UKIP Leadership Election – Who is Henry Bolton?

Henry Bolton – Leader UKIP

Henry Bolton beat Anne Marie Waters, who said Islam was “evil” and a “killing machine”, to the top job to roars of approval at UKIP’s conference in Torquay.  Obviously Anne Marie Waters was just too anti-Islam and right wing for the majority of the ‘conservative’ UKIP members.

UKIP has long been an extension of the conservative party albeit with an anti-EU policy and since the British people have voted for ‘Brexit’ the reason for the existence of the Party has significantly been eroded.

They have, for some time been portraying themselves as Anti-immigration, Anti-Islam and a somewhat right wing political nationalist Party moping up the votes and support of honest British Nationalists with many having joined and actively supporting them.  The result of the latest leadership election, the fourth in a year, has however blown their cover and they can now be seen for what they are, conservatives with a small ‘c’.

There is only one registered Nationalist Party with the credibility to take forward a Nationalist Agenda of Anti-Immigration, right wing nationalism and of restoring Christian values.

The British Democrats would therefore welcome any UKIP members or supporters who feel betrayed by the result of the latest Leadership election.


Henry Bolton ran his leadership campaign with the slogan – Delivering Change, Delivering BREXIT and Delivering Britain”.  He is quite a good ‘delivery man’ it would seem but can he actually deliver?   Well he will have no say in the Brexit negotiations nor will he ever be in a position to deliver change and where he hopes to deliver Britain to is not immediately clear but probably to ‘third world immigration’ which UKIP is in favour of continuing.

12 thoughts on “UKIP Leadership Election – Who is Henry Bolton?

  1. Personally , I URGE ANNE MARIE WATERS to contact our Andrew Brons through our PO box in Leicester , with a view to holding discussions about JOINING THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY. You and your fellow Real Patriotic Nationalists within Ukip have been betrayed. Read our Policy Document and you will see that there is NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER BETWEEN US. Unlike ‘ False Flag Ukip , our Classless Patriotic Party IS THE REAL DEAL. WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU ALL.

  2. Anne Marie Waters has a single issue approach to immigration and multiculturalism, focusing on one element…Islam… and pretending that is the only matter of concern. This is mainly because she is a lesbian, and unlike some other deluded homosexuals, she knows what Islam’s real view is on the matter and what would happen to her in one of those countries. It is also the easy way out, because then you dance to the required pipetune and say that it’s a religion so you are not a ”racist”. While there is no doubt that Islam is a major issue, as we all know, it’s certainly not the only one.

    1. How right , as usual , you are JJM. However it occurred to us that if the TWO THOUSAND OR SO , BETRAYED UKIP PEOPLE JOINED US , WE WOULD BE STARTING TO GET SOMEWHERE.

    2. She is right to be concerned about Islam and that is very understandable from her own personal perspective since she is of a lesbian sexual orientation but as you say it is not enough. Muslim immigrants are not the only kind of immigrants who cause problems for Britain. Yet, even just narrowing the problem down to Islam was too ‘Right-wing’ (even though Islam is the most Right-wing religion of the lot) for weak UKIP. Still, as they have ALWAYS been OBSESSED about the EU issue ONLY it should come as no surprise she didn’t get elected and this nobody called Henry Bolton got elected instead. Britain has far more issues than just the EU. I’ve always believed getting out of the EU was merely the first, small step (potentially) to resolving Britain’s myriad of problems.

  3. who cares UKIP is a busted flush, the British Democrats need to step forward and save Our People & Country from a disastrous Corbyn Government as well as the Bankers puppet the Tory Party

    1. They are indeed. She was their only real hope of becoming even slightly relevant again in British politics. Henry Bolton was apparently a Liberal Democrat as recently as 2014! Now, of course, some people change their political beliefs quickly but that level of change is surely a bit suspicious, is it not?

  4. Spot on as usual Adam , however the British Democrats need all our supporters to ACTUALLY JOIN THE PARTY. If all the Nationalists from the Past , betrayed Conservatives Ukipers and decent Patriotic Labour People JOINED , then we would really be getting somewhere in our struggle to save Britain from the ABYS that it is falling into.

  5. I BET that the ukip members who voted for Waters as leader , ACTUALLY have the same views and GENERAL OUTLOOK as us in the British democratic party and they probably only Joined ukip as they were better known. I am sure they hoped to dominate that Party. Having now failed in that aim , SURELY NOW IS THE TIME TO BECOME A BRITISH DEMOCRAT .

  6. I doubt Mr Bolton can revive the fortunes of the now defunct UKIP who lost nearly all their councillors in the last general election. The only decent Nationalist Party, You are on their site!

  7. In my opinion it is a big midtaje to focus purely on Islam is a big mistake one that plays into the Establishment’s dialectic.The focus of any political nationalist movement should be on those of a certain other (((ethnic/religious))) tribal group who are responsible for bringing millions of muslims and other foreign grouping into Britain.

    1. I doubt they are Mark , However if they are then they are making a big mistake. Apart from risk of violence in London’s Streets from LEFT WING CORBYN SUPPORTING THUGS , they face worse from gangs of ISLAMIC , THIRD GENERATION YOUTH , who have total hatred in their Hearts.

    2. As a long term Nationalist who knew John Tyndall in the flesh it’s impossible to deny that Islam has been a game changer for Nationalist organisations in Britain. Back in the 1990s the issue was race and immigration, not religion. Hardly anybody in the BNP ever talked about Islam back then and there were even a few white British Muslim members. Nick Gri££in never seemed to usher a word about Islam for two solid years after becoming party leader in 1999, but since 9/11 Islam has totally taken over the BNP. Some call me old fashioned and living in the past but IMO Islam has become a cornerstone – if not outright obsession – of British Nationalism since 9/11 and distracted and diverted attention away from other large and pressing, but far less glamorous, issues. Another point to remember is that Islam bashing is no longer confined to Nationalists and the political right (of many shades) it’s permeated down into people who, after factoring out Islam, are barely any different from the average Lib-Dem, and even certain factions of the political left.

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