Tory Failure to Repeal “Human Rights” Act in Spotlight Once Again

The Tory party’s fatory-manifesto-pledgeHRAilure to repeal the “Human Rights” Act—one of its major election promises—is on the spotlight once again after a convicted Iraqi drug dealer criminal won the right to stay in the UK “because he as a girlfriend.”

The shocking case of Hesham Mohammed Ali was heard last week by Judge Jonathan Perkins, who ruled that a Home Office attempt to deport the illegal immigrant criminal back to Iraq violated his “human rights.”

Ali, who first illegally entered Britain in 2000. He claim for asylum was rejected two years later, but like so many other bogus “asylum seekers” he simply never left the country.

In 2005 he was arrested for possessing Class A and Class C drugs and fined, but still not deported.

Then, in 2006, he was arrested for possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply and sent to prison for four years.

Immigration laws state that any foreigner imprisoned for at least one year should be automatically deported. The Home Office told him that this was its intention, but a lack of clarity over his real nationality stopped this happening.

Ali was bailed in 2009, and a deportation action started in 2010. He appealed, and the case dragged out for another  two and a half years before it finally came to trial last week.

His defence against the deportation order was that he has a girlfriend and a tattoo of half-naked woman, which, he claimed, would lead to “persecution” in his home country.

The judge ruled that a deportation would “deprive him of his family life” and he walked away free, having thumbed his nose at every law on Britain’s immigration statues.

The Human Rights Act was brought in to make Britain compliant with European Union “human rights laws,” and even if Britain did not have the law on its books, asylum seekers would still be able to appeal to the EU authorities to stay deportation orders.

The Tory party of course knew that all along, and thus lied blatantly when they made the election promise to do away with the Human Rights Act—because they knew very well it would make no difference anyway.

The bottom line is that the abuse of Britain’s hospitality will continue until firstly, the treasonous parties in Westminster are thrown out of office, and secondly, Britain withdraws from the EU.

Otherwise, we can expect many more Alis and other criminals to come here and continued to turn Britain into a Third World, crime-ridden hellhole.

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