Who Killed Drummer Rigby?

by Dave Stevens.



There is no doubt that Nigerian Immigrants Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale killed Drummer Lee Rigby. They boasted of doing so and have rightly been convicted of murder. They deserve the martyrdom they seek at the end of a hangman’s rope, and if Britain was really a democracy in which the will of the British people was done that is what they would get. In fact they cannot be sentenced at all until a panel of senior judges tell the trial judge what sentences the “European Court of Human Rights” will allow him to pass on them .

But Adebolajo and Adebowale are not the ONLY people who killed Lee Rigby.

The people in successive Governments, Labour and Tory, who let them, or their parents, come and live in this country and gave such Nigerian Africans British passports killed him too. If they hadn’t done that Drummer Rigby would be alive today. Again, if Britain was really a democratic country where the British Government did what the British people wanted this would never have happened.

The people – they are the same people – who let millions of Third World Muslim colonists come and settle in our country and spread their creed to recruit idiots like Adebolajo and Adebowale thereby also killed Lee Rigby. Again, if they hadn’t done that Lee Rigby would still be alive today. Again, if this country was really a democracy where its people ruled this would never have happened. In fact, no British Government was ever elected with a mandate to settle millions of Africans and Asians within our shores – or indeed any millions.

Finally, Lee Rigby would not have been hacked to death on a London High Street if his comrades hadn’t been sent to invade remote Muslim countries like Iraq and Afghanistan of no relevance whatever to Britain, in the process provoking many Muslims into fanatical hatred of our country (if not of their possession of our passports) and our servicemen. Murderous hatred, in this case. Again, if this was a democratic country those soldiers and airmen wouldn’t have been sent in many cases to die defending American oil and other interests in faraway wastelands. As with every one of the steps that led to Drummer Rigby’s horrific death, it is clear that the great bulk of the British people were against what successive Governments did without asking them.

Two crazed Nigerian Muslim convert fanatics killed young Drummer Lee Rigby. But they weren’t the only people who had a hand in his horrible death. Those who imported his killers and the creed that drove them, and gave that creed its murderous quarrel with our country are just as guilty. Without them and their decades of contempt for the views of the British people in whose name they pretend to govern under a façade of fake “democracy”, Drummer Lee Rigby would today be preparing to spend a happy Christmas with his family.

Lee Rigby’s blood is on their hands, the hands of successive Tory, Labour and now Tory/LibDem governments for sixty years, as much as it is on those of the machete-wielding maniacs who actually slew him. One day Britain really will be a democracy. One day the voice of the British people will finally be heard.


See also: http://britishdemocraticparty.org/full-uncensored-video-of-the-london-murderer-statement-emerges/


17 thoughts on “Who Killed Drummer Rigby?

  1. (Party Member) How very true. The politicians of this country have sold out the British people for the last sixty years. We are the victims of a ghastly experiment in social engineering which is destroying our way of life by attacking our basic standards and beliefs. British people just want to live in a decent country and get on with their lives, not be part of some horrible Marxist, multi-cultural, poverty stricken nightmare that Britain has become. As 2013 draws to a close, all the signs that people have had enough are there. We have realised that the policies of the LibLabCon and their awful politicians have failed us and we are rejecting them. Let’s make 2014 the year when being ruled by the European Union, swamped by immigration and living in a climate of political correctness, becomes a thing of the past.

    Join the British Democratic Party for a better Britain.

  2. People have been lied to by politicians and relentlessly bullied for 60 years.

    But they need encouragement to go against it in entirely democratic ways. We are not at the point where people can only vote LibLabCon.

    It’s very important that those trying to give even the very small lead we, for example, can give should do so in a way which is constructive. That is what we aim to do.

    If you look like nothing more than a bunch of furious people ranting against the system – however justified your complaints – their reaction will be that you are engaged in a futile protest and they are confirmed in the belief that resistance is useless.

    Those in power are now being seen at last for what they are. Cynical careerists raking in money from asset stripping Britain.

  3. I just borrowed “To Play the King” (I think) by William Dalrymple from the library. It deals with the First Afghan war of 1839-42. Don’t the people at the top know or learn from history? Even reading Flashman could teach them a thing or two – a leading General once told me that it was still relevant today.

  4. I am shocked reading the related comments in the Daily Mail. While they all rightly express outrage and condemnation of the two killers, and of the mass immigration policy, few commentators direct their righteous anger against the wicked gang of Labour and Conservative ministers and their supporters, who sent our troops to invade all these Muslim countries in the first place, and cause so many deaths, and reactionary hatred against us in the West.

    “…there is a time to love and a time to hate…” –King Solomon c1000BC.

