Third Time Lucky!!

By John Shaw

Long standing patriots, having heard it all before can be forgiven periods of total despair as awful political support, caused by an incompetent, biased and hostile media,  guarantees electoral failure.

This party is run by volunteers who take nothing out and only put in time, money and effort.

Determined to avoid the mistakes of the past and with the SNP and UKIP proving that small political parties can rise from humble beginnings to gaining the influence that millions of votes bring, we are determined to make it ‘Third Time Lucky’ for us nationalist people who have been proved to be right about so much, all along.

Don’t waste your efforts of the past by giving up, just when opinion in our country is turning our way, but join the solid, respectable and genuine British Democratic Party today, and be ready to further the cause when the time is right.

4 thoughts on “Third Time Lucky!!

  1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) The many younger People and indeed the middle aged , who have grasped that our Decent Nationalism is the only way forward , may not have understood the ‘ THIRD TIME LUCKY slogan. It refers to the Wonderful , Prophetic National Front , British National Party and now the successful future of the Britain Saving BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  2. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Just read that another Party is the Labour Party that your Grandad voted for ! Well I can tell you this Patriots. The BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY is the NATIONALIST PARTY THAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS WAITED FOR ! Wait no longer and JOIN TODAY !

  3. Telford , Telford , Telford. If ever there was a reason to actually JOIN our Party it is the headline in the Daily Mail Today. Having seen the Headline of the so called Newspaper , I just had to walk away. Read it for yourself , I can not bear it ! Suffice to say that WE NATIONALISTS , PARTICULARLY THOSE IN THE TELFORD AREA , WERE TERRORISED BY THE AUTHORITIES AND THEIR POLICE FORCE , FOR TRYING TO EXPOSE THESE HORRIBLE GOINGS ON. THIS WAS YEARS AGO. IT WAS ALL COVERED UP FOR REASONS OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ! Our activists should get civic medals for services to society and all those who , for POLITICALLY CORRECT REASONS , covered up these crimes should GO TO JAIL. Yes , it all happened years ago but isn’t it awful that WE NATIONALISTS WERE RIGHT AGAIN AND PERECUTED FOR IT ! As the GREAT DONALD TRUMP SAYS , WE SHOULD DECLARE WAR ON LEFTY POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND DEFEAT IT , WHEREVER IT IS FOUND. STARTING IN ROTHERHAM AND TELFORD !

  4. I HOPE that , having read my previous comment and the Article above it , that People do the right thing , by themselves and their Families and JOIN US TODAY. We need the numbers to help save our Society from falling into the Politically Correct , Multi- Cultural , Lefty , Liberal Type controlled disaster that is ‘ Modern Britain’.

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