Toxic Hate Of The Far Right – Letter From Andrew Brons To The Editor Of The Sunday Telegraph

Andrew Brons – Letter To Editor of Sunday Telegraph

The Editor

Sunday Telegraph

Andrew Brons

Home Address

12th November 2017

Dear Sir

Amber Rudd, currently Home Secretary, would seem to be amply qualified to write
about hatred in Politics. Her article (Toxic hate of the far-right 12th November) was
simply oozing with pre-judgment; blanket condemnation of heterogeneous people
and organisations; and attribution of hatred to British Nationalists.

British Nationalists do not hate the ethnic minorities living in our country and nor
should we. We show them respect denied to them by the Political Class. We
recognise that they are defined by their ethnicities, which cannot simply be
legislated away and over-printed with the words ‘British Citizen’.

We do recognise that importing millions of Africans and Asians was a grave error, if
error it was. Unless it is reversed, substantially, our identity, culture and civilisation
will be changed permanently.

Those who advocate or condone political violence, from any part of the political
spectrum, must be condemned and prosecuted. However, she must not encourage
confusion between political violence and mere political dissent.

Yours faithfully

 Andrew Brons

The Sunday Telegraph Article Can be found HERE

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  1. Would a single one of our establishment politicians shoulder any blame for the violence inflicted on indigenous Europeans as a result of the crime ridden multicultural society they helped to bring about ? Hell would freeze over before that ever happens… but they did offer Jamaica 22 million quid, of taxpayers money…to build a prison and take back some of their violent criminals who reside here in our jails(Jamaica refused), also at the taxpayers expense!!! this goes some way to demonstrating their ”credibility” on these issues…

    How dare these extremists, who smugly dictate the narrative, and have over the decades subjected the British to the unfolding nightmare of ”diversity”, level the blame at the only people who correctly warned about the implications of mass immigration,all those years ago and ever since!

  2. On reading Mr Brons letter again, some words from Chapter three of JSMill’s On Liberty come to mind:

    ”No one pretends that actions should be as free as opinions. On the contrary, even opinions lose their immunity, when the circumstances in which they are expressed are as such as to constitute their expression a positive instigation to some mischievous act”.

    The establishment use this style of template to pigeonhole Nationalist opinions as the ONLY political views that are likely to incite acts of violence, thus giving them a ”legitimate” case to stifle free speech…their own approval and fostering of multicultural ”ideals” are exempt from such judgements…despite the prevalent violence that has resulted from this type of society.

    The same could be said for the ”Classwar” type views of Jeremy Corbyn- where his For The Many Not The Few rhetoric could be interpreted as a potential to incite people of a Marxist/anarchic persuasion-including many of his followers-into acts of violence against anyone they perceive as having a well paid job. The Leftist fiction known as ”gentrification”, being just one example.

    In short, the possibilities are manifold, any type of political narrative could be seen as something which could potentially lead to an unlawful act…because there will always be those of an opposing view… the point is, these judgements are reserved exclusively against us.

  3. I haven’t read her article as I have no real wish to suffer reading the increasingly deranged rantings of this supremely incompetent (deliberately so in my opinion) Tory bigot but if she has referred to ‘toxic far right hate’ I would only agree with her with respect to the subject of some people’s attitudes towards those who have the orientations of sexual minorities. I have seen these British people’s opinions on that US Stormfront website and to be honest I am horrified at their sheer inhumanity and blatantly unscientific justifications for their odd and cruel views. Needless to say, I hope our party keeps a LARGE DISTANCE away from these people because if we don’t we SIMPLY WON’T have the success in elections which our country so needs.

    • The mass immigration issue though is a totally different kettle of fish to that other one and IF she had any commonsense she would realise that and not call people stupid, immature names and try and imprison her political opponents for having non-globalist opinions unlike her ultra-globalist ones.

    • This Party will never condone hatred or persecution of Minorities , of any kind , be it sexual , religious or even Racial as we respect that the Peoples of the World are different to one another but DEMAND that our Peoples Heritage and character be respected as well , particularly in our own Country. Regarding the Gay minority that you constantly refer too , our Party believes in EQUALITY , therefore we do NOT BELIEVE IN SPECIAL RIGHTS , OVER AND ABOVE THE REST OF THE POPULATION , FOR ANY TYPE OF MINORITY , SEXUAL OR OTHERWISE. The Liberal Democrats cater for special minority campaigners , who want special rights not enjoyed by the rest of the Population , NOT US !

      • At the moment, the gay minority rightfully enjoy EQUAL civil rights ie in the sense that they have the SAME rights, opportunities and obligations as hetereosexual people. Quite correctly, they are NOT put on a pedestal and have ‘special’ rights over and above straight people. The last remaining legal discrimination against them was removed from the law a few years ago.

        So, I take it from your post above, John, you DON’T personally believe in RE-IMPOSING the previous anti-sexual minority discrimination this country used to have until very recently and neither does this party? If that is indeed the case then there is NO dispute between us on this point.

  4. It is perfectly possible to construct rational,well-meaning,decent arguments against mass immigration and it’s effects WITHOUT descending into outright illogicality,inhumanity to our fellow men and women etc whereas with the former it is more difficult and that issue also tends to attract to parties cranks and profoundly unintelligent headcases. Needless to say, we MUST avoid being attractive to such people. With immigration,you can also use a favourite stance of the ‘left’ie the environment to argue against it as well as traditional ‘Right-wing’ beliefs.

    Amber Rudd needs to be aware of this.

  5. For the record , our Party are actually NATIONALIST’S. Not ‘ Far Right ‘. We are however , NOT FAR WRONG , either !

    • If that is the truth then it is all to the good. I think it IS POLITICALLY-SPEAKING in the sense of BEING VIABLE in politics and thus considering our ability to one day get large numbers of votes VITAL we STAY WELL AWAY FROM OR GIVE ANY SORT OF CREDENCE to the kind of people found on the likes of that web forum. Their views are abhorent, cruel, discriminatory, hold the most basic science in utter contempt and are just plain wrong.

      • I actually suspect many of them are NOT nationalists at all but actually left-wing extremists posing as nationalists in order to give ALL nationalists in Britain a bad name. If they aren’t, they may as well be as that is the only effect they are achieving.

      • I believe in EQUAL treatment for all of the British people regardless of their god-given sexual orientation of gay, lesbian or bisexual. That makes me a TRUE nationalist rather than a ‘far right’ nutcase as found on that disreputable forum.

  6. Also , for the record , our Deputy Chairman , Andrew Brons , has fought the cause of British Nationalism for Decades and has provided much of our ‘ blueprint ‘ for saving Britain.

  7. We have recently withheld a couple of comments, on this thread, from two people who have drifted a little ‘off topic’.

    We Acknowledge your support, thank you for your comments and do not wish to close down ‘debate’.

    It would be very much appreciate if comments could be in keeping with the content of the post ‘thread’ and not directly or indirectly at other individuals. Thank you for your support.

  8. ”Racist” is anti-White hate speech. An endless conveyor belt of movies, plays, radio and television programmes, and what they are teaching children in schools…reinforces the mindset that Whites are the baddies and owe something to everyone else. This is why there is so much hatred against us.

    When will any establishment politician openly accept that the branding of ”racist” is in itself something which increases hostility against us, and only us, and thus should be viewed as incitement to acts of violence ? I’m afraid the answer is NEVER.

  9. Amber Rudd is another cretin not up to the job of defending our Country get rid of all the Lib Lab Con Green SNP trash now

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