BNP’s Collapse Opens Door for UKIP

A set of recent election results has dramatically revealed how the civic nationalist UKIP party has benefitted from the collapse of the British National Party and its inability to even contest seats which would have been in its strongest areas just three years ago.

In elections to the Kent County Council, Tunbridge Wells East, held on Thursday 14th June 2012, the Cons polled 1171 (32.3%), the Lib Dems 1022 (28.2%), UKIP 1000 (27.6%) and Labour 321 (8.9%).

In South Bucks District Council, Iver Heath Ward, held on Thursday 14th June 2012, the Cons polled 404 (61.0%), UKIP 196 (29.6%), and Lib Dems 62 (9.4%).

In the Failsworth East (Oldham) seat, also held on Thursday 14th June, Labour polled 1199 (79.0%), UKIP 209 (13.8%), and the Lib Dems 109 (7.2%).

In these elections, UKIP has been able to present itself as the “nationalist” alternative because the BNP has been so destroyed that it has been unable to mount any sort of campaign.

The total failure of the BNP to even contest a seat in Oldham, is a stirring indictment on the party’s leadership, or rather, lack thereof.

All true patriots are heartbroken at the course of events. It seems as if Nick Griffin, who has long accused any opponent of being a “state agent” could not have done a better job of destroying nationalism in Britain than any number of “state agents.”

19 thoughts on “BNP’s Collapse Opens Door for UKIP

  1. The saddest aspect of this debacle is that any well-led nationalist party could take UKIP to the cleaners and expose it as the Thatcherite and thus globalist anti-EU wing of the Tory Party is actually is.

  2. The Damage done to British Nationalism cannot yet be quantified ,, Judas Griffin is up there with the super traitor Blair, both criminals have seriously damaged Britain and in the final analysis Judas Griffin’s crimes will be proved far worse.

  3. The urgent task is getting everyone to know and accept Griffin has wrecked it and it’s not coming back. Too many hanging around emotionally – like sleeping at a graveside hoping the deceased will wake up.

    At least something outside the big three swindlers is getting the vote.

  4. The place where Nick Griffin got elected has no more activists except for a few in Salford.
    Tameside a massive strong hold for the BNP with 15 candidates 8,000 votes, now, nothing but a name in the area.

  5. Any remaining BNP loyalist ought to view the latest Griffin/Jefferson video posted on the website.They are congratulating themselves on the current financial state of whats left of the party, it is utterly stomach churning to listen to them both .We are told its all down to good housekeeping and the pure financial genius of Jefferson do they really believe we are all mugs? not a trace of humility or shame between them, unbelievable!!

  6. The most upsetting thing is that the BNP withhold this from there paying members. All is well in the party. They will censore any disscent or comments about Nicks leadership from being heard. Whilst extracting the highest membership fees of any party.

  7. In reply to Jack Cole: the answer is for a new broad church party, with a collective leadership and a democratic constitution, to be founded by Andrew Brons in the autumn.

    The BNP is now history. The time has long passed for holding onto the past. The new party is the future and it is to that we should all be turning our minds. The support is out there. All that is required is the gumption to harness it.

    It behoves Andrew Brons, as the most senior elected representative of British nationalism, to give a lead in this matter and to set the ball rolling with an encouraging statement. I should like to suggest that announcing his resignation from the BNP and the reasons for it, might be a good way to begin.

    If this comment is published it will tell me and the others who read it that our faith in Andrew has not been misplaced.

      1. “Waiting and praying” so that is what we have been reduced to is it? When exactly did we lose our manhood? Was it following the defeat of the white race during the last world war or perhaps when our masters shipped in giant Congoids to intimidate us and take our women? How despicable!
        Thank you, I shall use this as the inspiration for my next fantastic blog entry.


        Long live the New Tribe.

        1. Yes unfortunately there are a lot of us out there who do not have what it takes to start a political party and have no faith in the existing ones. I’m not ashamed to say I need a leader, that I have faith in to give me a lead. But at least I’ve got the balls to admit it. Many people who shout their mouths off when they are nice and safe, fade away when the going gets tough, or even betray their comrades. My courage may not be great, but I am not a traitor. And that’s more than many Big Mouths can say!

          1. Sorry to use this way of contacting you but when I press the contact button above there is no contact form or e-mail address.
            I look at your site every day and although there were lots of articles, and comments were updated regularly originally, they now seem few and far between. You seem to be the voice of reason speaking out against what is happening to our country in a fair and resonable way and where differing points of view were given space in the comments section.
            It seems a real shame that your site is not updated more often. Is there anytrhing I could do to help?

          2. We are now increasing the frequency of updates again and hope soon to revamp the site substantially. In the meantime please bear with us.

  8. It’s no good crying over spilt milk, forget about the BNP, it’s time to move on! We have spent enough time greiving over dead, Griffin is as good as dead as is the BNP, for Christ sake get over it!

  9. As many weep into thier beer we have been gradting 14 hours a day for 18 months now to build up Britain First. With more than double the paid up members of the NF and a further 6,500 active web supporters (as opposed to 30,000 on the database) we ARE doing something! Its easy to shout “its all a scam” and all the other rubbish. BF is not a money making venture ,indeed it has cost a pile of money to set up but it is here and here to stay. We are not civic nationalists nor are we obsessed by race. We are a right wing socially conservative , pro Monarchy, pro-Christian patriotic group because thats what most sensible Brits are. We couldnt give a fifflers about ZOG/Zionist/Bilderberger conspiricies , paganism , national socialism or any other cranky garbage that is a people repeller. We have an HQ fully equiped with call centre, print facilities, automated mail machines and experienced competant staff so please unless YOU are actually doing SOMETHING positive like us , at least reserve judgement on our endevours for a while. Watch and then make your call.

    1. Hello Jim,

      If you are not “obsessed by race” then you are not a nationalist, thus people apply a prefix, such as civic or Christian.

      Whether your group is a scam or not, it doesn’t really matter. BF is not a nationalist group. The word nation is derived from the Latin nationem, meaning ‘birth, origin; breed, stock, kind, species; race of people, tribe’. You have made clear your stance on our people when quizzed over the ‘Black Christian, White Pagan’ conundrum and you opened many eyes to your views and those of BF.

      I’m sure you’re a nice bloke with good intentions but get off the nationalist bandwagon. Nationalists stand by the ’14 Words’ everything else is peripheral, including religion, personal wealth, and ego.


  10. We need to unite as democratic nationalists,the argument is that we can go to the people as a party that will turn back the tide of mass immigration and put an end to the bias against the majority in the UK.

    We must become an acceptable party that all of us can hold our heads up on any street or meeting.

    if anyone in Kent wants to form along with the Brent group a party of like minded nationalists lets get going.
    We can beat the Tory party reserves at any level (UKIP).

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