Theresa May’s Heart Is Not in Brexit

by DAZ


When she was Home Secretary, Theresa May campaigned with the ‘REMAINERS’ in the lead up to the EU referendum.

REMAINER, David Cameron did the RIGHT thing and stood down when he lost the EU Referendum.

REMAINER, Theresa May did the WRONG thing when she stood for and was elected leader of the Conservative Party knowing full well she was not best placed to lead the Party and Government in Brexit negotiations.

REMAINER, Theresa May went on to compound the error of her ways and did the WRONG thing again when she decided to call a general election, for reasons best known to herself, since she already had a comfortable majority.

REMAINER Theresa May then went on to do the WRONG thing, for a third time, by refusing to stand down after leading her Party into an unnecessary and disastrous general election where she lost her comfortable majority and put the ability of her party to govern and the future of Brexit at risk.

It is also strange that the Conservative Party allowed her to remain as their leader following such a humiliating defeat.  They do not normally take hostages, so perhaps they are keeping her in place so they have a ‘fall guy’ for when Brexit fails or is watered down to an extent where it will fail to meet the expectations of the British people who voted to LEAVE the EU.

The British Democrats say we need someone with credibility, less prone to making WRONG decisions and with a full commitment to Brexit,  to lead the Government and the Brexit negotiations.   TERESA MAY MUST GO NOW!


5 thoughts on “Theresa May’s Heart Is Not in Brexit

  1. Yes Daz , we do need someone to do the job , who is not prone to making bad decisions. MY VOTE goes to Andrew Brons of the wonderful British Democratic Party ! He would sort it all out !

  2. I have a feeling Teresa May will call YET ANOTHER general election this year claiming she can’t rely upon the DUP to give her a free hand to negociate with the EU (a point that would have some merit to it) so she needs a majority of her own. However, the current polls indicate that Labour are extremely narrowly ahead of the Tories (by about 1 percentage point on average) and this would probably result in another hung parliament with Labour possibly being the largest party. She and her party can then blame the Labour Party for cancelling Brexit or watering it down so much it becomes a total farce and come out of the situation relatively unscathed by an electorate that should have worked-out by now that the Tory Party is a GLOBALIST and anti-British party and has no more interest in Brexit than the Labour Party or the Liberal Democrats.

    IF they WERE intent on a REAL BREXIT they would have dumped her a longtime ago and given a fair wind to Jacob Rees-Mogg to become party leader and PM.

    1. I don’t see the Tories allowing Her to call an election it would be better for them to throw Her out like they did to Thatcher in 1991

  3. I am reading in our Media that Britain looks like accepting a ‘ transition Period ‘ and worse still , during this time we will have to ‘ Accept ‘ the so called rules. This means staying in the Customs Union , whilst not allowed to do a deal with any other Countries , like the United States or Somalia for that matter and accept the dictacts of the European Courts , including any new laws they bring in. On top of all this FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLES WILL CONTINUE ! So we give way on everything and only ‘ Leave ‘ in name only ! There will be a FRANTIC RUSH TO GET INTO BRITAIN , THAT’S FOR SURE ! OUR POLICY of JUST LEAVE , on the due date has to be the correct one , bearing in mind that ‘ they ‘ will probably KEEP EXTENDING THE TRANSITION PERIOD , FOR YEARS !

  4. We must wake the public up and get rid of these 3 parties May is an absolute disaster who needs to go, May should of been thrown out by Her spineless party the Day after Her well deserved hiding at the election, as for Corbyn god help us if that twit gets into Government

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