We Have A Dream

by Anglo Saxon


Houses of Parliament, London.





We British Democrats wish to unite the British family of people into a united, decent, patriotic, classless and proud group of people within our world.

We totally reject the failed class politics of the two main parties who, despite some virtues, have destroyed our self respect and are currently dragging our wonderful country into the abyss.

We also reject the godless, no standards liberal type of attitude that has  been the under current to so much flawed thinking.

We wish, once we control our own destiny, to play a helpful role in the world and with Britain’s industrial revival, through our social and economic policies.

Whoever you have voted for in the past, we urge you to join the the British Democratic Party and save your family’s way of life.

7 thoughts on “We Have A Dream

  1. ‘ Save your Family’s way of life ? ‘. YES , that is true. People need to realise that there is a distinct Possibility , the way things are going , that their Daughters will have to wear the VEIL. It is almost certain that their Grand Daughters DEFINATELY WILL ! This is why the British Democratic Party ADVOCATE THE VEIL AND BURKHA BE BANNED IN BRITAIN , BY LAW , AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  2. British democrats must step up and move into the public

    Out of the internet no one really knows who they are . You have such great potential yet must step up not only at election time

    Here’s hoping you will rise and bring nationalism back from slumber

    1. Yes, it doesn’t help matters when this party appears to have fought no elections for a very long time. One could wonder if it were still born. Of course, no one wants to obtain very low votes in council by-elections as that can put off potential members/supporters but this is like a chicken and egg situation in that without contesting elections how do people know the party exists in the real world and is active and that by itself can deter new members/supporters from becoming involved. ALL parties have to start from somewhere.

  3. Well said James. It is a numbers game and with 100,000 DISALLUSIONED , EX ACTIVE NATIONALISTS out there , we need all to give it one last go and Join the Nationalist Party with the best potential ever , THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

    1. Am always happy to back and support anything with realistic objectives

      Anne Marie new group has hit ground running and brit dems shouldn’t fall behind

  4. James, this group will focus on being just anti Islamic , motivated by Gay Rights as Islam will have nil toleration of Gays. The British Democratic Party has Policies on EVERY Social and Economic Subject , as you would expect from a proper Political Party. We allow some ‘ dual Memberships ‘ and therefore look forward to receiving your application to join us , the Future of Nationalism in Britain.

    1. Indeed, the new party set-up by Ann Marie Walters is against Islamists and whilst it is true that Islamic immigration into Britain poses many problems (not least for lesbian/gay/bisexual people) we also have problems regarding non-Islamic migration.

      The British Democrats need to be a modern, well-presented and credible nationalist party who focus on ALL the myriad of problems that Britain has not just Islam. As regards gay rights, I would recommend either leaving it to one side as an issue of conscience for individual members and having no set party position on the subject or accepting many of these rights if not all of them. The reason I say this is because it would be a danger for this party to allow Ann Marie Walter’s new group to steal the ground from under our genuinely nationalist feet as the BNP allowed UKIP to set the country’s agenda with regard to the EU. We can’t allow that huge political mistake to happen again!

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