VOTE LEAVE – We Pay £350 Million A Week into the EU And We Want It Back!!

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Ian Duncan Smith says “Leaving the EU will not affect House Prices” as reported by George Osborne but “We pay £350 million a week into the EU and we want it back”


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4 thoughts on “VOTE LEAVE – We Pay £350 Million A Week into the EU And We Want It Back!!

  1. ( Party Official ) The Chancellor of the Exchequer is behaving very badly by CLAIMING that HOUSE PRICES will fall by the made up figure of 18%. However , this latest contribution to PROJECT FEAR just shows how desperate the STAY CAMPAIGN are. With totally unintended consequences ( this happens a lot in badly run Britain ) MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WILL NOW VOTE LEAVE AS THEY WANT HOUSE PRICES TO FALL SO THEY CAN AFFORD TO BUY A HOUSE ! Many do not want this though but it DOES NOT MATTER as House Prices probably will not be affected at all by any of this ! OH DEAR GEORGE !

  2. I would have thought that a Brexit vote will in turn help to lower house prices .When we eventually take back control of our borders and refuse entry to the hoardes of economic migrants surely this will ease demand for housing thus eventually creating a pool of housing for the population. It will also allow us to squeeze out the slum landlords who are mostly immigrants and put paid to the vastly inflated rental market.

  3. Lower house prices and lower rents are highly desirable, particularly where the young are concerned. Brexit means fewer incomers and ,therefore, a lowering of demand for housing.

    1. That’s one reason landlords and home owners will vote remain. Those young and looking to start on the housing ladder or is it the merry go round are not thought about.

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