Will the "Lefty British Red-tops" Cover this Story?

Fayhan Ghamdi only gets fine and short jail term for raping and killing Daughter

The following story appeared yesterday (Sunday) on Russia Today and has been published by many media outlets throughout the world, but not, so far, in Britain. Saudi Arabia, it will be remembered, is a “valued” customer of Britain – particularly where the purchase of armaments are concerned.

The story is truly appalling and has even sickened those in Saudi Arabia accustomed both to the excesses of Islamic fundamentalism and the innate injustices of Sharia law.

The slightly abridged Russia Today report read:-

“Public anger has gripped Saudi Arabia after a prominent preacher who raped and beat to death his 5-year-old daughter was sentenced to a few months in jail and a $50,000 fine – known as ‘blood money’ – to compensate the victim’s relatives.

According to Islamic law, the ‘blood money’ can be paid in lieu of the death penalty. The preacher’s fine was reportedly half the usual amount because the victim was a girl.

Saudi preacher Fayhan Ghamdi, a frequent guest on Muslim TV networks, confessed to using cables and a cane to inflict the injuries, AFP reported, quoting activists from the group ‘Women to Drive.’

Ghamdi reportedly doubted that his daughter, Lama Ghamdi, was a virgin, and forced her to undergo a medical inspection.

In December 2011, Lama was admitted to hospital with multiple injuries, including a crushed skull, broken ribs and left arm, and extensive bruising and burns, according to the activist group. Hospital worker Randa Kaleeb said that the girl’s back was broken, and that she had been raped “everywhere.”

The hospital told the victim’s mother that her child’s “rectum had been torn open and the abuser had attempted to burn it closed,” AFP reported on Saturday.

In October 2012, the girl died from her injuries. The following November, the father was arrested. The judge ruled that the “blood money and the time the defendant had served in prison since Lama’s death suffices as punishment,” activists reported.

The incident sparked public anger in Saudi Arabia, prompting an online Twitter campaign calling for more severe punishment for violence against women and children. The ‘Women to Drive’ campaign, launched by women’s rights activist Manal Sharif, has demanded the creation of legislation that would criminalize violence against women and children.

The issue has gained widespread traction in Saudi Arabia, and authorities promised to set up a 24-hour hotline that will take calls regarding child abuse.”

It is claimed that the court’s decision was based on Islamic law that, apparently, maintains that the deliberate killing of children by their father or the killing of a wife by her husband does not constitute murder.

Further comment is unnecessary we feel.

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  1. This aspect of Islam is not so much medieval as just plain evil. The sad truth is that if this animal had perpetrated his crimes in this country then the worse he could have expected would be a few years in Broadmoor before being released into the community on license and on benefits. Funny how the Saudi regime is quite happy to behead foreign maids and homos – but not pedophiles.

  2. A sickening act so brutal and barbaric only the death sentence would have been sufficiant punishment.I hope this article helps to wake up some of the “live and let live” and “were all the same really” brigade.

  3. What a sickening evil act of brutality, this evil animal needs a very slow and very painful execution. This is utter barbarism and how sorry I feel for this poor girl Lama, I hope she is resting in peace in heaven! I hope her evil so-called father rots in hell!

    This pathetic sentence under sharia law which usually doesn’t have any problems flogging or executing women or chopping off the limb off a thief, shows how evil the Saudi Islamist regime is! No calls from our sick political class or media to bomb the Saudi royals brutal regime though, unlike Syria or Libya!

  4. The Lib lab con are conspiring to undermine rights that most take for granted by importing to this country masses of people who, for example, do not believe in women’s rights. Unless Women vote for Decent, patriotic Nationalism instead of the pact of failure that is the Lib Lab CON EVENTUALLY you will lose your right to VOTE at all! Under SHARIA LAW you will have no rights at all, let alone a vote! Can you imagine what it is like to have to wear a Burka? You will be beaten or worse, if you do not! Please think about it and then JOIN the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY TODAY.

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