Trust The British Democrats to get it right

by Kevan Stafford

Nationalists are frequently demonised by the establishment and their lefty fellow-travellers as being Right Wing or even Far Right, because we robustly defend our country and our own indigenous people. In a sane world such defence would define us as patriotic. Nationalists should be more accurately described as ‘centrist’, because our values match those of the majority of sensible voters. Regrettably, many of them keep voting for Labour and Conservative candidates out of habit and because big, long established parties are thought more likely to win elections and get into power. The two main parties are considered to represent the traditional political division between ‘bosses’ and ‘workers’, in a first-past-the-post voting system where winner takes all. Under proportional representation sensible patriotic parties would be more likely to get candidates elected.


Lefty Marxists like to describe themselves as “progressive”. But that means abandoning traditional, wholesome and natural values like truth, honesty, democracy and chivalry, and instead “progressing” towards the evils of political correctness, excessive tolerance, tyranny, mass-immigration, mass-abortion, violence, car-crime, abuse, bullying, cover-up, over-population and a knife killing crime wave. Many parents are fearful of letting their children outdoors unaccompanied even in daylight and many women are afraid to venture out alone at night.


However, perhaps nationalists should embrace the pejorative word ‘Right’, particularly if the word could be rehabilitated by emphasising its positive meanings, such as: equitable, fair, honest, lawful, accurate, correct, true, fit, seemly, proper, moral, virtuous, appropriate, satisfactory, favourable, healthy, sane, suitable and just.



10 thoughts on “Trust The British Democrats to get it right

  1. The ‘people’ gave their consent to the free-for-all immigration policies of the Labour and Conservative parties by voting for them. They are brainwashed by the mass media and totally confused by politics. Proportional representation would certainly help but the real problem is the malign influence of ‘The Sun’ and ‘The Daily Mail’; mass-circulation newspapers that oppose European immigration but welcome the Afro-Asian influx. The Tories will never control immigration because they love cheap labour.

    1. Put as well as it could ever be. Socialist & Capitalist Governments in this Country have relied on an endless supply of cheap Immigrant Labour.

  2. Well said Mr Stafford. I have never been able to comprehend how embracing third world culture is somehow “progressive” – the extent of how backward these cultures are, and their self evident, pervasive and damaging impact on society, can only be acutely regressive.

    How is it “progressive” to have “developing world” Islamic and SubSaharan populations supplanting our own? to tolerate epidemics of crime ? Or to promote homosexuality at the expense of the family unit, not to mention the ever-more absurd “trans” and gender debacles.

    The rot spawned from the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory, is not confined the Left. The PMs recent speech about Ramadan, and fawning over Windrush, illegals – many of whom had criminal records, is the same brand of pandering tripe you’d read in the Morning Star, or hear parroted by Jetemy Corbyn.. They really are all in this together.

    1. WELL SAID SEAN and further to those excellent point , WHY , in a year that has focused on WOMEN’S rights and indeed how they are treated in our ‘ liberal society , do WOMEN NOT OBJECT TO HORDES OF ISLAMIC PEOPLE COMMING HERE , WHEN THEY SAY THAT THEY BELIEVE , WOMEN ARE WORTH ONLY A SIXTH OF A MAN ! I say again WHY ?

  3. John Shaw, the Guardian have stated that “anti racism” and “feminism” are synergies, and given how steeped in hypocrisy both of those creeds are, how they epitomise ‘sawing off the branch you are sitting on’- it becomes clear that any criticism of non White people is forbidden, thus “feminism” is only opposed to White men, despite the subjugation and cruelties the “religion of peace” inflicts on females.

  4. Good article. The current voting system has indirectly done a lot of damage to Britain over the last 20 years or more. But I also think nationalist organisations should work hard to keep out bovver boys and Naziphiles who will drag them down.

    Is there a plan to promote the BDP? Many potential supporters have probably never heard of the party. The emblem would look good on T-shirts, mugs, fridge magnets, etc. for a start.

  5. Making the right choice. Or sitting on the fence as our country slowly dies before our eyes. As far as I can see, some of the party’s now categorised as Far-right, to a great extent, are still active in their promotion of Cultural Marxism. Thank God I have never seen this kind of play acting from the British Democrats.

    For Britain had hoped to finish above UKIP in The nation’s highest violent crime rate borough, that of mega ‘enriched’ Lewisham. Neither of them did well, as was to be expected, but AMWaters sole agenda was to beat her previous Party,this failed, unlike the British Democrats chairman, who recently succeeded in getting a greater number of votes than UKIP.

    The more PC Houdini acts patriots attempt to wriggle from, in public display, to show we are not ‘,’Islamophobic’, ‘homophobic’ or ‘racist’ , the more entangled you become in the farce of it all. A farce which is always played according to THEIR rules.

  6. this Country needs rescuing from the garbageheap of the LibLabConGreenSNPUKIP rabble I see real unrest in the not too distant future in this Country sick of May’s dithering Corbyn’s opportunism and the Lib Dems fanatical EU worshipping

  7. Nicely explained article. The stigmatisation and discrimination of those who identify as patrioys and natuonalists, is clear evidence of how polictical corrrectness is indeed a political agenda (cultural marxism). A gentle reminder of this is worthy of repetition.

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