The Great Nurse and Midwife Exodus

By Southwest Nationalist. Fresh from the realms of you couldn’t make it up comes news that around 4,200 nurses and midwives have left the UK – to go and work in foreign hospitals.

The exodus comes as many leave ahead of ConDem taking an axe to the NHS, and head for sunny climes such as Australia or the Middle East.

What’s so bizarre about the whole situation?

Back in January of this year we had David Nicholson, NHS Chief Executive, warn that the UK was facing a shortfall of 4,500 midwives.

We also learned that British aid money is being used to fund the training of new midwives in numerous countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and India.

The situation is ludicrous.

We’re losing midwives and nurses as they flee abroad ahead of the heavy round of job losses which will be inflicted on the NHS due to ConDems austerity measures – there isn’t enough money it seems.

We’re already short of midwives as it is, this can only make the entire situation worse.

And, to top it all off, we’re funding the training of midwives in multiple countries. There is plenty of money for that it seems.

Britain is short of midwives, is losing midwives due to a supposed lack of money, and is busy funding midwives for nearly everyone else on the planet.

Anyone else notice the insanity and contradictions there?

We in Britain are left watching as our essential services crumble, and the politicians who should be maintaining them hand over huge amounts of our money to foreign nations.

First World Britain and every third world nation on earth will meet in standards at some point – in the middle as our standards decline whilst we spend all our money on improving their standards.

9 thoughts on “The Great Nurse and Midwife Exodus

  1. Your very last paragraph says it all in a nutshell.
    Just what the NWO wants, a low level, low intelligent, low aspiring, low paid, low expectant, low educated, working human machine.
    A one size fits all.
    This is what the so called ‘Arab spring’ is all about, destabilize a country and you can create your kind of ‘order out of chaos’.

    It’s all working to plan.

  2. I have not seen the news in the papers yet, but thanks for the notification of this situation – because it is a prime example of how nothing works properly and how we are hemmed into some pretty insane situations.

    However, is it not even worse than stated here?! How long has it been going on?

    What I mean is, it says that 4,200 nurses and midwives have left to work in foreign hospitals, whilst we also pay for foreign training of such staff for their countries via foreign aid.

    But how many of those ‘paid for’ foreign nurses and midwives were/are ending up in our NHS here because of a supposed “shortage” and “lack of skills”?

    Are they quietly selling the NHS off, driving down wages and employing cheaper labour to replace the indigenous stock who are leaving?

    The pro immigration types always cite the number of ethnic minorities in the NHS as evidence we need to keep the door wedged firmly open (another falsehood)…..but if our skilled indigenous population are fleeing this country for various reasons to then be replaced with immigrant staff – then surely this is another potential anomaly to what should be normality?

    The further kick in the teeth is also not mentioned (unless I am again being paranoid!)…..which is….why are we “already short of midwives” exactly?

    Could it be anything to do with the massive demographic bulge of children born to immigrant mothers we have seen over the last 10-15 years?

    There have been a few reports in the newspapers that there are a wholly disparate number of ethnic minority births in hospitals up and down the land.

    So perhaps our nurses and midwives are going abroad for a better life and better pay, whilst we pay for foreign nurses and midwives in other countries, of which many may come here to replace those who have left (for cheapness sake), who are employed to be delivering foreign mothers’ babies in our hospitals, whose colleagues are dealing with AIDs and TB epidemics, people who may use interpreters to get through the ordeals, who may then go home from the hospital on newly widened 4 lane wide motorways to their ‘affordable home’ built on our greenbelt – which has no doubt been built by firms employing cheap immigrant labour, whose builders perhaps go to immigrant fast food places to eat their dinner…..and on, and on it goes.

    Where does the indigenous British and their own interests fit in? Oh, that’s right….probably nowhere, aside from paying for their own demise of course!.

    Is the last sentence of the article perhaps in indication of what drives this (in the background)?

