White Lives Matter

By Kevan Stafford
Following the unfortunate killing of handcuffed black man George Lloyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis, USA, there has been an outpouring of protests and widespread use of the slogan “black lives matter”. The protests have spread around the world and in Britain have come to embrace black rights and entitlements in general, with violent antipathy to statues around the country depicting benefactors who were associated with the slave trade in previous centuries.
The term “black lives matter” has become associated with the idea that white people’s lives are less important. But, in a historically white country the lives and welfare of white people should be preeminent and protected at all costs, whereas whites are all too frequently attacked by blacks and other immigrant incomers. For decades, out of fear of disturbing “community relations”, our polices and local authorities stood aside while gangs of mainly Muslim men sexually abused and exploited vulnerable young British girls – and it’s still going on.
It needs saying clearly that white lives matter in a white country where our government has a primary duty to protect our indigenous people, just as African or Pakistani governments should protect the indigenous people in their countries. Let’s not get started on the rights and wrongs of the British Empire – that was all a long time ago. The issue of invasive aliens flooding across the Channel from France in inflatable boats, and being assisted by our own “rescuing” border force to gain unjustified entry into Britain, is a shameful slur on our British government. Our society is being progressively fragmented by alien invasion and losing its former social cohesion. The Conservatives, like Labour, Lib Dems and Greens clearly do not believe in conservation.

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