Why are alien terrorists living in our country in the first place ?

Faces of the jihadis released EARLY from jail
Who allowed enemy invasive aliens to enter our country in the first place? They have no natural right to be here – in the most densely populated country in Europe – but we have created an almost open door society where anyone is allowed to come in on any pretext, or to sneak in without any justification whatever, and remain here. It is our own politicians who WE voted into office who have permitted this disastrous danger to our society; the same politicians who brought in a law fifteen years ago to give early release on licence to all criminals once half of their sentence had been served, to reduce overcrowding in prisons and provide an opportunity for rehabilitation. However, many of these criminals will take the opportunity of early freedom to commit additional similar offenses, particularly those ideologically committed to their hostile cause.
What can be done about this avoidable danger to our society ? The long term solution, like that to many societal problems, is to stop voting for soft-touch Tory, Labour, Lib Dem and Green election candidates. Make it your New Year’s resolution to only vote for patriotic candidates in future, who will stand up for British values and protect British people. That is what parliaments are supposed to do, but sadly often fail to do. Too many politicians believe that they represent the British people without bothering to consult the public.
In the short term, dangerous invasive aliens should be deported, after being tattooed or branded on the forehead to ensure recognition if an attempt is made to re-enter the country, and subject to serious birching as punishment and deterrent. There must be neutral locations where such undesirable aliens could be placed, far from our shores, for the protection of our innocent citizens. If a terrorist is an indigenous British Muslim convert, like Rebekah Dawson, second from right, bottom row, who made videos glorifying the murder of unarmed fusilier Lee Rigby, then deportation could be replaced by birching alone and threat of worse if crimes were repeated.

2 thoughts on “Why are alien terrorists living in our country in the first place ?

  1. Once again, excellent article, well written & well presented. There remains little to be said or added other than that I agree completely with the overall sentiments stated within this superb article that contains so much common sense.

    I happen to take the view that we somehow need to get this message out to a wider audience,in this ‘modern’ day & age perhaps we should concentrate more on social media. As I have stated previously, we have forwarded some tremendous policies & we also possess a first class website, perhaps we could also use the likes of Twitter etc more so to our advantage.

    I also agree wholeheartedly that we should encourage people to vote for Patriotic or Nationalist Parties, as that will be the only realistic way that we can bring about proper change in this Nation for the better.

    However not too many of these Paries give the impression that they seem willing to present themselves before the electorate, which is bitterly disappointing, as that is the only route available to power.

    A few appear to concentrate more on the role basically referred to as ‘pressure group’, but in all honesty the Liberal establishment doesn’t listen to them, thus they end up being completely ignored!

    The only way that proper change will be achieved is through the ballot box : when the indigenous people finally awake from their slumber & vote for new Parties with new policies.

  2. Coincidently, just while we are on the subject of Alien criminal terrorists that seemingly have deliberately been allowed to live & walk amongst us, several months ago I happened to have read a book on this topic entitled ‘Invasion’, written by the well known Right Wing Conservative, Mrs Michelle Malkin.

    As this happened to be the first book that Mrs Malkin had written, the era is therefore set in the presidential reign of the Globalist war monger, George W Bush : However, Mrs Malkin pulls no punches as she outlined how America welcomed terrorists, criminals & other foreign menaces to their shores.

    A brief summary of the books horrific content – September 11th terrorists & other menaces openly exploited USA immigration laws before they committed their horrendous attack, Corrupt Government officials sold residency & citizen privileges to illegal aliens in exchange for sex, oriental carpets & cash, incompetent border patrol officials let violent criminal aliens including cop – killers & terrorists loose on an unsuspecting American public, Millions of foreigners rushed through airport’s without proper screening or security checks because of pressure from corporate interests, & the secretive immigration court system that put the rights of criminal aliens over those of American citizens.

    Hmm…this book may have been written a while ago, but does some of this have an eerie familiarity to it ? Given that we can identify large portions of this utter shambles to British Government policy today, I think it only fair to say that useless Patel & her bungling department would have fitted in very nicely during the George W Bush administration. In fact, Just like a duck to water!

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