Many British people have voted UKIP in recent elections under the impression that it is really a Nationalist party which will do something effective about Immigration. Mr Farrago and his merry men have done nothing to disabuse these White indigenous voters of that impression.

But at the same time they have been creeping around Immigrant mosques and temples trying to portray themselves to Immigrants – and the Establishment – as committed multiracialists who welcome Immigrants.

On Monday 16th September, for example, UKIP National Executive member Louise Bours was grovelling to sundry imams at the Sadiyya Aminah mosque in Bradford.  She told the Press afterwards “You can see for yourself today the reception we have had is so warm and welcoming and I think certainly with the British Asian community a lot of our policies and core beliefs are their beliefs really in terms of family and tradition and I think we are a really nice match.”

Ms Bours was at pains to assure the Muslim “community leaders” UKIP has nothing to do with those nasty Nationalists: “We are the only British political party who actually proscribe membership to anybody who has belonged to any far-right organisation.”  Ironic given that UKIP gets most of its votes from Britons who think it is itself a “far-right” organisation, in the sense that it rejects Political Correctness and believes in putting British people first in our own country.  Clearly an unfortunate misunderstanding on the part of the electorate.

Ms Bours went on to assure her Asian audience “if we found out if anybody belonged to any of those far-right organisations we would immediately revoke their membership.” This is in fact not true, as a number of former National Front activists are now UKIP members, and in some cases councillors, with the full knowledge, and continuing membership, of UKIP.

For example Thurrock UKIP Councillor Robert Ray was an NF candidate in East London in the 1970’s and Organiser of the NF’s Newham branch. Despite which Farage’s sidekick and UKIP  Party Chairman Steve Crowther has stated unequivocally to the Press  that he will not be thrown out of UKIP at all, whatever his colleague Ms Bours told a bunch of imams. So long as they are loyal Farage sycophants such peoples’ past naughtiness is brushed under the table.  So UKIP is lying to Immigrants as much as it is to natives.

As a member of Nigel Farage’s undemocratic rubber-stamp “National Executive”  Louise Bours clearly echoes Her Master’s Voice in her attempts to er curry favour with Asian Immigrants.   Anyone who does not echo the Farragenfuehrer is ruthlessly purged, as two UKIP MEPs, Messrs Nattrass and Bloom have recently found.

Yet again UKIP is revealed as a thoroughly bogus and  hypocritical organisation with a blatantly two faced strategy of being anti-Immigrant to anti-Immigrant voters and pro-Immigrant to Immigrant voters.      

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  1. (Party Member) We know that Nigel’s Ukip is a ‘False Flag’. He says he has “No Problem” with letting in an equal number of immigrants to replace the British people who leave our shores each year! This says it all! Our British Democratic Party is the ‘REAL Deal’. Just read our Policy Document to see this! However, we need three things now. Publicity, Publicity and Publicity! ! !

  2. Ukip is a party of falsehoods. They lie about their nationalist credentials. Let us true nationalists get going and fight back against the political correctness that is inhibiting every part of our lives.

    1. Completely correct. Essentially, they are not a nationalist party but a party of disgruntled anti-EU Tories who don’t think Cameron’s party is Thatcherite enough! Apart from having a fairly liberal stance on gay rights (which I think is both right and politically sensible) and the anti-EU position they have nothing going for them. They don’t take the immigration question seriously enough. I think most people who are voting for them are basically voting for them as a protest vote against the others. UKIP’s present support is largely derived from the fact they are not the Lib/Lab/Con party.

  3. Ukip is a party of ex-Tories and it is attracting a lot of people who have been disgusted by Cameron’s lies, broken promises and the ‘gay marriage’ bill. He has lost a lot of support in his own party. So, no, they are not Nationalists, just disgruntled Tories.
    Ms Bours is obviously an idiot trying to be clever. I would imagine that the people in the mosques she spoke to will be quite aware of that. I wonder if she still feels the same after the dreadful events in Kenya and Pakistan?
    I would say that the eventual outcome is that UKip will split into its two wings. What we, as patriots, must hope for is that while it is still holding together it will prove to be a ‘wrecking ball’ which will break the stranglehold the LibLabCon party has on the politics of this country. Until we can change people’s voting habits, short of an economic collapse, nothing will change (not an impossibility).

    1. ‘Ex Tories’? It seems as if they STILL ARE Tories according to today’s Daily Mail at least. Highly-placed people within both parties want to form an electoral pact and there were political numbskulls within the electorate who actually thought the Tories and UKIP were two entirely separate and mutually antagonistic parties!

    2. Well said, Mo. Your wish has been granted: Farage’s party is now proving to be that ‘wrecking ball’ usefully breaking the LibLabCon stranglehold on this country.

      As an interim, even the two-faced can have their uses.

  4. (Party Member) Mo, above is right. There is no doubt that Ukip’s short term success will be the ‘ wrecking ball ‘ which will break the stranglehold of the LibLabCon party. It is our consolation as watching ‘false flag’ Nigel, is in the short term, hard to do! On a brighter note, after voting for Ukip, moving to voting for the ‘real deal’ of the well presented British Democratic Party will only be a small and logical step for masses of British People!

  5. Apart from supporting Civil Partnerships, does anyone here know what the party’s position is on the other gay rights legislation Labour passed during its term of office?

