UK government puts up 15-foot screens to keep public from seeing arrival of adult Muslim migrant “children”

By Pamela Geller

sharia-ukThese screens are intended to prevent the British people from seeing the British government’s betrayal of the people. They’re intended to prevent the British people from seeing how their own government is opening them up to a future of bloodshed and civil strife.

“Child migrants arrive in UK but 15ft screens are in place so public cannot asses [sic] their age,” by Sofia Delgado, Express, October 23, 2016:
ABOUT 100 more Calais children have arrived in Britain but the Home Office has installed a massive screen outside the London processing centre so no members of the public can assess their ages.

Three coaches carrying migrants with no links to the UK arrived on Monday at the Home Office building in Croydon.

Last week, the Home Office came under fire after welcoming adults apparently pretending to be ‘vulnerable children’ to get fast-track asylum treatment.

The Home Office says the screen was to protect the ‘vulnerable children’.

The move, believed to have cost £2,000, comes after officials were forced to admit migrant adults had conned the system and entered the UK.

Pictures showing grown men arriving in Britain last week sparked growing public outrage.

Tory MP Philip Davies said the British public felt they were ‘being taken for a ride’ by officials.

He said: “People only have to see the pictures of the so-called child refugees to see that many of them are not children.

“A large number of my constituents have contacted me to say how angry they are that we’re being taken for fools, taken for a ride and our generosity is being abused….


2 thoughts on “UK government puts up 15-foot screens to keep public from seeing arrival of adult Muslim migrant “children”

  1. This situation where the powers that be , is a disgusting example of hiding the truth from the British people. The big brother Political Correctness is all powerful and just like the Nationalist Donald Trump in America , we have to declare ALL OUT POLITICAL WAR ON POLITICAL CORRECTNESS , WITH ALL IT’S MENACE TO OUR WAY OF LIFE !

  2. Once again ”we’re all the same” blarney the liberal media peddle, but in reality, it’s a familiar story, White countries are expected to do what no-one else does…namely put a roof over third worlder’s heads for life and literally pay them to do nothing while they multiply like rabbits and cause a crimewave. And now the slippery eels are trying top hide the faces of the migrant ”children”…more dependents on their way…will it ever end ?

    I was reading in the Standard today, an attack on a woman from Czech who worked as an administrator – by a third world thug, she nearly died and had to have her skull rebuilt after the brute attacked her in what the paper describe as an ”unprovoked attack”( codeword for anti white violence) near Brockwell park. A clear example of immigration that assimilates and the other which -because of nature- will always be a nightmare of crime and social decay.

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