They Really Are Selling Us Out!!

by John Shaw

The British people’s ‘red lines’ are that we cease free movement of peoples and we cease to pay the EU ‘superstate’ anything.

The British Democrats have said, there should be no ‘transitional period’ where we continue to pay, through the nose, and no freedom of movement of peoples, where they are overwhelming our country’s resources.

Both of these things have been conceded to the ‘superstate’ in the latest shameful agreement.

On top of this they are already talking bout ‘extending’ this extended period, probably forever!

Stand up for yourself, your family and indeed your country, by joining the British Democrats today.

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  1. On top of all this ‘ they ‘ are clearly shaping up to sell out our fishing industry , when the whole Country can see there should be a wonderful opportunity to revive it ! As if all this was not enough there is a campaign to discredit the Leave Movement regarding election expenditure. The remain People are claiming ‘ foul play ‘. Well , talking about foul play , how about giving MILLIONS of ‘ Dual Nationality ‘ so called Citizens the vote ? How about the other foul play tactic of giving MILLIONS more GUEST WORKERS from Eastern Europe , the vote in our Referendum ? They thought they had FIXED the vote to Remain , but our People VOTED TO LEAVE , IN THEIR DROVES , particularly in Labour Areas. We really do live in a most SHAMEFUL COUNTRY , where we are Hoodwinked Continually.

  2. May is utterly useless and Davis couldn’t even defeat the Blair clone Cameron for the Tory Leadership

  3. In theory it’s ONE YEAR TO GO FOLKS. Just one year until the second most important British Nationalist Policy IS FULLFILLED ! Then we can start on our most important. The TOTAL END OF IMMIGRATION AND THE START OF MASS REPATRIATION.

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