We were never asked documentary

The British have never been asked about immigration and a significant number oppose and do not support what is happening. Please watch the documentary below:



One thought on “We were never asked documentary

  1. An awful lot of people who have no particular opinion or those who think it’s a good thing, have no comprehension of the state of affairs that will start gradually transpiring when the White British finally do fall into minority status and continue plummeting to an ever-decreasing percentage of the population from then on. Seemingly, people like them don’t t care a jot either as to what may almost certainly happen to their offspring and grandchildren when they themselves have passed on. The hallmark of a totally self-absorbed and selfish people.

    I’m afraid such attitudes are nothing more than echoes of the familiar old adage, “I’m all right Jack…..” It is also a sign of thinking that the current times are too comfy and cushy to care a damn about the future when you could be dead by then.

    More direct hardship and blatant undisguised racial discrimination against White people might just waken some up, but somehow I doubt all of them.

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