Traitor Blair Unrepentant Over Mass Immigration

By Southwest Nationalist. After all this time, and a chance to witness Britain in ruins, Tony Blair still doesn’t get it.

He’s still there claiming that migrants make Britain stronger, we shouldn’t curb the influx of foreigners, and that Labours open door policy was great for our nation.

“It’s been a very positive thing and there is no way for a country like Britain to succeed in the future unless it is open to people of different colours, faiths and cultures” said a defiant, some might say deluded, Blair.

“I think the majority of people in Britain today are not prejudiced and can understand the benefits of migration”.

There must be something special they’re putting in the water at those swanky hotels you’re staying at whilst playing peace envoy, Tony, there’s no other way to explain such levels of ignorant and obstinate refusal to admit the truth.

Ask the traditional Labour voter, the working class, what they think about the benefits of it all when they can’t find a job, earn less, and face the total erosion of all job security.

One suspects many of them would – even if they’d not admit it, yet at least — join with us in calling you a traitor.

Mass immigration is only of huge benefit, either in actuality or in some wishy-washy it’s the right thing to do because we need a multicultural society sense, to those who don’t have to live with its consequences.

It may well be wonderful to pontificate about it from your ivory towers, with your kids in private school, plenty of wealth in the bank, and never having to wait about on the NHS or worry about where your next job is coming from.

You’ll never have to face the harsh realities. It’s not like you’ll end up on a London bus sat next to some third world gang who will rob you at knifepoint, and if you did you’ve always that taxpayer funded panic button and security team.

It’s not like your grandmother will end up as the last white face on some inner city sink estate hellhole, it’s really not like your children are going anywhere near where they are likely to get groomed by some wondrously enriching gang of enrichers.

Your job, your family, your lifestyle, are safe. The legacy of mass immigration is that our jobs, families, and lifestyles, are not.

You exist insulated from the consequences, in a world where ideology is all, and consequences are something which have to be borne by the rest of us.

You, like so many others, are a hypocrite who is allowed to live in delusion because you and your closest are protected from having to live in the real society which you created.

Like some ancient king feasting whilst his people starve, you can say all is well because you choose to remain ignorant, and because wealth allows you to avoid ever having to face up to the nightmare you played a major role in unleashing on our nation.

If what you helped to create in Britain is anything to go by then one can fully sympathise with those Palestinians who refused to shake hands with you, and can indeed pity both the Palestinians and Jews for having you meddling.

You, sir, will go down in history as a traitor to Britain – quaff that champagne, savour that ivory tower, remain unrepentant. Future generations will judge what you have done, and that judgement will be a harsh one.

11 thoughts on “Traitor Blair Unrepentant Over Mass Immigration

  1. “No way for a country like Britain to succed in the future unless it is open to people of different colours faiths and cultures”. So that’s why our history was so miserably unsucessful! That’s why we failed to build the greatest empire the world has ever seen, that’s why we didn’t invent the industrial revolution! We were too white and too British. That’s why we lost two world wars – because we didn’t have the “strength” of our present ethnic chaos (sorry, diversity).

    Thank you Mr. Blair for enlightening us. To think that right wing commentators used to accuse you of having no sense of history. There is, though, one historic artefact with which I would like you to become intimately acquainted – it’s called a gallows.

    1. all these People need shipping back to where they came from it would be nice to walk through a big Town in this Country and Hear English again

  2. B-Liar is manipulating as per usual. He knows immigration will bring about our national demise, that for him is SUCCESS. His diabolical desire was always to destroy our nation because he HATES us.

  3. John Shaw , The most senior judge in England and Wales will hear a case attempting to overturn a ban on PROSECUTING TONY BLAIR over the Iraq war , this week. We Nationalists have been united in condemning Tony Blair for getting Britain into a middle east war that did not involve Britain’s direct interests. However , to us , the greatest crime ( see older article above ) was FLOODING Britain with immigrants. This is something he himself admits and say’s he is proud of doing. We therefore CONDEMN HIM for the Economic , Social and Religious DESTRUCTION OF BRITAIN .

  4. Tony Blair confirms he is ‘ working to reverse Brexit ‘ , in a M.S.N. headline , complete with a picture of the ageing Marxist , wearing very conservative and business like clothes. He then , in an appalling act of disrespect to our Peoples Democratic Vote in the Referendum , goes on to say that he now believes we should have a second referendum ! In a further Insult to our intelligence he says People should change their mind , because the extra money for the N.H.S. , that was promised by the Leave Campaign , has not and will not be payed ! I feel sure that a nine year old would say ” hang on a minute , we have not left yet , so you don’t know yet , do you ? ” Just like Gordon Brown and many others , Tony Blair is a National Embarrassment and a constant reminder to our People of how we were fooled , by him , three times. I hope he just leaves our shores and retires to some whites only , millionaires Carribian island and leaves me in peace to read the above , older article of ours , which is superb !

  5. Tony Blair ruined the UK by welcoming the influx in immigration and by putting public services under immense pressure with mass immigration. He is also responsible for UK involvement in the Iraq war and responsible for the loss of lives in that war and putting the British public at risk of terrorism. He lives in an Ivory tower where he and his family are protected from the realities of life in the UK.
    Its us Brits who have worked all our lives and payed into a system for years that we get very little out of because of those who have not contributed a penny and are benefiting from free public services. Its shameful and appalling that the British public are at risk of terrorism because of Blair’s incompetence.
    When will we get a strong who cares about the people in the UK. A Prime Minster who protects and looks after its own and looks at the views of the general public. Protects us from exploitation, crime and terrorism.

  6. Tony Blair, without any doubt , will be self-serving for himself and his wife.

    He is a Traitor to this magnificent country and will prostitute himself ,and his wife ,in order to increase his own personal wealth.

    He is more a capatialist than any Tory.

    Working behind the elected governments back against his own country cannot be described as any other than TREASON..

    Oliver Cromwell would cut off his head and quite rightly so.

    Blair and all the other Ex-politicians who want to do this country down and put the future of the English People in the hands of Brussels beaurocrates are interested only in their own financial position,
    ALL the talk is political and self-serving the UK voters are disrespected at all levels of politics so Tony Blair working against the country, the people of England is pure Treason

  7. Tony Blair is a disgrace to the UK. He is to blame for increased immigration, pressure on public services and increased terror threats to the UK. He sits in his ivory tower protected with no shame. However he has to live with blood on his hands. Shame on you Mr Blair you have a nation who has no respect for you and the trauma you have inflicted on what was once a great nation and a country to be proud of no more. UK is no longer Great Britain. What does the future hold for our children and grandchildren in a country that is torn and broken through poor governing. We can only hope there is a strong government in the future that’s puts its people first and respects democracy.

  8. has there ever been such a bigger Scumbag to grace British Politics than Phoney Blair apart from Cameron ,Theresa May, John Major We are also fortunate We escaped a Corbyn Government which would have been disastrous for this Country

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