    I ask this because a friend of mine is a gay and he is a nationalist. He wants to join the army and Labour allowed him to do that. Presumably, as the party supports the state recognising his relationship then it probably supports gays being allowed into the army? He would also like to join this party. He is a patriot and a nationalist.

    Does the party have a document somewhere where I can view its exact stance?

    I personally hope (not just for my friend’s sake) the party is relatively liberal on this matter not just because it is clearly right but because such a position will help to reassure gays/bisexuals that they have nothing to fear from this party and it will help with the electorate and to keep-away the outright, unthinking loons that have bedeviled nationalist parties in Britain in the past and prevented us from being taken seriously by the public.

    For good examples of these kind of idiots then just take a look at Stormfront Britain. These kind of people MUST be kept well away from the BDP.

  6. What concerns me here is why anyone wanting to join a party would wish to say ‘I’m gay and I wish to join’ rather than simply ‘I wish to join’. It should be a private matter.

    Suppose someone said: ‘I like to have sex with other men’s wives when I can and want to join. These days that counts for little and I trust you have a modern attitude to these things.’ Alarm bells go off!

    When people proclaim gay unnecessarily I wonder – as with any other similar proclamation – whether they have their own agenda they want to promote. Lots of people who join all parties turn out to be more interested in their hobby horse than in the party itself.

  7. I can certainly see your point here. I am not proposing this new party set-up LGBT sections like Labour, Lib Dem or nowdays the Tory Party. All I would like to see is an inclusive attitude towards this group in our society from the party. Not only would this be right in principle but would pay the party electoral dividends with the general public. There is no reason why gays/bisexuals shouldn’t be nationalists, get involved in our party, give the party donations, stand as candidates for election. They should not make an issue of their sexuality and we shouldn’t with our policies towards them.

    Previously, too many ‘nationalists’ have had attitudes that were at best exclusionary and at worst were downright hurtful and hostile. Not surprisingly therefore gays and bisexuals were suspicious of our motives and/or replicated the hostility. With the rise of extremist Islam in our country, they could be political allies. Marine Le Pen knows this which is why she has welcomed them to the Front National.

    Time is getting very short to save our great country, somebody’s sexuality is no bar to them being a patriot or a nationalist. This is something we need to remember.

    A moderate position like Le Pen’s in France will do us the power of good and will have the added benefit of showing those with the most extreme anti-gay/bisexual views like on Stormfront Britain they are not welcome in our party. These people tend to have extreme views in OTHER ways too and have seriously compromised our efforts in the past to be seen as decent people to be elected.

    1. I have a young friend who wants to join. He’d like to know the party’s policy concerning sex on a first date. Surely the party if it wishes to be successful should display an inclusive attitude. This would play well with voters.

      You say you don’t want to make an issue of gays but in fact you do – or you would not be raising the matter here. You say the BDP should not make a policy issue of it. Well it doesn’t but you apparently want it to! You want some kind of statement/policy about the matter it seems to me.

      Most of us are far more concerned about the huge issues facing the country. But perhaps the BDP should set up a committee to establish stated policies on adultery, homosexuality, sex on a first date etc etc.

      As far as I can gather most homosexuals don’t want to proclaim it or make it a political issue. They just get on with their lives.

      1. I sincerely don’t wish to make an issue out of it. I think you may have misunderstood what I have said as I haven’t expressed myself as clearly as perhaps I should have done.

        At this stage in the party’s development there is no burning requirement to set out our views on this subject and our policies but should we start to become popular and win council wards and thus come to national attention (hopefully this will happen soon) some journalists will no doubt ask what is the party’s precise views and policies and we will have to answer them whether we really wish to or not. Undoubtedly, they will want to hear what reforms Labour has made in this area we agree with or not and if we don’t agree with them whether if we were in government we would repeal them.

        I am certainly not proposing we set-up LGBT sections or anything of that sort.

  8. Sounds like UKIP is even more a replica of the not so good ship Tory than even I thought! How many times have the Tories in the past said one thing to eg. big business on immigration and then the opposite to the voters? They have often had a ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink’ attitude to ‘racist’ voters.

  9. (Party Member) We are a Party of Christians and atheists who all have a strong sense of National Preference and moral conduct. People who wish to ‘push’ any other agenda should look elsewhere.

  10. (Party Member) Ukip have stood in seven recent Council by-elections throughout the country. With healthy votes in all, they only won one. FROM LABOUR in a ‘safe’ Labour Ward! These are clearly votes that one day will be for us.

    1. Of course, we would all like that to be the case but I am afraid it isn’t as simple as that. We don’t normally compete with UKIP for their voters as UKIP voters tend to be ex-Tories in the main. There is some direct competition with them for the anti-EU vote but it starts to diverge after that.

  11. UKIP are right wing Tories, not radical enough to make a long-term challenge and just a short term “protest” vote for Joe Public.The Brit Dems have more potential to make a long-term challenge to the main parties.

  12. I agree James. I do think most of the people who are voting for them at present are only really voting for them for their anti-EU stance, PERCEIVED ‘opposition’ to immigration and as a generalised protest vote against the globalist Lib/Lab/CON party. In short, they are the new protest vote party of British politics – a role the Lib Dems had for many years until they joined this shambolic ‘government’.

  13. (Party Member) Our Party has proved we are totally ‘ on the ball ‘ with our assessment of the current political situations in Britain today. The above article is an example of why we are steadily building a good reputation within Nationalism. Our recent votes show we are also making progress within the Country as well !

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