The Wrong Kind of Brexit by Andrew Brons

I have found myself in a completely unprecedented role of cheering on
the efforts of a British Prime Minister. Whatever, Boris’s other
failings and despite his lateness of joining the Leave cause, he does
appear genuinely to be trying to lead the United Kingdom out of the
European Union.

However, however, however…….where is he proposing to lead us?
Boris’s vision of a Post-Brexit Britain is of a country embracing
Globalism with trade alliances world wide and all manner of countries
having access to our markets.

He wants to end freedom of movement of Europeans coming to Britain – one
of the less repellent form of immigration – and replace it with his
selection of immigration from the entire world. We British Nationalists,
want to end Afro-Asian immigration and to allow relatively unregulated
immigration only  to those of British descent from (say) Australia, New
Zealand and Canada.

The British Nationalist vision of a future  for Britain is of our
country embracing a policy of Economic Nationalism, with import controls
and a policy of re-establishing and protecting British manufacturing.
Whilst we would see private enterprise continuing to be the dominant
sector in the economy, we would not preclude state enterprise where
appropriate. Furthermore, we would not seek to encourage multi-national
and global companies to establish themselves in Britain.

What is more, for us, private enterprise would not automatically mean
unregulated or unsupported business. We do not share the assumption, of
laissez-faire apologists, that an unregulated economy will always tend
towards equilibrium.

Nobody wants to see business strangled by petty state regulation but we
do see the need for intervention in the national interest or in the
vital interests of other stake holders in a business.

We see the function of business to serve the Nation and its people. We
do not see the function of the Nation and its people to serve the
interests of business.

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