    ….ie, the levelling and uniformity of civilisations, lack of national identities, abiding by international treatise rather than democracy, etc? ie Communist “redistribution of wealth”, dreams of a “one world” of people all roughly the same, under one structure, under one governance and monetary system? “Bringing nations into line” etc.

    Again, no doubt paranoia on my part. But sometimes you do have to wonder don’t you?! Can such catalogues of dysfunction going on in this country really be entirely accidental? Perhaps. If so, we need to change it fast.

    1. The indigenous British birth rate is below replacement i.e negative growth, So the question is for, who’s needs are all these midwifes? a purely rhetorical question ….Rick

  3. Well said and eloquently put BA, we feel your sadness.

    The traitors that rule over us are blatently pushing their marxist `agenda` through with ever increasing speed now that they know we have rumbled them, by hook or by crook they mean to dismantle and ruin us as a sovereign nation as fast as possible, while they continue to line their own pockets.

    They can`t go back now, the die is cast. They know that if/whenever the true Brits manage to wrest our country back from their filthy traiterous grip, their days are literally numbered – our absolute anger and ferocity will overwhelm them for what they have done to us.

  4. All these years you silly racists have been harping on about immigration, blaming ethnic minorities for society’s problems and you still have’nt acheived anything. The world continues to get more and more multicoloured. You may have changed your skinheads and tattoos and Doc Martins for suits and ties but you are still the same old braindead thugs at heart. Let’s face it Blacks and other ethnic minorities are dominating everything. You even had to rely on Blacks to get your most prestigious gold medals at the olympics. ha ha. Even sports that used to set aside for the white elite are being dominated by Blacks. ie Tennis.
    There is’nt anybody listening to you except your own fellow racists. Get a Life!!

    1. Mr weaks If by racists you mean those people who love their country, admire and respect its people,its achievements and its laws has pride in its history and has shown empathy and benevolence to aid and support the oppressed and starving at an enormous cost in British lives and aid and THIS makes me a racist?? You can sit back sneering at us, in your third world abode and contemplate how much you, your ilk or your preferred country has done for the world…Rick

    2. I sincerely hope your comments are made ‘tongue in cheek’. If not, you must have a most delusional view of the abysmal situation that mass immigration has inflicted on not only our country but also on the rest of Europe.

  5. Right on ‘rickeng’. It seems that Mr. Weaks ‘does not get it’- Nationalism that is.The natural love and preference for, ones kind- ‘kith and kin’ is an emotion that this poor sad creature cannot feel.
    His tiny ‘world’ is that of the globalist ‘New world Order’ -‘Bushite Obamaist’ ‘with us or against us’ lunacy of the state which demonises and imprisons the uneducated, white youth who innocently foreshortens the word ‘Pakistani’ to ‘Paki’ as an intolerable affront to Pakistani sensibilities yet directs its drones to kill the same Pakistani, together with all his family in the first drone strike on his wedding/ funeral, followed up with a further drone strike as the medics and ‘first responders’ turn up.
    Well Mr.Weaks, judge for yourself, as thousands of Moslems and Africans die at the globalist whim of Israeli/ American/ Nato forces, how many thousands of these would still be alive if British Nationalists- with their policy of ‘not our business’ ‘leave them alone’ were in power?

  6. I spent 19 years as a Mental Health Nurse caring (mostly) for seriously disturbed offender patients within a secure environment; I enjoyed my role and was proud of it. However, the influx of nurses from Africa was characterized by their frequently demonstrated lack of both commitment and responsibility.This resulted in a lowering of both professional standards and personal safety. Despite this they were afforded preferential treatment; inasmuch they were permitted to be selective in their duties and disciplinary procedures were disregarded. My letters to management expressing my concerns were ignored. That a series of preventable incidents occurred, some with tragic consequences, resulted in my giving serious thought to my future. So, after much heart-searching I decided the only sensible option was to leave the profession I loved.
    In view of the lack of responsibility I witnessed it is thus of no surprise to me that much of Africa is in conflict with resultant suffering to the most vulnerable. Ergo, in my opinion the only solution to this situation is a return to European administration.

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