Yet Another Muslim Group Banned—But Why Let Them In and Antagonise Them In the First Place?

“Muslims against Crusades”—yet another front group for Anjem Choudary’s Islamist organisation—has been banned by Theresa May. But why let them into Britain in the first place?

Through this move, Ms May has now tried to pose as some sort of custodian of law and order in Britain. Yet the reality is that it is her government’s own policies which are the primary reason why Mr Choudary and his fellow radicals pose a threat to Britain.

It has been a deliberate policy, carried out by the Tory party, the Labour Party and the Lib-Dems alike to encourage mass immigration which has allowed millions of Mr Choudary’s co-religionists to settle in Britain (and even more “other” Third World-origin immigrants).

It has been a deliberate policy, carried out by the Tory party, the Labour Party and even of late, the Lib-Dems, to attack, invade, bomb and blow-up Muslim nations in the Middle East, knowing full well that such actions only serve to further galvanise the growing militant Islamist threat here in Britain.

Official population projections have shown that the birth rate among women born in Pakistan but living in the UK is three times higher than that among British-born women, and that the name Mohammed has overtaken Jack as Britain’s most popular name for baby boys.

When all Third World immigration is counted in, British people are set to become a minority in their homeland by 2050.

Who does Ms May think will be left to commemorate Poppy Day then? If anything, it will be juju-day, or Diwali, or even Ramadan which will be the most popular event.

If this was not bad enough, the twisted and overtly anti-British interests foreign policy which successive Tory and Labour administrations have pursued, have succeeded only in making British people hated in the Muslim world, and to “justify” anti-British propaganda here in Britain.

For example, Mr Choudary justified his group’s proposed poppy-burning by saying that it was revenge for continuing “atrocities” in Iraq and Afghanistan and the “brutal torture concentration camps of Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib.”

In reality, the invasion of Iraq was illegal and immoral, and has provided the perfect excuse for people like Mr Choudary to stir up Muslims on the basis of a real injustice—perpetrated by Mrs May’s party and the other Westminster war criminals.

In a sane British society, Mr Choudary and his friends would not be in Britain, and this country would also not be bombing foreign countries on the basis of a pack of lies.

4 thoughts on “Yet Another Muslim Group Banned—But Why Let Them In and Antagonise Them In the First Place?

  1. “How far and wide has this miserable delusion spread over the face of the earth! Insomuch that [Muslims] are considerably more in number (as six to five) than Christians. And by all accounts, … these are also, in general, as utter strangers to all true religion as their four-footed brethren; as void of mercy as lions and tigers; as much given up to brutal lusts as bulls or goats: so that they are in truth a disgrace to human nature”.

    “The Doctrine of Original Sin”, Works (1841), ix. 205. Rev John Wesley (1703-1791): Founder of Wesleyan Methodism.

  2. Wow. So they’ll change their name to ‘Muslims against Conquests’ then, or maybe ‘Unite Against Fascism’….. Oh no, they’ve aleady done that.

  3. I’ll bet this is a ploy to make it look like they’re only being fair to all sides when they ban the EDL. The establishment are laying the ground to ban all ‘ideologically incorrect’ protest groups. They will ban the unpopular first, Then ban the popular. You have been warned.

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