The Madness Of Merkel

Merkle GermanyBy Mike Newland


Angela Merkel not long ago invited unlimited numbers of Syrians to enter Germany. Can the invitation only have been extended last summer? It’s an age away in political terms.


It’s not difficult to see that this was, in effect, an invitation to unlimited numbers of people from anywhere in the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan. Merkel is well-aware that the common practice of economic migrants is to dispose of their passports and claim to be from wherever suits.


It was also plain that, with the numbers who would arrive, the system would be unable even to screen out those from elsewhere than Syria. The resources of the German state cannot even cope with maintaining law and order at this early stage of the invasion. We have this from the head of the German police union, Rainer Wendt. The German police service is now heading for collapse.


Security experts now say that vast numbers are arriving with fake Syrian passports. They know the documents to be faked but cannot prove it. Merkel will not have been unaware of this.


The inevitable conclusion is that the German Chancellor’s policy was not to take in needy genuine Syrian refugees but to flood Germany with Muslim immigrants. Why would she do such a thing?


One obvious reason is that Mrs Merkel is at heart a communist. With her background in communist East Germany and Stasi connections this would hardly be surprising.


The heart of communist belief is that, if you destroy the existing society, a better one will emerge from the ruins. Communists, as a part of their magical thinking, contend that they are right but that the experiment has not been tried properly yet. On that basis they are mad – according to the definition of insanity which runs that it’s doing the same thing over and over expecting to get a different result when the actual outcome is always the same.


Merkel has said that Germany can longer be a playground for Judeo Christian culture so one may rule out permanent ‘war guilt’ as a motive. She also said very recently that whatever problems Germany faced from the current invasion in the long-run it would be a better place.


If her words can be taken at face value then she is indeed mad. Probably an older woman who has bided her time and is using her only best and last chance to bring about the revolution she has always at heart believed in. The Syrian disaster has provided an excuse to launch the assault. Could anyone reason with her? Have you ever tried reasoning with a communist? You might as well argue with the Jehovah Witnesses or scientologists.


Merkel is mad alright. All too many Germans still seem to believe that she ‘knows what she doing’ and can be trusted. After a decade of stable rule and prosperity, if you discount the level of quietly inflicted political repression against dissenters which exists in Germany, perhaps they find it difficult to believe that she can’t be trusted.  Germans are also highly conformist and Merkel can rely on that for a while at least.


Merkel is crazy but she has the cunning of the clever and mad person. When the flood of migrants started, she demanded that other countries share the load. Of course! It’s the stock in trade of communists to export the revolution.  The great tragedy of Lenin’s life was to be trapped in the backwater of Russia unable to gain power in the great industrial countries.


Hungary has firmly broken ranks by building an effective fence along the southern border. The Czech Republic has now halted illegal migration by making staying in the country too uncomfortable – as the Czech government has openly admitted.


Austria is now toying with razor wire and France has employed the excuse of an international conference to reintroduce border controls for a month. Sweden is still gripped by utter insanity imagining it can take all comers.


It must be that Merkel perceives that in the long-run individual nations in the EU will be unable to prevent their invasion whatever determined resistance and fences they put up for a while. The revolution must be across Europe to succeed. Giving EU passports to all comers is probably in her mind so that legally the entrants cannot be refused at the borders of the Schengen countries or even Britain which is outside.


There is a long-term plan here to beat Europe slowly into submission so we cannot draw too much comfort from an increasing refusal by other countries than Germany to cooperate. In fact, their refusal may allay public concern.


Daily Mail watchers may have seen how this classic mainstream establishment popular newspaper has played down the true enormity of what is occurring. The Mail is treating the destruction of Europe as a serious but local disturbance focused on a few places like Calais and Sumte.


Whatever else, Angela Merkel’s insane cunning should not be underestimated. But she has certainly served us well in one respect. Nationalists for decades have pointed out to a disbelieving public that what is intended is our total destruction. The mass of disbelievers are now shrinking in size with the abandonment of any pretence about controlling immigration.

13 thoughts on “The Madness Of Merkel

  1. ( Party Official ) Superb Mike. Another thing that worries me is that I believe 80 % of Merkel’s Immigrants , once they have the E.U. Paperwork with its RIGHT to MOVE ANYWHERE THEY LIKE WITHIN THE E.U. , Will come to BRITAIN. I PRAY THAT I AM WRONG.

