The Decline of Detroit : The Fall of an African City

detroitBy Tim Haydon.


One of the key features of human intelligence is the ability to recognise patterns. We use this feature for identifying (for example) the way in which certain human races display certain behavioural and other characteristics.  The Left calls pattern recognition in relation to racial characteristics ‘racism’ or ‘prejudice’.

What has this got to do with the fall of Detroit ? This city, once the industrial power house  of America with a population of some 2 millions  (700,000 today), has gone into bankruptcy with debts estimated by Kevin D. Orr, the emergency manager, as being somewhere between $18 billions and $20 billions.  This is the largest municipal bankruptcy  in USA history – 5 times bigger than the previous largest, Jefferson County, Alabama. The  bankruptcy has left 100,000 creditors,  including small,  one-man contractors , unpaid.

One of the identifying features one can spot in many of the bankruptcies of towns, cities and states in the USA (There have actually been 36 municipal bankruptcy filings in the USA since January 2010)  is the emergence of a majority of residents consisting of lower IQ  immigrant s and the immigrant –descended.   This majority usually occurs when there has been an influx of ethnic immigrants into an area to take advantage of opportunities created by the higher-IQ whites, with a corresponding exodus of these whites.

As the ethnic population of the area grows, it begins to wield political power and succeeds in diverting more of the wealth  produced by the district  to itself in the form of subsidies and benefits  of one sort or another. The higher IQ population, mainly whites,  dislikes the ethnic mix of their area, gets fed up with being taxed to pay for people with whom they have no ethnic affinity and begins to leave. There is thereupon a downward economic, social and financial spiral as the tax base which the power-brokers relied on to support their ethnic kin and to buy votes, disappears.  The municipal, county or state government racks up more debts in order to keep its client voting base happy and the result, as they say, is history.

This is certainly what happened in Detroit, which has become an overwhelmingly Afro-American city.  Yes, in this city the process was compounded by the decline in the motor industry, brought about to a great extent by the higher oil prices of recent decades which were the death knell of American gas guzzlers.  Globalisation allowed the import of smaller, cheaper, better foreign cars into the USA, outflanking an unprepared Detroit.  But even if these foreign cars had never arrived, Detroit would have been in deep trouble.

Detroit could have been turned around notwithstanding the loss of its motor industry, but the flight of its productive white population, which its black leadership encouraged, saw to it that this never happened.  Nothing was done to halt and reverse the decline of a city which became addicted to state handouts  both at the personal and the  municipal level.

The main problem was that Detroit became a fundamentally African city.  It became populated mainly by people on welfare,  government employees and every kind of malingerer.  Every single mayor of Detroit since 1974 has been a Democrat and black.  The trouble really started though with the 1961 Democrat mayor, Jerome Cavanagh. Though white, much like Ken Livingstone in London, he pandered to the non-white population, instituting aggressive ‘affirmative action’ in the city government and raising taxes to subsidise the blacks. In response, 22,000 middle and upper class tax-paying whites moved out of the city.

In 1967, a riot, the worst of the 1960’s, broke out in the middle of Detroit’s  black ‘model city’ area which had already been lavished with government funds  (Billions of government dollars have been  spent on Detroit since the 1960’s) in an effort to turn it into a shining example of government planning .  As a result a further 140,000 middle and upper class residents, almost all of them white, left the city, taking their businesses with them. . The first black mayor, Coleman Young, who was elected in 1973, drove more out when he withdrew city services from white neighbourhoods which had voted against him. There was a major road –building programme which destroyed black ghettos, driving blacks outwards into the suburbs.  Since liberal politicians  had forbidden the whites in the suburbs from covenanting that their property should not be sold to  blacks, white flight turned terminal, resulting in the third-world wasteland we see today.

