The Burka – What Lies Beneath?

burka-robbersWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the burka is, from both a security and cultural aspect, unacceptable on our streets.

Only a few years ago the Indian media described how a wanted Muslim terrorist escaped from a besieged mosque in that country by wearing a burka and passing himself off as a fleeing woman.

However we do not need to venture as far as New Delhi to find a further example of “burka abuse”.

It was reported earlier thais week that six men armed with axes carried out a “smash-and-grab” raid at a prestigious London department store.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the robbers, reportedly dressed in burkas, smashed glass cabinets to steal high value watches in Selfridges.

The well-known Oxford Street store has since tweeted that no-one was hurt in Tuesday’s robbery.

Intervention by members of the public resulted in two members of the gang being detained until police arrived to arrest them.

One witness said that he heard a moped crashing just under a mile away from Selfridges and saw one man dressed in full motorcycle gear while a second man dressed in a burka fell on to the ground.

The witness described how he then saw a man run out from a nearby pizza restaurant and pin down one of the two people..

he went on to say: “When cops turned up they put him in the back of a van and he was kicking and screaming,”

One of the arrested men remains in hospital with a fractured leg and the other is in police custody.

Once again we ask – how long will it be before the burka is used as cover for acts of terrorism on our streets?

The fact remains that not only does the garb provide perfect cover for criminals in respect of identification avoidance but also provides relative immunity from stop-and-search questioning by police ever fearful of causing “offence” to those prone to taking “offence”.

The authorities should act now to ban the burka – if for no other reason than that of public safety.

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  1. when you go into a bank you have to take off your helmet . But you can still wear a burka . This is called racial descrimination

  2. With all due respect, the burka should not be banned. Taking away the burka will only aid assimilation. It is in the interests of the indigenous British people that these people remain as odd-looking and as alienated from western society as possible. I say keep the burka as a precursor to being able to easily identify those who have to be repatriated.

  3. Haven’t the French banned the burka for security reasons? Quite why these people insist on coming to this country and inflicting their madcap primitive hang-ups on us is a mystery. Perhaps they should take our feelings into consideration just once in a while.

  4. Our new British Democratic Party is still in the process of adding to it’s basic policies. These are based on our Nationalist Principles, which are outlined in our Constitution and first Policy Document. I would like to propose two more specific policies for consideration. ONE. Ban the Burka. It has been done in France and we should do the same here. TWO. Ban Halal food. IT’S Barbaric. I know both policies are obvious but we need to be on record with a wide range of Policies as we are a political party and not just some sort of pressure group! I recommend the policies.

  5. Banning the burka on security grounds, and banning halal food due to the barbaric method of slaughter involved should be the first steps towards the eventual deportation of all who belong to this fascist, intolerant, so-called religion of peace. Repel the invaders now before it’s too late!

  6. ( Party Official ) The region of Lombardy in Italy has BANNED BURQAS AND NIQABS in public buildings and with this compulsory , barbaric attire for women BANNED IN FRANCE , should we not follow and BAN THESE ITEMS IN BRITAIN ?

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