  2. Merkel is no different or worse than all the Wests leaders. they all sing from the Bilderburg Hymn Book.
    That being a Jewish invention , one can wonder why Israel is happy to see its border countries become hostile enclaves of anti Jewishness .
    Well Israel has always been surrounded by hostility. Making it much worse, gets us goyim to fight it on the ground. Just as in WWI and WWII.
    Those who do not understand this historic fact are bound to repeat it. And Merkel fits that bill just as do the others.

  3. The latest reported in The Observer is that Merkel has reintroduced the Dublin Convention. Having goaded Greece and other countries to accept mass migration on the basis that millions would then pass through to Germany and claim asylum there, she’s now implicitly pulling the rug and telling them it’s your problem to take them again. Particularly Greece which is the first country they enter.

    Tsipiras said he approved of Merkel’s intitial humanitarian plan when, conveniently, it did not require Greece to take millions. It looks as though he’s been shafted again by the EU. What did he expect? Varoufakis said recently that he’d learned that negotiating with the EU was a waste of time.

  4. The radical right in Germany has hardly prospered since 1945, in a country weighed down by “war guilt” and made apathetic through prosperity. However Marxist Merkel’s decision to destroy Germany using mass immigration and a likely major downturn in the global economy, should give the radical right the impetus it needs to erupt into the mainstream. And for that, and only for that, the Marxist Sau Merkel should be congratulated.

  5. ( Party Official ) Having just watched yet another dignified and sad memorial service in France , you can not help thinking that these poor victims are VICTIMS OF A MASS IMMIGRATION POLICY , ARE THEY NOT ? Help end the madness and JOIN US TODAY !

    1. What worries me most is all these memorial services, that have now become the kneejerk reaction . All the more ridiculous because our leaders seem to be secular and our churches empty most of the time .
      I call it the ‘Diana Complex’. When Kensington gardens were strewn in floral tributes . One cannot travel anywhere in Britain without seeing these floral memorials stuck to trees and street furniture. Once upon a time retribution was the only emotion. And flowers were in graveyards.
      Are we not men any more ,but weeping professional mourners. In such a short time, my life time of 70 odd years. The change has been breathtaking, or breath stealing.

  6. It’s true, and how sad to have to admit it. Good writing here. How dare this woman say that Europe can’t be a playground for jeudo/christian.culture. Do you see islamic countrys saying their culture should no longer be muslim. She is sick in the head, and this type of marxist rubbish is what has been the main cause of all of Europe being swamped. It is now unrecognisable, where I grew up. Thanks to trash similar to Angela Merkel.

  7. Could this not be something as simple as an effort to flood the EU with grateful people who will vote for the EU? With the rise of the right across the continent, those behind the EU project might see this as a way of countering nationalist movements: import lots of people who feel no allegiance to their host country but who owe a debt of gratitude to the EU for giving them a chance of a better life.

    It is impossible to argue in a sane way that allowing possibly millions of people with alien values, cultures, histories and religions into once sovereign countries can do anything other than cause damage to the host. But if you believe that the continent’s ultimate future is as a United States of Europe then it begins to make sense.

  8. According to the New Observer, the Bavarian government press officer has told a German paper that there would be two million invaders in Bavaria alone by the year end.

  9. ( Party Official ) Survivors from the ongoing BARLI atrocity have confirmed that hostages were asked to quote from the KORAN. If you could you were let go , if NOT YOU DIED ! As this is surely COMMING TO BRITAIN , ANY TIME SOON , I urge people to make a stand against MASS IMMIGRATION THAT ALLOWS THESE PEOPLE INTO OUR COUNTRY , AND JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY TODAY. You know it MAKES SENSE !

  10. The mass abuse and rape of German women by an organised group of unwanted foreigners demonstrates how they have no respect for women as we do. One million potential fifth columnists in Germany, the sooner we leave the EU the better!

  11. Well I agree that Merkel is totally out of her mind, but not that this was some sort of grand scheme to bring about the destruction of Europe.

    I think Merkel is just incredibly stupid. She chose to completely ignore Tony Abbott’s clear and unequivocal warning about what would happen if the EU followed Australia’s more ‘humane’ approach to illegal immigrants in 2007/8 (Labor government, of course).

    50,000 arrived here by boat, with an estimated 1200 drowning on the way.

    She just ignored the evidence of her own eyes, and Prime Ministers that had gone through exactly what she is putting Europe through now.

    I don’t blame the migrants, ghastly though many of them appear to be. The blame lies entirely with Merkel and the EU. And lets hope someone ‘up there’ can forgive her – the people of Germany and Europe never will.

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