What’s Wrong With These People?

by John Shaw

In the distant past, Michael Heseltine was popular in my family as he showed some notable glimmers of patriotism, bordering on our nationalism.

House of Commons Mace

I remember when, with long blond locks swirling, he picked up the heavy mace and threatened the Labour benches with it. He had been speaking and the Labour people were singing the ‘Red Flag’ to drown his speech out.

Nicknamed ‘Tarzan’   by friends and enemies alike, he was once savaged in the media by complaining that West Indians would never integrate into our society (he got that right) and said that for instance, when England played the West Indies at cricket not one of then supported their supposed new country of England but, to a man, delighted in supporting the West Indies! Headlines like ‘Tarzan’s Cricket Citizenship Test’ by pages of ridicule.

Finally, when a British Helicopter Manufacturer was being taken over by an American one, he famously stormed out of one of Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet meetings when they refused to block the takeover.

Now in his old age he is denying Brexit by trying to defy our democratic vote and bowing down to the foreign power of the EU superstate. He is in fact going against all he previously believed.

There is something wrong indeed!!

8 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With These People?

  1. The purpose of this trip down memory lane is to point out to people that, although a vast majority o Conservative voters support BREXIT , a large majority of CONSERVATIVE M.P.’s DO NOT AND ARE ACTIVLY WORKING AGAINST IT !

  2. Also in the distant past , we NATIONALISTS were unique in lamenting the fact that , because we only made the wings and engines of the Eurofighter plane , Britain in EUROPE would no longer have an Aeroplane Manufacturing industry as we could no longer make a whole plane ! Obviously with Americans buying OUR helicopter company , we were going backwards. I HOPE our Party adopts the POLICY of Britain developing a whole new Aero Industry , starting with MANUFACTURING A NEW CARGO PLANE. Just think of the JOBS FOR OUR PEOPLE !

  3. What the Conservatives say and what they ACTUALLY do has about as much in common as a hot dog and a warm puppy. Their entire electoral strategy has for years been to pretend they will “conserve” the status quo whilst doing the exact opposite. When will we ever learn? All Heseltine’s past histrionics including the faux support for Liverpudlian regeneration in the 1980’s was pure self – marketing in a vain attempt to create an alternative, proto “caring” Tory image to challenge Thatcher and depose her. All his Remain whining is more legacy building because he knows the current Tory Government’s real plan is to negotiate such an appallingly poor deal that we have no choice but to remain within the EU.

  4. How right you are DF. There is a vast majority , from all Party’s within this current Parliament , who are working day and night to thwart Brexit. God knows I deplore all that Jeremy Corbyn really stands for , but even he realises that if the Houses of Parliament thwart brexit and we stay in , then this Country would face its biggest CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS since the problems with Charles the First and Oliver Cromwell. Think about it !

  5. Having just turned on the laptop to see yet another M.S.N. article about how Michael Heseltine and Philip Hammond ARE NOW ADMITTING they are determined to STOP BREXIT , I could not help ponder how yet again we British Democrats have been on the ball! Heseltine is NOW actually saying ” There’s now a ‘ window ‘ of opportunity to stop brexit. Talking about pondering , he would personally do well to reflect on my previous comment regarding the Constitutional Crisis that he is trying to create. Maybe his wife or a friend could explain it to him.

  6. Never knew quite what to make of ”Hezza”. Seems to have a problem accepting what is inevitable, despite once having more logical opinions on issues. He is trying to put a spanner in the works, and sadly he is among many of the same ilk.

  7. Having seen the disgusting observations from Heseltine , where he apparently wishes for a Corbyn Government , as he thinks anything is better than Brexit , I realised that ‘ he has finally lost the plot ! Many in the Conservative Party feel he should be expelled. Those of you that follow myself and others on our pages will be aware that I often claim our British Democratic Party are ‘ on the ball ‘. Well , so we are as my above article , expressing major doubts about this person will show you. In fact , having read the article and perused others in our older article section , I HOPE YOU AGREE THAT WE ARE THE PATRIOTIC PARTY TO JOIN AND DO SO TODAY !

  8. Having now read the comments made at the time of my article , I have to say that I am very PROUD of our British Democratic Party , its website and indeed our Editor and every Member. I urge every Patriot , Nationalist , betrayed Royalist , betrayed Ulster Loyalist and indeed any real Briton who wants a decent , Classless , prosperous and Happy Britain to Join us Today . PHEW ! Got that off my chest , Happy New Year !

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