Vote Labour and Destroy Your Area, Way of Life And In The End Your Family’s Future

by John Shaw

A London Street Scene

We are taking on ‘Political Correctness’ and promoting a return to normal values.

There is nothing wrong with being normal.

The British Democratic Party is therefore  dedicated to the destruction of the corrosive liberal type and left wing ideology that is destroying our national values of decency, Christian family values and general belief of fair play in our society.

As  believers in old fashioned values, we are totally ignored in the media and as the Brexit vote against mass-immigration proved   —-




9 thoughts on “Vote Labour and Destroy Your Area, Way of Life And In The End Your Family’s Future

  1. I concur completely John – one need only take a brief second in time to observe the accompanying photograph attached to your article to quickly understand that parts of Britain are now reminiscent to that of the third world.

    The treacherous Marxist / Liberal establishment shall not be satisfied until it has completely destroyed the British Nation state.

    This Nation desperately needs a party determined & capable to arrest and reverse the damage being deliberately inflicted upon its indigenous population.

    That is the major reason why I chose to join the British Democratic Party.

    1. Great to hear from one of our Members in Northern Ireland. We have support throughout Britain from good People who believe in the BRITISH FAMILY OF NATIONS AND OUR WAY OF LIFE. People of CHARACTER AND STANDARDS support things that they believe in , regardless of CURRENT SUCCESS.

    2. encourage the rather dopey Young People that Corbyn is a BS merchant and will eventually get found out like Clegg did in 2011

  2. I think the real reason the British Democratic Party is ignored by the media is because you have no councillors and appear too many to be ‘still born’. When was the last time you contested an election? Was it the general election of 2015? If you started to put-up more candidates for election then perhaps the media would take notice of you? Having just a website won’t get the papers, tv, radio etc talking about you. I hope I haven’t come across as rude here. I am not trying to be.

    1. I am not underestimating the difficulties of setting up ANY new party,particularly one of a nationalist nature like this one but the fact is that without standing at least a couple of candidates in council by-elections in the most optimal areas then it is difficult to attract members,donations etc to get the party to grow. Yes,poor results will happen at first and that will be disheartening but a start has to be made in what is a ‘chicken and egg’like situation.

      1. You are quite right, it is a chicken & egg situation. Additionally, as you know, candidates standing in elections must be resident in those areas and there lies the problem. We have members in many areas but most cannot be encouraged to put themselves forward as candidates although we had candidates in the local elections in 2016 and 2017.

        Our candidates for the elections next year (2018) are presently under consideration and if you are considering standing on behalf of the British Democrats we would be most happy to consider sponsoring you. Please advise the membership secretary if you wish to be considered as a candidate and support your party in this way.

  3. Today, in Britain and elsewhere, the only political ideology to suffer genuine and unconcealed persecution is nationalism: the concern for our own. It is the nationalist, who, entirely alone, is hated. It is he or she who is offered violence. It is he or she who will risk the loss of employment, let alone career. It is only he or she who will forsake personal liberty in the expression of opinions that challenge the torrent of outrageous deception that is leading our own to its inexorable destruction. It is the nationalist who is honest. It is the nationalist who is full of courage and integrity. And it is the nationalist who truly loves.

  4. How very well said DF. I wish I had written it. All truly Nationalist comments needed and most welcome here. People can read all the lefty and liberal stuff , all over our biased media.

  5. how any white working class Briton could even still vote Labour given the disgusting legacy of the Blair & Brown Governments 1997 to 2010 they are far worse than the Tories the 3 old parties have served their purpose if they ever had any and must go

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