The scenario which afflicted Detroit can be identified in towns, cities and even states all over the USA. It is likely that every major city in the USA will suffer the same fate.  There are variations on the theme. For example, in California, the lower-IQ , benefit absorbing population is  mostly  Hispanic rather than black. (Mean IQs: Blacks  – 85, Hispanics – 89, Whites 103 – Herrnstein and Murray.’ The Bell Curve,’ 1994). It is in fact now so large that white Californians , rather than moving to the suburbs  as they once did when Hispanic immigrants arrived,  are quitting  the State altogether in their search for white destinations.  At first they moved to neighbouring states in the USA Southwest, but as these are or soon will be  majority Hispanic, they are moving even further afield within their vast country. Although it cannot constitutionally declare bankruptcy, the State of California is de facto bankrupt.  At the municipal level, two if its cities, Stockton and San Bernardino, have filed for bankruptcy since 2010.

We can see the same process occurring in Britain.  As benefit –absorbing immigrants occupy areas of our country, whites move out.  Huge numbers have left the country altogether.  The Daily Telegraph reported on 22 January 2013:

Nick de Bois, secretary of the 1922 Committee of backbench MPs, said that Britain needs a “culture change” to stem the flow of talented emigrants by encouraging success.  Office for National Statistics figures obtained by Mr de Bois show that in the ten years to 2011, a total of 3,599,000 people permanently left the UK. Contrary to the perception of the typical emigrants being older people retiring to a life in the sun, the figures show that 1,963,000 of those who left were aged between 25 and 44. By contrast, only 125,000 people of retirement age emigrated.

Our most economically active are leaving to apply their talents elsewhere,” the MP said, warning that talented Britons are being lured away to “growth economies” elsewhere in the world.’

As Britain loses its brightest and best, they are being replaced by job- and- benefit –hungry eastern Europeans and lower-IQ Southern Europeans and Third Worlders.  It should come as no surprise then that the average IQ of Britain, which is the ultimate determinant of its ability to earn a living in the world (See ‘IQ and the Wealth of Nations’,  Lynn and Vanhanen, 2002), is being reduced.  The Daily Telegraph reported on 7th February 2009:

Tests carried out in 1980 and again in 2008 show that the IQ score of an average 14-year-old dropped by more than two points over the period.

Among those in the upper half of the intelligence scale, a group that is typically dominated by children from middle class families, performance was even worse, with an average IQ score six points below what it was 28 years ago.’

The same process is occurring within Europe as immigrants pour  into its wealthier northern countries.  The Netherlands, for example, which has had one of the highest standards of living  in the world, also has one of the highest levels of third-world immigrant populations and one of the highest levels of emigration of the native people.

With a General Election ever closer, we have been encouraged to think that the financial crisis  which was boiling up for decades thanks to the country living  grossly beyond its means on borrowed money, both public and private, is all of a sudden on the mend. The collapsing housing price bubble is being reinflated and the FTSE index has been hitting high levels again thanks to money released by  ‘Quantitative Easing’ money  printing measures flooding into the stock market.

But the financial earthquake of recent years is far from over. Aftershocks will continue to terrify for years to come. Massive,  job-killing inflationary pressures  must be over the horizon as a result of money printing .  Southern European countries have gone relatively quiet, but this is deceptive. They continue to stagger towards de facto Detroit-style bankruptcies which will drain British banks  holding massive amounts of their debt.

Our children and their children will be feeling the effects of this country’s dire economic and social mismanagement . The country will be left with a legacy of an enormous national debt and savings and jobs-destroying inflation welcomed by the government as the only politically acceptable means of reducing it.

And unless there is a radical change of direction in Britain, as China and other eastern nations of intelligent peoples who respect only success rise economically, this country, handicapped and demoralised as never before by social tensions brought about by the ethnically based class divisions inflicted on it by its treacherous political class and a lower average IQ engendered by huge numbers of  immigrant –descended populations, will struggle to earn a living. 

