The Disconnect Between White Voters and UKIP’s Leadership

Jane Edwards gives a synopsis of a speech given by Jack Sen at a recent meeting of the London Forum. He was a  former UKIP candidate for West Lancashire at April’s Parliamentary election but was expelled by Farage for his views.


Jack SenUKIP is obviously struggling to not be  seen as “racist” in order to be acceptable to the establishment and to White voters who fear and loathe multicultural UK but are unwilling to vote for a party labelled “racist” in the  media. Is there a disconnect between White voters likely to vote for UKIP and the UKIP leadership? There is definitely an enormous disconnect between people on the ground — parliamentary candidates like myself and unpaid volunteers that support us with our campaigns — and the people running the party.


There’s no denying that the vast majority of the people supporting our efforts are salt of the earth, red blooded Englishmen that want real change and to see a return to the Britain we all knew and loved. That’s evident from the sorts of conversations I’ve had at local meetings and convention dinners. The average UKIP supporter recognises the catastrophic damage Cultural Marxism has had on our homeland and supports us — even offers up his time and money — in the hope we (UKIP) can make a difference. They might not recognise the Jewish element to Cultural Marxism, however they certainly recognise the impact liberalism has had on our society. From the intentional breakdown of the traditional family, to the pushing of alternative lifestyle choices on our youth, Leftists like Ed Miliband have reshaped British society from the council estates to the countryside.


Much like the Labour Party, UKIP relies upon societal discord to peddle its policies and candidates. Although people on the ground, with a genuine love of country, are buying into the ‘Take Back Britain’ message UKIP is peddling, I am not convinced the people running the party care one bit about this country.


If UKIP were to come to power, they’d push a domestic agenda similar to Margaret Thatcher’s, highlighted by deregulation, privatisation, crony capitalism, and the implementation of policies that for all intents and purposes prey upon the disenfranchised, albeit nostalgically portrayed working man. I recognized that quite early on and it’s part of why I started to have issues with the party. UKIP’s intentions to privatize the National Health Service, frack our beloved English countryside, sell us out to their cronies in the City (equivalent of Wall Street), cut taxes for the wealthiest Britons, kill ‘mansion’ and inheritance taxes while reducing public sector expenditure, never sat right with me.



There are many White voters who fear and loathe multiculturalism because they realize that these policies are against their interest. Nevertheless, they are afraid to explicitly identify as a White person who has interests as a White person because of media pressure and other types of social pressure, such as loss of job. We call such people implicitly, but not explicitly, White. Do you think it’s fair that Jews, Muslims, and other minorities are free to organize and attempt to explicitly advocate their interests while explicit mentions of the interests of the traditional people of the UK are banned from the mainstream media?


Not only is it unfair that indigenous English people cannot fight for their interests; I say English as it’s become perfectly acceptable for Scots to fight for theirs north of the border, it’s downright destructive.

7 thoughts on “The Disconnect Between White Voters and UKIP’s Leadership

  1. UKIP had the way paved for them by genuine Nationalists, who with their combined efforts forced the multicultural issue into the political mainstream…facing much more hostility along the way. UKIP, who would not have had the spine to do this…now conveniently step in as the user-friendly alternative, with an endless flow of media coverage…promoting ”nice guy Nigel” man of the people. the momentum is now with them, no doubt about it. But are UKIPs big shots merely an assortment of establishment glove-puppets.?

  2. There are many groups composed of people who are not white who combine to advance their interests with a smile of approval from the system. That is ‘anti-racism’. If white people do the same it’s ‘racism’!

    People are so terrified that they refuse to see the logical flaw in this bizarre position which utterly conflicts with any reasonable concept of democracy and equal rights. Talk about the emperor’s new clothes!!

    One of the strategems employed in the media is to describe whites doing the same as ethnics as ‘racial supremacy’ when it’s plain that the double standard effectively puts the boot on the other foot even if that is not the intention.

    1. With respect I would substitute the words "people are so terrified" for "people are so stupid and apathetic". That, I believe, is a better explanation. 

      1. Its all very well saying the average British voter is stupid. But why on earth vote Tory or not vote at all when they patently do not want multicult or immigrants. They are terrified of being called, or associated with Racists .

        Me I gave up arguing with them years ago. Racist and proud thats me . I hate immigrant in such numbers .I hate the politicians even more . But calling me a racist just dont work.

        Even in this so called Racial Nationalism Club . members argue they are not racist . Get real if you aint . Bugger off and join UKIP. WE should be for OUR people not others.

  3. ( Party Official ) That's big of them ! The Labour Party has officially dropped it's opposition to Britain having an in or out referendum on the European Union. This Marxist dominated party would NEVER have given us people a referendum if they had won the General Election. In keeping with their policy of being wrong about everything they are now going to campaign for Britain to stay in !

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