Three Men Found Guilty Of Playground Shooting In East London

by DAZ
Shibbir Ahmed, Shamrat Hussain, and Forid Farhad have been handed jail sentences for the shooting of four people at a children’s playground in East London.

The court heard the police were called following a shooting in Brady Street, Whitechapel, East London, at around 10.20pm on July 15, 2016.

The men were convicted of a number of offences following a seven-week trial, during which Snaresbrook Crown Court heard emergency services found four men suffering shotgun wounds following the shooting.

The shooting was investigated by the Metropolitan police who found that Ahmed, 27, and Farhad, 22, had entered Brady Street at 10.15pm and approached a group of men who were congregating in a children’s play area situated on the street.

The pair were seen approaching the group before Ahmed pointed his weapon at the men and proceeded to fire it. CCTV showed the gunman entering a vehicle driven by Hussain, 32, after he and Farhad fled the scene at Brady Street on foot.

Sentencing the men, who were each found guilty of conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to endanger life, two counts of wounding with intent and two counts of attempted grievous bodily harm., Judge Oscar Del Fabbro said the trio were “dangerous offenders”.

On Thursday, Ahmed was jailed for 21 years, Hussain for 17 years, and Farhad for 15 years, according to a Metropolitan Police press release.

After the sentencing Detective Sergeant Colin Hill said the Met was “very pleased with the sentencing”, adding that he hoped it would “send a clear message to anyone considering carrying or using a weapon” and “increase confidence within the local community where this offence was committed”.

“One of the victims sustained serious injuries on the right hand side of his body, covering his right upper leg, hip and stomach area and all around his right forearm and elbow.

“Three dangerous men have been taken off the streets,” he said, urging the public to come forward and tell police if they suspect someone of possessing a firearm.

Despite Britain having some of the most draconian anti-firearms legislation in the world, gun crime has soared in recent years, rising 42 percent in London between 2016 and 2017.

The nationality of these men was not covered in the police press release and according to other reports, no deportation orders were placed on any of these ‘dangerous men’.

4 thoughts on “Three Men Found Guilty Of Playground Shooting In East London

  1. A GREAT article that goes straight to the point regarding this incident. The point is , for the benefit of the Left , liberal types and general ‘ self haters , is this. BRITAIN has IMPORTED some rather unpleasant people over the last four decades. They have all had children who are even more hostile to British values. The situation in London and indeed throughout the Country , bears testament to this fact. Many Immigrants bring their Religious and Political hatreds with them. Many are just not fit to live in a Civilised Society and commit crimes against that society that has given them so much. ENOCH POWELL had the ANSWER , Many years ago. PAID BUT COMPULSARY REPATRIATION. Now that TIME and EVENTS have PROVED HIM RIGHT , then we must NOW TAKE HIS ADVICE , AS BRITAIN IS FALLING APART.

  2. Further to my previous comment , I thought the charges and sentences were very LENIENT. Attempted MURDER should have been the all round charge , with Thirty years being the all round sentence. Also the Law of our land says that Foreign Nationals , found guilty of serious crime , are supposed to be Deported at the end of sentence. SHOULD THESE PEOPLE HOLD FUNNY PAPERWORK SAYING THAT THEY ARE AS bRITISH AS YOU OR I , THEN THIS SO CALLED nationality ,should be cancelled.

  3. Another damning account of “modern Britain” by Daz… and to think, that we are now being ordered to give more lenient sentences to “criminals of colour”(c.o.c) because they routinely face discrimination in society and are thus bound to be disadvantaged in some way. “Discrimination” ie social housing, free money, having their cultural demands pandered to etc

    Considering the potential for murderous terror,, they were in fact given lenient sentences. Can we deport them, after spending a fortune on their pampering in jihadi prison.? Or are these particular criminals of colour(c.o.c) legally “British” ?

  4. The unfortunate fact is that as long as liberals remain in control of this country then the chances of deportation orders being administered against these coffee coloured ‘dangerous men’ becomes automatically non existent.

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