Was Your Teacher A Self Hater?

by Anglo Saxon

Schools are force-feeding pupils politically correct dogma about sexuality, climate change and British history among other things (stock image)

Youngsters today, leave school with an uneasy sense of who they are or even guilt!

Every faith and culture and yes, race, is praised, either subtly or blatantly. Our people with our wonderful history are either obliterated or criticised.

Even science or maths teachers manage to suddenly make some lefty or liberal type statement that has nothing to do with the lesson as the total brainwashing of our young people continues. No wonder they resent British values, or even any values.

I hope our Party adopt a policy of making it illegal to ‘preach’ politics in our classrooms and all ‘political’ teachers be removed from what used to be a respectable profession.

8 thoughts on “Was Your Teacher A Self Hater?

  1. Tragically, the Far Left mentality of White self loathing is now compulsory indoctrination for British school children, heartily approved of by Labour, and now the “Conservative” Party too. Cultural Marxism, is a creeping and pervasive rot.

    I remember waiting at a bus stop in Islington, a year or so ago…. a young woman was also waiting with her daughter, who she had just collected from school.
    As a bus passed the stop, the child reacted to the advertisement image(cannot recall what is was)and asked her Mum “is that racist”? Her mother casually answered ” no” …
    .another bus passes the stop.
    The child repeats the question, ” Is THAT racist” ? Again, I noticed the mothers disinterested response…”no dear”.

    She should have asked her daughter what kind of things these teachers were saying in class, and demanded serious answers from the school.

    So everything is “racist” as long as it has a potential for reinforcing White guilt, This is the problem, British parents are tolerating this madness. And the far Left have a free reign within the education system.

    As for the bus stop, it’s on the Camden Road, just off the Brecknock junction…literally yards from where lecturer Jeroen Ensink was brutally murdered by a Nigerian immigrant.

  2. Briefly , it is very strange how most Countries and Peoples of the World , emulate us British , in so many ways , like Legal and Voting systems etc etc. The best point of course is that if we are such a no good Country and People , HOW COME MOST OF THE WORLD ARE TRYING TO COME AND LIVE HERE ? Our Ancesters will be turning in their Graves as they watch us slowly DESTROY OUR COUNTRY AND OF COURSE , OUR SELVES.

    1. As far as voting systems go, most countries DON’T emulate us. They know that First Past The Post is archaic and is EXPRESSLY DESIGNED to exclude the vast majority of votes put into it from electing candidates to parliament thus ‘wasting’ many, many votes. For example, at our last election in 2017, WELL OVER 60% OF ALL VOTES CAST FAILED TO ELECT AN MP and this isn’t a quirk of the system/occasional accident it HAPPENS TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

      Most countries use a form of Proportional Representation in which more votes count and which more accurately translate votes into seats in parliament and council chambers.




      1. So THEY DO EMULATE US , in the sense that they have ANY TYPE of voting system , Parliament or even a legal system. When you see smaller African Countries , who actually have Judges and they wear old fashioned wigs and robes , proving my point about so many emulating us. The British Democratic Party is not in favour of proportional representation , known as PR.

  3. The mad Marxists whom unfortunately run our education system are clearly forcibly inflicting their vile left wing ideology project upon those whom least desire it – namely the indigenous British people’s of the British Isles.

    It is somewhat unfortunate that
    every vice that one can possibly comprehend appears to be promoted at every available opportunity: the promotion of Homosexuality, Gender equality, Miscegenation, Multi-racialism – all nicely branded or packaged under the modern terms of ‘Diversity’ or ‘Equality’.

    Lately I happened to read a book written by a non white lady called Brigitte Gabriel : The book is entitled ‘ They Must be stopped: Why we must defeat radical Islam and how to do it’. If one can manage to either put aside or blank out Mrs Gabriel’s pro zionist views that are clearly chronicled within the book,
    some of her other ideas on this subject are actually refreshingly constructive.

    Mrs Gabriel points out, in one specific chapter, that America – the country that she is thus a resident – appears to be pandering to the practitioners of Islam. To quote from Mrs Gabriel-

    “Here is an example of a homework assignment described by Daniel Pipes : Form small groups of students to build a miniature Mosque or assume you are a Muslim soldier on your way to conquer Syria in the year 635 ad. Write three journal entries that reveal your thoughts about Islam; fighting in battle,or life in the desert’.

    Undoubtedly, although this brief passage relates directly to the teaching cirriculum based in the United States, I’m quite sure that some may well find an eerie similarity with what goes on here in Britain.

    Interestingly this Left wing school of thought can be traced back to the 1930’s – The so called Frankfurt School of Critical Theory. In 1933, members of this largely Jewish Group of mischief makers emigrated to the
    USA following the rise to power of the then National Socialist Government.

    Dr Kerry Bolton, in his excellent little book ” Revolution From Above” – highlights that the original school of Frankfurt Marxism, that consisted of Max Horkheimer,Theodore Adorno, Eric Fromm & Wilhelm Reich – were actually classified as ‘extreme’ by certain elements within the Communist Party leadership.

    Incredibly, what was classed as ‘extreme’ by the Far Left back then is now championed by those regarded as mainstream today.

    1. Well said , one of our many good People in Northern Ireland. Personally , I have long HOPED that the Party would commence a CAMPAIGN AGAINST POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Apart from being an aspect of our CAUSE , it would be a wonderful RECRUITMENT asset , that would appeal to many types that , so far , we have been unable to reach !

  4. The amount of bending over backwards our education system does, reflects a general trend in society.

    Non stop pandering. People are getting sick of it, every ad on the tv has to be diverse, every white woman has to have a black partner and if you are a half caste actor/model there’s no end to the amount of work your agency will find you

    I can understand how many enlightened Britons would rather their children were home-schooled, rather than be subjected to a non stop barage of Leftie lunacy from Brit hating Red teachers.

  5. Trump Orban and Putin are 3 leaders who are trying to take a stand against Islam Marxism and political correctness shame here in Britain We have Ditherer May and the IRA worshipper Corbyn instead

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