madhouse, quite right. No wonder that specialist in madhouse politics, Mr Corbyn, is so keen to build record numbers of social housing if he gets into power.

  3. The Dam is bursting on the Marxist Multi – Cultural EXPEREMENT that has been Destroying Britain for FORTY YEARS. The ‘ Traditional Labour Voter now fully accepts that Mass Immigration keeps wages down or even just takes their Jobs. We Nationalists told them for years , but they kept Faith with the Labour Party leaders , WHO LIED TO THEM. We need to keep emphasising the Financial as well as social consequences of all this .

  4. They all look very happy, knowing Easy Street awaits. It is the fault of the EU for encouraging it, and their sick mentality of destruction. It is not the European man’s duty to house, feed and keep the rest of the world, though looking around Britain and Europe it looks like that’s exactly what is happening.

  5. Don’t Just HOPE for an end to MASS IMMIGRATION , Join the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY , TODAY and feel good about yourself !

  6. stop all immigration now and deport all Foreigners now regardless of whining from the EU or UN, now We have pro- American warmonger Blair now saying Britain should close it’s borders this is the creep who in 1997 and 2004 opened Our Borders without a mandate to do so

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