UKIP chaos in Lincolnshire

by BDP Elections Officer

There is growing anger among the grassroots within UKIP about accusations that nominations for seats are being sewn up by UKIP HQ and local activists ignored.

Tory defector Robin Hunter-Clarke, 22, the local branch chairman in Boston and Skegness, initially selected a shortlist of five Ukip candidates seeking nomination for the top target seat. He was not on the first list he compiled in August – including Neil Hamilton the disgraced former MP whose attempts to secure the spot have now failed. It’s claimed his name was added to the list at the last moment by UKIP’s NEC.

Mr Hunter-Clarke has now won the nomination with around 85 per cent of the vote.

Paul Wooding, a Royal Mail driver and one of the original candidates, said he was only told of a new shortlist on the morning of the vote. It is now understood that he will stand as an independent in Boston and Skegness describing the selection to The Independent as a ‘pantomime orchestrated by the all-powerful NEC’.

This follows on from last year when Chris Pain was removed as Ukip’s leader on Lincolnshire County Council, and he founded a new grouping of six members on the Council losing Ukip opposition status. He will now stand in Boston and Skegness for another party against Ukip.

Further, Gogglebox star Andrew Michael, 55, the son of Cypriot migrants, was last week confirmed as Ukip candidate for Hastings and Rye after the NEC deselected long-term Ukip activist Ralph Atkinson from the post.

In September long-term activist Roger Lord, 57, was ousted by Douglas Carswell, who had left the Conservative party and his position as Clacton MP to be chosen as the primary Ukip candidate in the triggered by-election. Roger Lord was Ukip’s candidate in this seat.

Suzanne Evans, deputy chairman and former girlfriend of the suspended general secretary Roger Bird, defected from the Tories last May and will stand for Ukip in Shrewsbury and Atcham.

Just like the Lab/Lib/Con parties, UKIP is favouring celebrities and big party defectors instead of grass root activists for seats, thus sidelining the very people who helped them to grow. So much for the ‘People’s army’. More like a copycat of Labour and the Conservatives.

We suggest that all those who want a party that backs its activists should join the British Democrats

15 thoughts on “UKIP chaos in Lincolnshire

  1. This is what tends to happen when you tie your prospects to keeping the media sweet and with a story they can use. You become a media creation which can be as swiftly destroyed as it was created.

    If UKIP is really as radical as it claims why does the left-wing BBC offer it such a level of access – particularly to Question Time?

    1. Yes ordinary voters must ask themselves why the rabidly globalist and profoundly anti-British BBC gives such massive coverage to UKIP and not to the Greens?

      Surely the BBC’s reason for doing this is to drive Tory voters away from the Tories into the arms of a party that still mainly takes Tory votes and thus helps the BBC’s favourite party of Labour? Also, they do this so as to ensure that UKIP can pick-up a ‘safe’ protest vote which might otherwise go to genuine nationalist parties and that in the BBC’S worldview would simply never do!

  2. I hope as the BDP grows it remains a party that respects its grass roots members and listens to there views unlike the BNP and UKIP!

    UKIP are not and never will be radical enough to sustain the long-term support of “Joe public.

    I’d like to wish all party members and supporters a good Yuletide and a Happy New Year!

  3. It seems UKIP’s bubble might be stretched beyond breaking point. When one thinks most serious Nationalists were engaged elsewhere before the explosion. Barring these from re-employ in UKIP makes for them a rocky time until next May.

    The point is in the big picture. If UKIP will succeed in breaking the mold created to keep radicals at bay. We need to support basically the unsupportable. As each week the MSM brings us new delights and tittle tattle about UKIP. So far its seen as PC on the attack. But my bet is one day soon something worse will appear.

    Seasons greeting folks.

  4. UKIP are very short of seasoned political activists. Many of their members have little or no election strategy experience therefore leaving themselves vulnerable to exploitation by political opportunists.

    I have to say the biggest mistake they made was banning ex nationalist party members many of whom had years of the kind of electoral organising experience you simply cannot buy.

    Tory opportunists have controlled and manipulated UKIP at will. Why not? They are one and the same. As for the celeb thing well Liebour have done it for years and it has worked well for them. You adopt candidates with vastly inflated egos who will go along with anything you suggest in return for a vastly inflated pay packet. Easy.

    1. No doubt they thought that was a very clever move politics-wise to ward-off the ‘extremist’ tag and it has worked for them to a certain extent – but when the going gets tough politically they won’t have the ideological mettle to withstand it. A lot of their members will be consequently disillusioned and be back in their natural political ‘home’: the economically and increasingly socially globalist Conservative Party.


        Forty years ago and he’s grovelling to the BBC about it! And they saved it up as an Xmas prezzie for him by the looks.

        If UKIP can’t even be robust about some political affiliation that long ago you have to doubt whether they care much about anything but keeping their noses clean of anything the left dislikes – which pretty much renders them impotent in terms of changing anything. .

        1. Indeed and it should come as no surprise that UKIP so easily ‘folds’ in the face of these sort of leftist accusations because as a party they lack any real nationalist philosophy. A party with a solid intellectual grounding in nationalism would have the fortitude to stand-up to them. This just goes to prove that UKIP is merely a ‘warmed-up’ Thatcherite Tory Party and when the going gets tough for them politically they will revert to Tory type and go along with globalism.

  5. UKIP is for failed Tories to whinge about past Tory failures.

    They have now two Tory turncoats recently elected in two byelections. Farage now is cutting out the pints when on TV as the election in May comes closer to look the part.

    If the UK now pulled out of Europe you can guarantee the supporters, Farage and the turncoat Tories in its ranks, will go back to the Tory Party and do as they do. Open door immigration, hatred of the British worker, low pay etc.

    1. As far as I can see, virtually all defectors from other parties to UKIP’s ranks have come from the Conservative Party. That fact should tell the public what sort of party it is ie it has very little in the way of a cohesive political ideology of its own and is just the EU-phobic and Thatcherite Atlanticist wing of the Tory Party in seemingly permanent exile.

      As for Farage, to me he isn’t a very substantial politican but merely the ‘Al Murray of British politics’ such is his propensity for propping-up bars!

  6. (Party Member) This Labour Party line in the media that Ukip voters are just a bunch of disgruntled Tories is ridiculous. Labour recently held on to one of their safest seats by a whisker to Ukip. Look it up and you will see why Miliband is pretending to “understand peoples genuine fears about Immigration”.

    Yes I am heartbroken that after all these years the breakthrough has been made by such a ‘false flag’ organisation such as Ukip. However, we have considerable reason for optimism because people who vote ukip THINK THEY ARE VOTING AGAINST IMMIGRATION AND THE EUROPEAN UNION. The British People are clearly WAKING UP and it is our job to get them to VOTE FOR US !

  7. [Party member] What’s it all about with the Tories and UKIP?

    Now an Asian in the multi-cultural party UKIP has defected to the Tories but a while back TWO Tory MPs defect to UKIP.

    Either way Posh Boy Cameron and Posh Boy Farage are both staunch Thatcherites. Same ideas, multiculti, open door immigration,draconian employment laws/rights,

    We have a leader when an Eton toff in the Bullingdon Club who enjoyed setting fire to £50 notes in front of homeless people.

    Wake up Britain

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