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Amber Rudd’s Home Office Has Lost 56,000 Migrants

During the BIG non story about sex scandals in Westminster the government quietly announced that of 80,000 foreign nationals scheduled for deportation around 56,000 were considered as absconders having failed to check in regularly with officials.

The Revolution Devours Its Children

The politically correct, multi-cultural revolution, imposed on the British people, has reached new lows.  A labour MP, Jared O’Mara has been suspended, by the Marxist led party for so called ‘homophobic’ comments made in 2002 and 2004!

No Place Now For ‘Tolerance’ of hostile Cultures

The attack, particularly against our women and children, by the Islamic Terrorists in the butchery enacted in Manchester and the London Bridge area appears at long last to have awakened many of our people. It must surely show them that we can no longer be ‘Tolerant of Dissent.’

Jeremy Corbyn Takes Us All For Fools Again!

Comrade Corbyn has the gall to complain that the NHS is creaking at the seams!  when it was he and his working class hating party who have totally overloaded our hospitals with new patients, from around the world and brought our NHS to its knees. 

Lord! Mandelson Condems Himself

One of the architects of mass immigration, multi-culturalism and crushing political correctness that enforces these dreadful policies, has condemned himself and his fellow international Marxists.

Sadiq Khan – A lesson In Hypocrisy

This person is everything our Party is not, as proved by Khan’s fanatical support for the European Union super state, denial of the referendum result and being totally hostile to Donald Trump.

Stoke-on-Trent By-Election Final List Of Candidates

The by-election is due to take place on February 23. Eligible voters have until midnight on February 7 to register in time to take part in the by-election.
Labour retained the seat in 2015 with a majority of 5,175 over UKIP with the Conservatives a further 33 votes behind. Labour has held the seat since its creation in 1950.