The revolution devours its children

by Mike Newland

A lollipop man in our capital city, Jon Seymour, recently had a tiff with a black colleague who he called ‘King Kong’. As one might expect in these times he was soon sacked for gross misconduct and ‘racism‘.

The press loves these stories. They fill endless column inches at minimal cost and enable a huge tut tutting from the burgeoning ‘outrage industry‘ which is one of the more successful corners of the economy. The industry demands blood like some mob in the Middle Ages calling for the putative witch to be burnt – while claiming to fight for ‘tolerance‘. A single slip can render a man jobless and cast out if not burned at the stake.

Anyone who might risk suggesting that the penalties and fuss are to say the least a little extreme will likely be met with a barrage of accusations themselves. No stone unturned in the fight against racism, sexism, lack of animal rights, etc etc.

Another fine example to make the media recently was the case of a businessman who likes builder’s tea. He asked for a second tea bag to make his brew stronger when travelling on Eurostar. They told him that he’d have to pay for a second cup of tea to get another tea bag. Words were exchanged of a somewhat robust nature – he said the staff were ridiculous bitches or some such. He’s been banned from travelling on Eurostar for life.

One might also mention the calls for a media chatterbox to be arrested for referring to ‘jocks’. As one of the more independent commentators said on Breitbart, if someone is to be arrested for calling people jocks it’s the end of Western society.

Our Western success was based partly on a robust right to self-expression. Societies without it shrivel as did communism. Is it therefore right to be a bit rude? No but if the force of law is applied to such things it won’t be long before much else in the way of self-expression disappears into the same hole. That’s precisely the mission creep which was always intended.

But let’s go back to Mr Seymour. The thing is that Mr Seymour is black as was the man he likened to King Kong. Mr Seymour has gone to court to try to get his job back or at least compensation.

When the ‘ism’ industry was in its infancy plenty of those who felt they could gain an edge over others were vociferous in their enthusiasm for what purported or claimed to be a new era in social justice.

Students of communism will be well aware of the origins of the offence industry in the Frankfurt School of Marxist tactics. They will also be aware, unlike many of the naïve supporters of finger pointing, that communism in its heyday massacred vast numbers of its own people on the basis of supposed infringements of the new religion of communism. The revolution actually devoured millions of its own children.

Mr Seymour did not, of course, expect to become a victim of ‘the fight against racism’. He probably expected to be a beneficiary as did those murdered by Stalin from among his own supporters. There are many stories of people about to be executed by communist regimes who thought that their plight must be a misunderstanding soon to be corrected.

The outrage industry can never obtain enough blood to satisfy itself that its cause has been successful. Afficionados are often obsessive in the quest for yet more winkling out of offenders against their religion. There is always another word or phrase to be conquered and no disagreement with them is to be permitted. Vehicles are sought constantly in which to further embed the cause and which are said to require a witchfinding department. It’s a disease with the worst of them.

The world has now largely rejected communism in the traditional form. Frankfurt School oppression in the name of liberation will eventually go the same way.

Meanwhile there will be plenty more perplexed Mr Seymours as the great equality revolution devours its offspring.

4 thoughts on “The revolution devours its children

  1. Our mission is survival in the workplace and society in general. I am sure one day soon we will have the right to speak in public as our fathers and grandfathers did!

  2. (Party Member) This article strikes at the heart of the problem created by the unholy alliance of the liberal types and the extreme left. We live in a Country where people feel afraid to speak. A sort of milder version of North Korea. Those new to Nationalist thinking may feel that we exaggerate the problem, but consider this. The best children’s book writer ever, Enid Blyton is actually BANNED in our ‘ free’ Britain. Try asking for her and some other writer’s books at your local library and you will see what I mean.

  3. Excellent piece. The weird thing about modern political discourse is those who identify on the modern left will preach about how enlightening Orwell’s works of ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’ are but

    The Revisionist Frankfurt School is the blue print, the modus operandi but the convictions of those to push it, in my opinion, is steeped upon the relativism of Neo-Liberalism. All in all it has morphed into a hybrid Social Marxist Capitalist framework. The extreme of international finance and capital, making great profits from ever increasing mortgages, speculation rackets and vulturing the resources and markets of countries outside of Western Europe. Meanwhile the subversion of Western Europe takes place, not to manipulate society into one which will bring in communism but one which cannot rise against the affairs of the 1%.

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