The Housing Shortage and the Elephant in the Dining Room

By John Bean. House prices and the lack of available mortgages, particularly for young couples, is much in the news and is a problem that can only grow.

Part of the problem is that Britain has a house-ownership culture whereas on the Continent the majority of homes are rented, particularly in Germany and France.

London is following this trend and by next year will have fewer owner-occupiers than tenants.

This has produced a spate of articles and TV reports in the media discussing the problems with suggestions for meeting the needs of first-time buyers.

Some of them have been quite informative, such as one by Ed Howker, writing in the Daily Telegraph.

The arguments  have been mainly inspired by the revelation that the Government are secretly about to remove restrictions on building on greenbelt areas, as a means of finding housing for our expanding 60 million population – which particularly affects England, the most densely populated country in the world after the Netherlands, but excluding city states such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

If the Coalition Government allows the developers to resurrect the previous Labour Government’s plans for several new towns, three million extra houses could be built, mainly on greenbelt land, over the next decade.

What is amazing is that virtually without exception the articles made no mention of the simple fact that as the indigenous peoples of these islands have a falling birth rate then the only cause for a rising shortage of accommodation must be down to immigration – which has increased our population by a million in less than four years. This is an example of the proverbial elephant in the dining room which political correctness tells commentators they must not mention for fear of being dubbed a racist.

To be fair to Ed Howker he did say in his article that many councils suffer such intense shortages of social housing, such as in London, that they now pay premium rents to private landlords to house immigrant families.

They are living in vast central London houses paid for by taxpayers. This of course means that millions of Britons are trapped on council waiting lists for social housing that may never come their way.

Many of these new landlords who have cashed in on the emphasis on buy-to-let are Russian, Far Eastern and Indian speculators who buy new homes for cash. In the past five years foreign speculators have bought housing worth £16.5 billion. For some it is a perfect mechanism for money laundering.

A further drastic effect on the future make-up of the people of these islands is that young couples are delaying having children because they cannot afford to buy a house.

The housing charity Shelter last year estimated that this involved 2.8 million young people last year. A further quarter of a million are delaying nuptials for the same reason. As Ed Howker said: “Think about that when the Government next proclaims that it believes in marriage.”

Nationalist Councillors – and hopefully forthcoming MPs – must demand that priority must be given to the building of starter homes and that for the first twelve months they are offered only to locally born people – essential so that villages and small towns do not die.  Above all much firmer regulations must be enacted that extend a tenant’s short notice of two months or less to twelve months and strict control on rent increases. This is standard practice in Germany and Scandinavia.

Will the Coalition act on any of these suggestions?  Of course not.

5 thoughts on “The Housing Shortage and the Elephant in the Dining Room

  1. Just to add to John’s article – if the government of this country were actually to enforce the law and deport the 1,000,000 or so illegal immigrants in our midst then, I would suggest, that the impact on property availability would be both substantial and beneficial to our own people – as it would be in terms of employment prospects, quality of education, decreased congestion, easing of sewerage and garbage disposal, reduction of crime, de-stressing of the NHS and lowering of general taxation.

  2. Sooner or later this is all going to come to a head and that elephant is going to roar! Immigration is clearly severely aggravating an already bad situation in terms of the shortage of social housing and high rents/low security in the private sector. Whilst it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, the Thatcher government’s policy of allowing people to buy their council houses at a big discount can be seen for what it was; a cynical calculated bribe to win over the votes of the crucial C2 demographic. But it was consistent with her selling off just about everything else we thought we already owned, back to us with the ‘property and share owning democracy’. We used to have ‘housing associations’ as well as council homes in the affordable rent category for the lower paid/socially disadvantaged etc. Now it seems, as many councils are not replacing their housing stock which they sold off, they have 100% nomination rights to the housing association stock. So if you can’t get any priority on the council list, that option is also not open either. Mortgages are of course, now out of reach for most on low incomes and those incomes are being driven even lower by the glut of cheap labour caused by …yes, immigration, again!

  3. I’ve read a number of articles in the last few days on the governments proposed relaxation of planning controls in the countryside. Of more interest than the articles themselves are the comments, and in them the “elephant” is very firmly identified.

    I get the impression from such comments that there is a growing appetite for a genuine nationalist solution to our country’s problems. What a tragedy at this time that the BNP is in a state of surely terminal collapse, it leaves these patriotic contributors with nothing to suggest except a vote for UKIP.

  4. Since the above excellent article we have formed the excellent British Democratic Party ! Well thought out and ‘joined up’ proposals are being considered and we will have superb housing and benefit policies as shown elsewhere on this site. Join the credible Nationalist’s in the British Democratic Party.

  5. John Shaw , When the Labour Party M.P.’s indulge in Politics regarding the awful tower block fire , I feel nothing but contempt. cynically indulging in a SCRAMBLE to be PHOTOGRAPHED HUGGING AN IMMIGRANT and saying awful things , is DISGUSTING. David Lammy, Labour M.P. for nearby Tottenham , has Tweeted ‘ lot’s of homes left vacant in Kensington and Chelsea by OVERSEAS investors. I would like to see them REQUISITIONED by the Government to rehouse victim’s ‘. Whilst not happy with empty investment properties , I note with interest this MARXIST tactic of STEALING PEOPLES PROPERTY, like in Cuba in the past ! I also note that 99% of the People , HOUSED AT GREAT EXPENSE by Kensington , WERE ‘ OVERSEAS ‘ INDEED ! There is nothing the MARXIST led Labour Party will not do for ‘ their immigrants ‘ and very little they will do for their ‘ traditional supporters ‘ , the British working class ,WHO THEY SECRETLY DESPISE .

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