The USA Steps Closer to a Dictatorship

By Peter Mills MA PhD.  



For many generations it has been said that Britain and America enjoy a “Special Relationship”.

One easy to spot effect of this is the straightforward fact that, generally speaking, if it happens in America, it will sooner or later happen in Britain. It is perhaps legitimate to make the claim that America exercises a stronger influence than any other country upon British culture, certainly at “street level” – dance crazes, musical trends, the movies, TV shows, Wimpey restaurants, McDonalds, Cola, etc. etc. This I am not complaining about. Culture is a self-adjusting force which, like water, always seeks it own level within a population, so it is probably one of the last bastions of real freedom available to us.

What is far more worrying, though, is the equally strong influence of American politics on Britain in general, and on the mindset of British politicians in particular. There is an old saying applied to people who mimic another’s ideas; “Monkey see, monkey do!” This holds perfectly true in British politics and can be re-phrased as; “Politician see, politician do!” – not at once, certainly, but over a period of time. If British career politicians see what they consider to be a good idea (“good” in this context being anything that increases their power, their claw-like grip on the voters, their ability to control the law and legislation in order to improve their own situation at the expense of the common people) then, sooner or later, that idea will be incorporated into government policy.

It is, therefore, highly disturbing that in America there is evidence that increasing numbers of people from the “man-in-the-street” to bloggers to social and political commentators to politicians themselves are worried that President Barack Obama has the personal agenda of becoming an actual dictator. This statement is not intended to be insulting – it is factual (see references 1 & 2 at end of article. If you really want your eyes opened, type “Obama Dictatorship” into Google and read what comes up!).

In essence, President Obama has found his sweeping ideas for lower-class social reforms for the unemployed and those living illegally in the country (to be paid for at the expense of those taxpayers who work hard and were born into American citizenship) to be thwarted by a deadlock in the US Congress, which by a narrow margin perceives this policy as (a) unfair to those who work and pay taxes; (b) Communist in conception; (c) a dangerous downhill path for the USA to stumble down.

Consequently, Obama has made no secret of his threat – and a threat it is – to invoke the presidential power to issue what are termed “Executive Orders” to force his personal ambitions into law by bypassing all the elected administrative layers beneath him who are not dancing to his tune.

“Executive Orders” are the same thing that, in other regimes, are known as “Decrees” and “Fiats”. More about their shaky status in US law can be read on reference 3 below, where you will find the sentence; “…Although there is no constitutional provision nor statute that explicitly permits executive orders, there is a vague grant of “executive power” given in Article II, Section 1, Clause 1 of the Constitution…”.

So President Barack Obama is, factually, threatening to rule America using the same single-handed power of decree which Adolf Hitler (and, come to that, Joseph Stalin) employed as their actual instrument of personal godhead (4).

And – believe me! – this development, whether it succeeds or fails, is being closely observed by our own politicians in Britain with watering mouths. The Cameron-Clegg consulship is already showing signs of steering the Ship of State towards subtly evolving into a republic, inspired by the easy manner in which rulers of the European republic are able to bypass and ignore the wishes and interests of the mere population they rule. The magnates of the British Labour Party are just as rabid to put proper democracy in its coffin. Tony Blair had designs on becoming President of Europe: he failed, thank God!

But if Barack Obama succeeds in his evil intention to rule as sole dictator without the authority of Congress (the American “Houses of Parliament”), then how long will it be, do you think, before a British Prime Minister makes a similar seizure of single dictatorial power and starts to rule without an elected parliament? After all, “Monkey see, monkey do!” And yet, it is the very same power-hungry political magnates who, in complete defiance of the actual facts, continue to insist that political Nationalism is “fascism”!








3 thoughts on “The USA Steps Closer to a Dictatorship

  1. There is nothing wrong with a republic as long as the President respects the constitution. Obama, or to be accurate, his crypto-Trotskyite handlers, treats the great US constitution as a piece of toilet paper! The people don’t care much, as long as they have beer, TV and football!

  2. While it’s easy to see where people would draw their conclusions about the American people being concerned only with the “comforts of life”, it is incorrect. You are forgetting how close Obama has come to being impeached, on several occasions.

    We know he’s not the best President we’ve ever had and will be gone in 2016. We know he was, in this way, a total “dud.” It happens. He might be the ideal example of an excellent Senator going on to being not the best President.

    An “odd” failing that has plagued republics since Rome.

    The large question is this, with a new President that is not as determined to rule the world, who actually is a visionary of democracy and sees Britain with the same reverence as the rest of us Americans do, would there be chance of reuniting? Bury the “Special Relationship” and begin what it actually is: a “brotherhood.” Yes, strong laws would have to come down to “pull us apart, while keeping us together”, but it is entirely possible because, at the end of the day, nobody loves or cares more for Britain than the United States – not the train wreck it’s become of late, but the real, United States.

    Also, Britain struggles with it’s own sense of power. We know that you are lions. So are we. We need to put the lions aside and see what is left to work with. I’d wager, thank God, it’s much. We are, literally, family. So bound by love and honor, but also beholden to set of very strong, international laws. We could survive and, praise God, with his blessing, we could prosper. Both our nations do better when we are together, but suffer when separated. Honor and just laws are the key.

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