US unemployed have benefits cut off

By Peter Mills.



It has become evident that Britain is not the only country with an incompetent government which is increasingly distancing itself from the economic plagues it releases upon the ordinary struggling people. We are growing increasingly used to it in Britain – but in the US wealthy politicians have transformed blatant self-centred cynicism into almost an art form!

On the Third Day of Christmas My True Love Sent To Me… well, in the USA, the present did not come from anyone’s ‘true love’. On 28th December last month, it came from the US Government, and it was not a gift, but a blow to individuals and families numbered in the millions throughout the USA.

As reported by Reuters on 9th January all Federal unemployment benefits for almost one and a half million long-term unemployed people (and their dependent families) ceased entirely.

The expiration of Federal jobless benefits under the weak and inept leadership of Barak Obama means that more than 1.4 million long-term unemployed people suddenly lost their unemployment benefit on the same day. Government is currently arguing about whether or not to extend these benefits and for how long.  You’d think a competent government would make a firm long-term decision in advance of doing anything.

Cutting off benefits to the long-term unemployed was intended to press people to take jobs. But that is difficult to achieve in a situation of prolonged economic downturn

The magnitude of this humanitarian disaster can be better understood when it is realized that the number of unemployed in America is 7% of the working-age population on the official figure.  The alternative Shadow Stats calculates it to be far, far higher.

To estimate the human misery caused, one must add to this figure all the wives and children and elderly dependents who are not part of the percentage figure. These are the people who are now not receiving any benefits and have to find some way to simply survive – and in a record-breaking cold winter in which some places in the USA have suffered temperatures colder than that measured by the explorer vehicle on the surface of Mars!

As Oliver Goldsmith put it so succinctly in 1770:

“Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, where wealth accumulates, and men decay.”


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5 thoughts on “US unemployed have benefits cut off

  1. A quarter of Americans are currently on food stamps.

    Pretty astonishing in a country mostly represented in films as one where everyone is rich.

    1. Well Mike, as all seasoned nationalists should know – the USA (meaning Hollywood) is pretty experienced when it comes to misrepresentation in films!

  2. This is one of the issues we nationalists should be highlighting. Put simply, both Tories and the so-called ‘people’s party’ are intent on dismantling any sort of genuine safety net for the unemployed and the vunerable in our society. UKIP are no alternative as they are Tories on steroids and support this disgraceful attack. People are right now committing suicide in the forrmer Great Britain because of odious and unfeeling monsters like Iain Duncan-Smith. The idea of the word ‘reform’ is to make things better not worse!

  3. (Party Member) A lot of the people effected by this are not American. They could and should return to their land of origin.

  4. John Shaw ( Party Official ) I thought Members and Supporters would enjoy the superb insight of this older article. With the fantastic new President that America has voted for then relations between our Countries are sure to improve. Remember how Obama told us we must stay in the E.U. Superstate and Donald Trump said he should not interfere in our affairs ? Well I do and also the fact that the future U.S.A. President also concluded that we would be better off out of it ! Also with a policy of Defending our Christian way of life , rolling back the oppression of Political Correctness and many other great attitudes and targets I look forward to good relations between our Countries again.

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