Young people of France hold the key for the Front National in future?

France’s Front National is now attracting voters of all ages, as a recent poll has revealed the Eurosceptic, anti-immigration party is now the top choice for 18-30 year olds across France. Figures show between 27 and 31 per cent of French youth saying they are ready to vote for Marine Le Pen, Le Point notes that the time of the Front National’s widespread demonisation now seems long-gone. Read Story

Straws in the Wind (Front National)

The FN topped the poll in six of France’s thirteen regions, where it will now run off against one or more of the system parties in the second round this coming Sunday, 13th December.
While undoubtedly the second round will prove a hard struggle in which every vote will count, there are reasons to hope that the FN will carry at least two of the six regions and might do better still. Read Story