UK to ‘Take Back Control’ of Waters After Exit From Fishing Convention

by Anglo Saxon

The Government has announced its 2 year notice to leave the London 1964 Fishing Convention, that allows fishing vessels to operate between 6 and 12 miles from each others coastlines, between France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands.

As we will also be leaving the EU Superstate’s Common Fishery Policy, things are looking up for the British fishing industry at last.

The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisation have welcomed these developments and say it will enable Britain to operate a sustainable responsible fishing industry as the EU system has been an ecological disaster.

We nationalists welcome this news as we have advocated taking back control of our seas for many years.

One thought on “UK to ‘Take Back Control’ of Waters After Exit From Fishing Convention

  1. So sad that we are not the Government as yet again we Nationalists HAVE BEEN PROVED RIGHT. Another relevant BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY POLICY is to undertake a massive expansion of Britain’s surface , coastal protection fleet . This is to protect our Country from Illegal Immigration , drug smuggling and yes , FISHERY PROTECTION. So , theres another B.D.P. POLICY for the LIBLABCON to TOTALLY IGNORE and then LAMENT that they did not take our advice ! If you agree and want a classless , decent , genuine Political Party to thrive in despairing Britain , then JOIN US TODAY !

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