UK population increases by 500,000 to 64.6 million

By Leicestershire Correspondent


london-immigration1-300x200Alarmingly, the UK population grew by almost half a million last year to 64,596,800, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics
Net immigration to UK reached 318,000 in 2014, just below all-time peak in 2005 under Labour, with immigration from outside Europe rising strongly as within.
The latest quarterly migration figures from the Office for National Statistics show that net immigration from outside Europe up 42,000 – is now rising almost as strongly as from within Europe – up 67,000.
The ONS figures show that the number of overseas students in Britain rose by 11,000 in 2014 with continuing falls in the numbers from India – down 8% – and Pakistan – down 20% – matched by increasing numbers from China and Malaysia.
The number of people migrating to Britain to join spouses and other close family members rose by 20,000 on the latest figures to 91,000.
Asylum seekers accounted for only 25,020 of the new arrivals to Britain in the year to March. This is an increase of 5% over the previous 12 months with the largest numbers coming from Eritrea (3,552), Pakistan (2,421) and Syria (2,222). This is because clearly, the UK the next safe country to Eritrea, Pakistan and Syria!
This was more than "natural growth" – births minus deaths – which added 226,200. The ONS said a quarter of births were to mothers born outside the UK (1 in 4 babies)
If immigration to the UK ended tomorrow Britain's population would continue to grow because people are living longer and recent arrivals from countries such as Poland, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are boosting fertility rates. In simple terms, the immigrant population would still grow through family growth.
The size of the UK population with no additional net immigration would level off at 67.5 million over the next three decades and would eventually decline, according to projections by the Migration Observatory. However, if immigration continues at current levels the population will reach 73.3 million by 2037.
Importantly, the fertility rate in Britain (for the genuine Brit population) is still short of the magic figure of 2.1 – the rate at which the population replaces itself.
No country of the UK or region of England experienced a population decrease last year. The parts of the UK (England), with the largest population increases are below:
(6 of the 10 in London!) 
1. City of London – up 5.54% from 7,600 to 8,100
2. Tower Hamlets, London – up 4.08% from 272,900 to 284,000
3. Westminster, London – up 2.84% from 226,800 to 233,300
4. Forest Heath, West Suffolk – up 2.56% from 61,200 to 62,800
5. Islington, London – up 2.48% from 215,700 to 221,000
6. Coventry – up 2.31% from 329,800 to 337,400
7. Hackney, London – up 2.24% from 257,400 to 263,200
8. Camden, London – up 2.23% from 229,700 to 234,800
9. Oxford – up 2.08% from 154,800 to 158,000
10. Exeter – up 2.08% from 121,800 to 124,300
For further and more detail regarding the recent alarming findings please read the full report:  

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  1. Overpopulation is something you can never make a case for, and yet the lying liberal media don’t seem to mind it one bit. Imagine the situation in fifty years. The continued betrayal of our people, our country has been literally sold down the river.

  2. ( Party Official ) We are getting close to the ‘ tipping point ‘ now. Part of the equation is the amount of our people who leave each year. I hope we adopt the policy of providing financial assistance for our people to return . This could run in conjunction with our stated policy of assisting certain people to leave ! See our policy document for details !

    • As I see it the majority of the people who leave these shores are of good White stock they leave to try and find a better place to live and if they were honest they would admit that  they are fleeing  forced multi-culturalism ( sadly many of these people are to afraid to admit the real reason ) To replace them with the kind of scum that is now entering this Country is madness ) Todays immigrants bring no benefits at all, all they do is claim benefits.

      • Yes, that is one of the biggest reasons why so many white people who leave Britain leave. Of course, the majority of them would be loath to admit this to another person. The quality of life in this country is being ruined by overpopulation caused mainly by fast-breeding Third World immigrants, the break-up of any real sense of community they cause and the increase in the crime rate so many of them bring with them. If you won millions on the Euromillions lottery, why stay here? Why not move to a well-run, clean, relatively crime free tax haven like Switzerland, for instance?

  3. It’s quite bizarre how there is huge complaint about housing shortages yet so-called ‘journalists’ rarely link it to immigration increasing the population. There is clearly a policy of hoodwinking people into imagining that there is no connection. The standard line seems to be claiming that it’s all due to divorce and more people living alone or in smaller groups.

    • Indeed. Also, there is the problem of traffic congestion as well and journalists also don’t link this problem to our overpopulation caused by mass, uncontrolled immigration. It doesn’t matter how many new by-passes, dual carriageways the government spends huge sums of money on Britain’s traffic problems will not be solved by this method. The ONLY longterm solution to increasing traffic congestion and housing supply problems without totally wrecking our last remaining patches of countryside is to get down our population density to more sensible levels by ending mass immigration permanently. If we had done this from the 1950’s onwards, Britain today would have a slowly declining population and a better quality of life for all of us.

  4. Again I see that only the net immigrant gain is given from the ONS report, i.e. 259,700 people. More indicative of how we Brits are being swamped by non-Europeans is the gross figure of 582,600 international migrants.
    The ONS report says: “322,900 migrants left the UK to live abroad.” It does not reveal how many of these are genuine Brits, probably more than half.
    Incidentally, this ‘latest’ ONS report only goes to June 2014. It’s a fair bet that over the last 14 months since then, the Afro-Asian flood will have got worse.

  5. How utterly irresponsible successive CONServative and Labour Party governments have been in this respect! If we had had very limited (restricted to a few tens of thousands of the most highly-skilled immigrants like brain surgeons, heart specialists, nuclear scientists ect) immigration since the 1950’s we would not have had such a huge increase in our population with all the problems it brings (housing shortages, traffic congestion etc.. Our own people have reduced their birthrate and today Britain would have a slowly declining population with the benefit that we would see less traffic congestion, better housing supply and an overall better quality of life.

  6. According to these guys (formerly the optimum population trust): Britain’s optimum population is 29,000,000 people! I personally think this is a bit low but certainly if we had kept our population to no more than it was at the end of the war (45,000,000) we would have far less traffic congestion and a better quality of life.

    • Unfortunately the bottom line of the global corps’ cannot achieve growth if the populations remain static . But they are useful in ascertaining national populations , and according to the copy they receive . Britain has a population in the 80 million region . Which they ( the corps’) must service .
      As a rule any figures released by an arm of our government, whether high or low, according to what they wish us to know or extrapolate from . One should always be wary. In fact .Lies , damned lies . then statistics come to mind.

  7. ( Party Official ) As I have stated before , I hope we adopt a figure of 58 million as the maximum population of our Country. Actually being specific and sticking to it , can only be a good thing.

  8. ( Party Official ) I hope we adopt the policy of scrapping the mis-named Commonwealth. With all the attention on Eastern Europeans , people are flooding in from Africa and mainly India , clutching their British and Commonwealth Passports !

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