Tory Newspaper Rounds on Party over Failure to Deliver on Immigration Promises

The Daily Express newspaper has just discovered what nationalists knew all along—that the Conservative Party blatantly lied about an immigration “clampdown” during the election.

In an editorial published in the normally slavish Tory paper, columnist Leo Mckinstry (who has previously spent much time attacking the British National Party), described mass immigration as a “disastrous social revolution.”

Furthermore, Mr McKinstry wrote, there is “sadly for our country there is no sign that the Government has the guts to tackle the problem.”

Mr McKinstry is clearly taken aback that his beloved party has seen fit to ignore every single election promise it made in 2010 on immigration.

“David Cameron came to power promising to reverse Labour’s catastrophic approach whereby immigration controls were all but abolished. So far his words have proved to be empty rhetoric,” he wrote.

The Tory scribbler has good reason for concern, of course, although none of it comes as a surprise to us.

The Tory election manifesto, which ironically is still available online at that party’s website, contained the following seven promises on immigration:

“* We will introduce an annual limit on the number of non-EU economic migrants admitted into the UK to live and work.

* We will end the detention of children for immigration purposes.

* We will create a dedicated Border Police Force, as part of a refocused Serious Organised Crime Agency, to enhance national security, improve immigration controls and crack down on the trafficking of people, weapons and drugs.

* We support E-borders and will reintroduce exit checks.

* We will apply transitional controls as a matter of course in the future for all new EU Member States.

* We will introduce new measures to minimise abuse of the immigration system, for example via student routes, and will tackle human trafficking as a priority.

* We will explore new ways to improve the current asylum system to speed up the processing of applications.”

Migrationwatch UK, another Tory-aligned organisation, has repeatedly pointed out that the “immigration cap” measures introduced by the Government to date have been ineffective and easily sidestepped.

As a result, not one of the Tory election pledges has thus far been introduced. As to the other promises of border police, exit checks and e-borders, there is of course no sign whatsoever.

Furthermore, in terms of the Government’s budget cuts (and outrageous new expenditures such as the war on Libya), there is unlikely to be money available anytime soon to fund such initiatives.

Equally laughable was the claim that the current asylum system will be “improved” so as to speed matters up

As Mr McKinstry pointed out in his scathing column, “Only last week the Government announced that 160,000 asylum seekers have been granted the right to remain here. Not because there is any justification to their claims but because bureaucrats are desperate to reduce the huge backlog of nearly 500,000 asylum cases.”

Mr McKinstry took a swipe at Tory minister Damian Green (he who earlier blamed “lazy” white British people for immigration), adding that “Though ministers deny it, the Government has effectively instituted an amnesty for a large swathe of asylum-seekers. This is an admission of comprehensive failure, a surrender to the forces of chaos.”

Comprehensive failure—now there is a phrase which sums up the Conservative Party.

Mr McKinstry went on to bemoan the “benefits” of immigration, which he listed as follows:

“Mass immigration has shattered our social cohesion, particularly because most new arrivals hail from Africa and Asia.

“Our society is now beset by problems that would have been unthinkable only a couple of decades ago, such as Islamic extremism, African witchcraft, honour killings, the spread of sharia law, gangland shootings and stabbings, ethnic strife and ballot box fraud.

“Only last week health chiefs admitted that Britain now has the highest rate of tuberculosis in Europe, with the disease “out of control” in London.

“The return of TB, the Victorian killer ailment that was meant to have been conquered by the mid- 20th century, is due entirely to immigration since 73 per cent of cases are seen in people from abroad.

“Contrary to claims of the ideologues there has been no economic gain from immigration. In fact the opposite is true.

“Public services have been put under intolerable pressure as England has become the most overcrowded place in Europe. For the working-class, immigration has meant lower wages and mass unemployment since 80 per cent of new jobs go to migrants.

“It is the economics of the madhouse to throw millions of Britons on the dole while filling vacancies from overseas.

“Another fashionable myth cultivated by Left-wingers is the idea that all migrants come here to work.

“In truth migrants have significantly higher rates of welfare dependency and joblessness than indigenous Britons, not least because many of them are attracted by our insanely generous benefits system.”

This is a radical set of complaints, which, if it had been made by a British National Party spokesman, would doubtless have been dismissed by Mr McKinstry as “racist.” Yet such is the hypocrisy of the establishment, and we should be glad that at least someone from those circles is now repeating the warnings which we have sounded for so long.

Finally, Mr McKinstry added, “What is really required is a complete freeze on immigration, at least for a couple of years, accompanied by a rigorous programme of deportations of illegal migrants.”

There is clearly a public appetite for a party with sound, sensible and firm immigration policies. The British National Party can fill that void, but only if it gets its own house in order and presents the correct public profile and image.

Hopefully this will be not too long in coming. As Mr McKinstry’s outburst shows, widespread disillusionment with the Tories exist. The only question remains if we are in a position to pick up the pieces.

2 thoughts on “Tory Newspaper Rounds on Party over Failure to Deliver on Immigration Promises

  1. Whether or not the BNP ‘puts its own house in order,’ Mr.Brons, is largely up to you. As the only other MEP, & a respected senior member of the party, you have, at the soon to be held EGM, an excellent opportunity to insist that Mr.Griffin abide by the wishes of the members who voted overwhelmingly at the Annual conference for the adoption of A.Kemp’s draft constitution, & to see to it that he does not ride rough-shod over the members by imposing his own ‘new idea’ of a constitution, which has not been debated or agreed by the members. You have the opportunity to do as Nelson, once demanded, your duty, to us, the poor bloody infantry.

  2. Totally agree with Mo Wilkins.
    It is time to get this party moving again with a steady pair of hands and frankly from what I have and am witnessing that means you Mr Brons.

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