8 thoughts on “The Decline of Detroit : The Fall of an African City

  1. There was a feature last night on the BBC London regional news about Londoners leaving the capital to live in elsewhere.
    Several people (all white) who had moved to live in a town on the coast, were interviewed.
    Not once was immigration into the capital mentioned as a factor in this movement out of London.
    It was put down to simply wanting a better lifestyle.
    This is how the Maxist BBC perverts reality in its agenda of promoting mass immigration as an Undiluted improvement of Britain

  2. The fact that so many hard working ethnic Britons have felt it necessary to leave this island and look elsewhere for a new home where they can feel comfortable, and rewards their efforts suitably, speaks volumes about the foolishness of allowing such a massive change in the racial and cultural nature of Britain. As many of our own cities slip into the same pattern as that of Detroit, that same irreversible bankruptcy and social degeneration will destroy them too. Our nation is already in terrible debt because of the financial mismanagement, for many decades, by the Lib/Lab/Con. Therefore the article states an indisputable truth that our whole nation is on the same path to ruin as so many US states. Most other European nations are doing the same, and social chaos will inevitably ensue. The political elite don’t seem to be able to see that what they are doing will bring about this financial and social ruin because they are more concerned with self-aggrandisement and personal wealth than the wider interests of their nation states. Greed has become acceptable among them and their media friends whilst honest and selfless patriotism has been falsely demonised. Without an urgent reversal of this in the corridors of power we will inevitably slide into the same ruin as Detroit.

  3. Another superb article. We are true to our beliefs . There are people like ‘ Kugelschrieber on the old party website who , amongst other things, think that ALL IMMIGRANTS HERE BEFORE 1997 ARE BRITISH ! I kid you not ! The truly Nationalist party in Britain today is the British Democratic party. We also know how to conduct ourselves and function in a decent and honourable manner. Join the future of Patriotism TODAY !

  4. The left -liberal establishment in the USA as here, cannot bear views which contradict their puerile wishful thinking which denies reality.

    Jason Richwine is as scholar who worked for the Heritage Foundation, a USA think Tank. He co-authored that Foundation’s report on the long-term costs of a Bill giving amnesty to the USA’s illegal immigrants.

    He was forced tot ‘leave’ the Foundation when The Washington Post .publicised his Doctoral Thesis awarded by The JFK School of Government at Harvard.

    Richwine’s these was that

    1) IQ tests measure mental ability fairly.
    2) The average IQ of immigrants is well below that of white Americans
    3) The difference is likely to persist for generations.

    The consequence of this is

    ‘A lack of socio-economic assimilation among low immigrant IQ groups, more underclass behaviour, less social trust and an increase in the proportion of unskilled workers in the America Labour market.’

    You just cannot say these things, even in a PhD, Dissertation defended in front of serious scholars at the USA’s foremost university, and be awarded your doctorate, without serous consequences,

    Anyone who believes Academic Freedom and dispassionate enquiry deceives themselves.

    This is the tyranny of left-liberalism at work

  5. Spot on, I have been following the decline of Detroit for the last few years and every now and again the TV will flash up images of deserted neighbourhoods that resemble something akin to “Planet of the Apes”. The” American dream ” that gave us consumerism, political correctness and inspired vile politicians such as Thatcher is all but dead, good riddance.

  6. Certainly, I think the author needs a history lesson. If you think “ethnics” or “blacks” destroyed Detroit think again. You have totally missed the mark. As we move to a system of finance at the cost of production, then we will see urban cities such as Detroit fail. Corporate welfare and corporate prostitutes in our government and politics are destroying urban cities. Here we go again, blame the Blacks. Those whites with the high IQ, destroying cities because of greed. I hear all this noise about “hand-outs’ etc…but many whites wants medicare, social security etc…To make matters worse, the city wants to take peoples pension after they have “EARNED” it. There are many mechanisms that helped in destroying Detroit. Your argument is invalid because your premise is invalid. You just proved the racism still exist. Those with the high IQ, destroy everything they touch. You need to accept that and just maybe we can begin to get out of this mess in the United States. Thank You

  7. Tim, I feel uneasy about IQ being used to make a point. Ronald Reagan’s economic policies played the major role in the decline of Detroit which was not an African City. A forerunner to Globalisation, 30 years of ‘Reaganomics’ caused the US property and credit markets to collapse followed by financial meltdown. Combined with the transfer of manufacturing to far- east, the auto industry vibrant city became a victim to failed free market economy.

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