When will our soft-touch politicians introduce punishments which REALLY deter vicious crime ?

By Kevan


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18-year-old Majid Ali smashed 24-year-old Blythe Mason-Boyle over the head with a HAMMER while stealing her car, causing her partial BLINDNESS and a fractured eye socket.

He pleaded not guilty, even though the hammer was found hidden under his bed, and a Birmingham court jailed him for nine years. But he will undoubtedly be given early release on licence after serving half of his sentence. Time spent in a warm, safe cell with regular meals of his choosing, access to sports and entertainment and socialisation with fellow criminals. Rehabilitation will be a high priority in a weak attempt to ensure that he does not repeat his violence upon release.

It is not just judges who decide to adopt soft penalties; they operate according to sentencing guidelines and are aware that our prisons are full to overflowing. It is our POLITICIANS who set the guidelines and could change them, if persuaded by popular opinion.

Police said the prison sentence “helped to ensure he has time to reflect on his savage actions. ”The most effective deterrent against violent crime is to be scared stiff of the consequences – in certain knowledge that vicious crime will result in tit-for-tat punishment, in fact punishment should be between twice and ten times as painful for the culprit as that caused to the victim. Several years in a cushy cell will not adequately deter. A birching machine should be devised to administer calibrated degrees of severity, from mild severity for shop lifting to flesh-flaying severity for vicious attacks like that by Majid Ali. Re-conviction for further violence should result in punishment up to the point of execution. Such punishment could be both effective deterrent and inexpensive to administer, and produce a society which is safe from violent thugs.

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  1. until People reject the LibLabConSNPGreens will People see real Justice

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