Thurmaston By-election, Charnwood Borough Council


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On THURSDAY 31st JULY the British Democratic Party is contesting a Charnwood Borough Council by-election in Thurmaston Village, Leicestershire. Local resident CHRIS CANHAM is our candidate. The ward is located just outside the boundary of the City of Leicester, comprising around 4,000 properties and is represented by three councillors.

The vacancy has arisen, ten months before full council elections next May, as a result of the unexpected resignation of one of the three Conservative councillors.

The five candidates in this election are: Hanif Asmal (Conservative), Chris Canham (British Democrats), Steven Denham (BNP), Tom Prior (UKIP) and Ralph Raven (Labour).

Local members have delivered an A4 full-colour glossy leaflet to each household, which addresses Council plans to impose a 4,500 home building development in green fields adjoining Thurmaston village, for the intended accommodation of Leicester City’s burgeoning immigration-fuelled population.

A final push is being made to deliver a second colour leaflet, and a supplementary A5 black & white leaflet, before polling takes place on Thursday 31st July.

This is a chance for the party to establish itself in an area which has historically been good for patriotic politics.

If you live in the vicinity and are able to give our valiant candidate Chris a helping hand with the final stage of his election campaign, then please phone or text him on 07513 975 408 – thank you.

Kevan Stafford, Election Agent

22 thoughts on “Thurmaston By-election, Charnwood Borough Council

  1. Why? Why? Why? Is a British Democratic party standing at the same time as a BNP candidate? What a waste of time and presumably money. It makes one want to give up on Nationalism and Nationalists.

    1. One can turn that on its head Graham. The BDP is a sensible and genuine political party which is not about making money. Why is a largely defunct and discredited party standing when all it achieves is a small road block in the way of something much better?

      You might as well say don’t bother doing anything until there is no competition. Which is never.

    2. When I look at the BNP, particularly now after the departure of Griffin, I feel ashamed I ever supported it. Their candidate is doing a great disservice to British nationalism by representing it and must realise this surely. The sooner the BNP is off the scene the better, it has been fouling our patch for far too long. Well done the BDP for improving the image of our cause.

      1. Spot-on. The BNP’s only purpose now is to utterly waste the talents of any remaining members who have at least a modicum of political astuteness into an electoral and organisational dead-end. It is DEAD and is never coming back. It’s high time those of its remaining members stopped giving it needless life support.

      2. Jim, please don’t be fooled. Nick Griffin has not departed. In fact as he is now President for Life, he has embedded himself into the BNP and will never be removed.

        1. Posters are reminded that this is the BDP forum and to promote our party. It is not a forum for extensive discussion of people’s complaints about other parties. There is a British Democratic Forum which is ideal for the purpose.

    3. What do you suggest? That whenever someone clinging to the wreckage of a dead party funded by dead people decides to stand, we must defer? I don’t relish this kind of contest, but nor do I relish standing against UKIP which is perceived (rightly or wrongly) as an anti-system, anti-immigration party of far greater relevance than the BNP. Unfortunately, sometimes such clashes happen. If local agreements can be reached with any other party, be it BNP, UKIP, Eng Dems or anyone else, well and good, but that is not always, indeed, not often possible.

  2. Leics. certainly leads the way, and is an example to the rest of us.

    This election is what the BDP is all about. Sensible, patriotic politics with a local gloss delivered by decent people to the electors on their doorstep.

    If you cannot get up to Leics. to help with the campaign, please consider making a donation (and yes, I have pledged £200 myself to set the ball rolling).

    We will spend your donations on campaigning, not jobs for otherwise unemployable family members and hangers on.

  3. As someone on the ground I can clarify the following points:

    The leaflet shown is an old draft version the actual version delivered was significantly better.

    The British Democrats (I’m not personally keen on BDP references) had a candidate in place one day after the sitting councillor had resigned, and it’s first leaflet designed a week before nominations were released.

    UKIP and the BNP did not contest the ward at borough level last time. Lots of people see UKIP as fake pretend patriotic party- which is true, and most people won’t vote BNP as they are too extreme and unelectable.

    The party is not in any alliance with such a extreme cult driven party that is the BNP. This party has members from Labour, Conservative and UKIP backgrounds should the British Democrats give these parties a free run in good wards too…..

    Labour and the Tories have let local people down and support doubling the size of Thurmaston for Leicester’s overspill and cuts to valued local services.

    The British Democrats is aiming for votes from all parties in the ward, including from Labour and the Tories, and will get some from people that would never vote BNP (and who would blame them)

    The campaign would welcome any offers of help with leafleting next week. All offers of financial support can be used by Leicestershire to set up and grow its group after the elections.

    1. We are unlikely to beat media-puffed UKIP at present. We need to establish our party as a modern, credible, moderate nationalist counter to UKIP which we can do provided we look to the future and are not stuck in the failed tactics and attitudes of the past.

      1. The focus should be on the deficiencies of UKIP which has currently travelled from pledging a five year halt to immigration to a quota with numbers unstated. Without a figure on the numbers the wriggle room is unlimited and the policy tells one nothing at all.

        Even Cameron has a figure – under 100,000 – even if he does not mean it!

        1. We need to highlight that on our leaflets. It just goes to show how UKIP has little in the way of a coherent political philosophy, are untrustworthy (even more than Tories are which takes some considerable doing!) and are a meaningless and insubstantial home for the ‘none of the above vote’ – a role the Lib Dems used to play in British politics until they joined the Tories in government.

          UKIP have many flaws as a party (primarily their excessively globalist economic approach) though they have a few policies heading in the right direction.

  4. (Party Member) The Labour Party has criticised Cameron for not doing enough to stop low=skilled migrants driving wages down. PARDON ! Nobody has done more to destroy the living standards of British workers than the Labour party. Having previously admitted to having an active policy of increasing immigration, whilst in Government, the sheer audacity of these Labour Party swindlers is breathtaking. They will say anything to keep their seats. With every large Ukip and Nationalist vote the LibLabCon backpedal furiously as they see British people are moving towards our classless Nationalism.

  5. I’m surprised there is no Lib Dem candidate standing. They have been nominating fewer people for election for the last two years or so. Perhaps, we may get some people who voted Lib Dem as the ‘none of the above option’ ( a role they used to perform particularly in local elections) to vote for us? This is where a small percentage of UKIP’s vote is coming from as well.

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