Wind Power Rip-off

A view from Jane Edwards


Wind power and large scale solar energy panels, which dominate many fields which should be returned to agricultural production, is costing electricity consumers £214 a year in subsidies. This was revealed in a report just published by the Centre for Policy Studies.


It states that “the costs of intermittent renewables are massively understated”. In other words the fact of life that wind farms – whether on valuable land or built at great extra cost at sea – generate no electricity when there’s no wind has not really been taken into the costings. Furthermore you have to retain  dozens of back-up power stations using conventional coal firing or oil, both adding to our carbon emissions, of course.


Under EU rules, the UK is required to generate 15 per cent of its total energy, including heat, power and transport, from these renewable sources by 2020. In practice this means 30 per cent of the country’s total electricity needs must come from renewable sources.


I would suggest that a main reason why the Coalition government has gone along with this costly exercise over the past five years is from the demand of the Liberal Democrat section. They are dominated by the philosophy that “if it’s /green it’s good, regardless of cost.”


Now Labour  won’t criticise the wind power rip-off because apart from sharing the views of EU bureaucrats, it’s election time and they could do with the support of the Greens and even Scotland’s lefty-green SNP in forming a new government.


Like most Nationalists, my view (which is not necessarily exactly that of the British Democrats) is that we should refuse permission for any more wind farms – whether on or offshore – and reduce the annual fees paid to landowners where they are sited.




We should support solar energy by encouraging installation of solar panels on factories, warehouses, super markets, offices, private housing,  but not on agricultural land. We should also look at wave power, fully support the new developments of tidal power, and retain nuclear power.

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  1. Wind power is unreliable, coal is dirty, nuclear is too expensive. But gas is cheap and plentiful. We should ignore America’s Cold War and sign a long-term gas contract with Russia.
    Nice to see you back Jane.

    • I believe we should first aim to promote new forms of energy in Britain like fusion power and aim to be as self-sufficient in energy as we can be. I don't think it would be wise to rely-upon the security of energy supplies from a country like Russia. President Putin is a dodgy character who can't really be trusted.

  2. ( Party Official ) Like myself , I hope people enjoy the above , older article on our website. They are superb and have been proved correct , time and time again. Like the ‘ Race Relations ‘ industry , There is lots of MONEY to be made in the fake Climate Change ‘ INDUSTRY. When asked if he would serve in Corbyn’s new Cabinet , MILIBAND said that he could not as he wanted to concentrate on representing his Constituents and work regarding CLIMATE CHANGE ! NO surprise to me as , true to type , HE IS FOLLOWING THE MONEY !

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