  5. I find the thought that Britons have been bullied over the last 60 years perverse. These, the offspring of brave souls that saw off two world wars with a little help from our colonial brothers seems an oxymoron. They may be being pushed along by snake oil sellers in a direction not conducive to their good. But bullying? If that were the case no salvation parties would exist. That’s what frenzies them. Dominoes and the falling thereof.

    1. The bullying took the form of relentless messages telling us we were a guilty people who should give away our country to those we’d harmed as restitution. The ‘harmed’ now includes the entire rest of the world!

      Backed up by visits from the police – nota bene the cab driver who has just received one for putting up a poster saying that all we want from Santa is our country back.

      To listen to the bullies, you’d think we were responsible for every ill ever in history.

  6. Who killed Drummer Rigby?

    Apart from the obvious I would suggest that everyone who has voted LibLabCon and who finds Britain’s involvement in the furtherance of US/globalist ambitions acceptable have blood on their hands (and not just British blood). If you send British troops to Iraq (or wherever) to kill Muslims in illegal wars then you really should not be surprised when Muslims illegally kill British soldiers and civilians here in Britain in retaliation. It’s not rocket science, it’s tit for tat – meaning you reap what you sow. Britain should be neutral, involving itself in conflict only where genuine British interests are threatened – not acting as a mercenary adjunct to the totally corrupt US/globalist puppet masters.

  7. According to Peter Hitchens, who has a bee in his bonnet about drugs, the real issue is not Islam but drugs. Actually both provided the motive for killing Drummer Rigby and the way he was killed (‘Smite them on their necks’). Drugs provided the fuel to do it.

    Why didn’t they just go back to Nigeria instead? It would have been so much easier and they, and we, would have been a lot happier.

  8. I notice that Cameron has prepared a Christmas message for our troops out in Afghanistan whom, he would have us believe, are fighting for “democracy” rather than for Wall Street. Interestingly I felt physically sick when I heard a spokesman for Drummer Rigby’s family explaining that he died defending “freedom of speech” here in Britain. These people clearly have no idea as to the extent to which our right to free speech has been eroded by the very same “democratic” politicians he served.

    Off topic. I note that nationalist Gary Marshall lost his fight against cancer on December 10th. Our sympathies should go out to his widow and family.

  9. This is the flaw with a ‘representative’ democracy – people vote in a party and then that party has ‘carte blanche’ to do whatever they want over the next 5 years even going against the known wishes of the majority population.

    Everyone knows that the majority were against large scale immigration and multiculturalism but this was what was imposed on them by their ‘democratically’ elected government. What is really shocking in this case is that our government intervened to free Adebolajo who had been arrested and incarcerated in Kenya in 2010 on suspicion of plotting atrocities, and BROUGHT HIM BACK TO THIS COUNTRY TO SUBSEQUENTLY BUTCHER A MEMBER OF OUR ARMED FORCES.

    Our government seem to forget that their prime responsibility is the safety of this country and its law-abiding citizens and not the welfare of terrorists.

    1. That’s why we need referenda on big issues. We can see from the games played by the big parties over an EU referendum how much they hate the people having a say. Twisting, turning lying.

  10. Jim Diggory is spot on and yes LibLabCon have passed laws to bully the British public and gaol patriots for speaking out. Nevertheless, if the indigenous British are to get their country back on track hardship and sacrifice will be one of the key ingredients.

    (Like the cab driver who had a police visit for a banner saying ‘Santa we want our country back’. Terrifying. Moderator)

  11. (Party Member) The sentencing of the killers of our Lee Rigby has been postponed. NO NEW DATE has yet been announced as there is a delay in a review of Life Sentencing. I believe this is something to do with the European Union Interfering in our Laws Again.

  12. (Party Member) The Muslim killers of our Lee Rigby are now going to be sentenced on Wednesday 26th February, at the Old Bailey. It would be wonderful to say ” I was there” at this moment in Nationalist history. So if you can, be there!

  13. Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale will be sentenced today.

    Unfortunately, under our current British law it wont be good enough for them and the vile act they committed. They will now become another needless drain on the British taxpayer.

  14. (Party Member) A married couple have been jailed for posting videos on You Tube, GLORIFYING OUR LEE RIGBY’S MURDER. The Muslim couple, from Hackney, East London, recorded and then uploaded 3 videos. In one he hailed the murder as a “BRILLIANT DAY”. He was jailed for 5 years and 4 months. His wife for 22 months. A GOOD DAY, but ‘BRILLIANT DAYS’ for the British People will be when this couple are DEPORTED, by law, at the end of their sentences.

  15. (Party Member) Whilst there is a lot happening this Thursday, spare a minute for a prayer for our Lee Rigby. It is the first Anniversary of his MURDER for being one of us.

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