The British People Ideologically Intact – Well, a Majority of Them

By Andrew Brons.



It appears that, amid all the nonsense that has been written and spoken about what constitutes Britishness, a majority of the British people knows the truth. Fifty-one per cent recognises British descent as the defining factor. We know this from the respected British Social Attitudes survey, published in June 2014. Of course, this fifty-one per cent is probably a much higher percentage of the indigenous British.

This might not seem to be a terribly profound conclusion and, in Central and Eastern Europe, it would certainly not be seen to be so. People there know that birth or legal contrivance might grant citizenship. However, they know that nationality is conferred by descent. Even in the Soviet Union, nationality was recognised, recorded and respected. Virtually all Soviet residents were citizens but their nationality might have been Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian or whatever.

However, in the West of Europe, nationality and citizenship are considered to be synonymous. It is so whether you are an aficinado of crosswords or somebody confronted with British state forms to complete.  This error is not a recent one. The concept of British Subject precedes the concept of British Citizen and that appears to have been conferred by place of birth. The case of Don Pacifo in the nineteenth century is a product of this confusion. He became a British subject simply by having been born in Gibralter of foreign parents.

It would be necessary to return to the reign of King Ethelred and his infamous call, in the year 1000, for Danes to be slaughtered, to find a reference to nationality being conferred by descent.

However, instinctively, the indigenous British have regarded those of foreign descent (and particularly those of Non-European descent) as not being British.

The last few decades have seen a deluge of propaganda: from the state and the educational system; from the entertainment media; and even from the commercial media to ‘normalise’ multi-racialism. This is particularly prominent among furniture retailers. Perhaps an energetic investigative journalist might investigate the owners and managers of these companies.

However, the commonsense and instinctive definition of nationality has risen to the top. As hereditarians, we should not be surprised.

The survey also discovered that nearly half of the respondants believed that immigration had not only harmed the economy but had undermined British culture. This is very similar to our principle that if you change the population, you inevitably change the culture.

In contrast the Political Class has been floundering around seeking anxiously some sort of definition of a British Nation that would include, by their reasoning, so many foreigners. One answer has occurred to them for want of any other. It is that the Nation is defined by its values, which happen by coincidence to be liberal, multi-racial values –  what a surprise!

This would seem to mean that if you adopt these values, you become British but if you reject them, your nationality is in question. I am sure that the Political Class would like to withhold nationality and therefore citizenship from those of us who reject many of the values of the Political Class. The problem for them is that many immigrants from the Third World would reject a whole range of values that really would be regarded as self-evidently right by virtually all  of the indigenous population: ‘values’ deprecating grooming; forced marriage;  female genital mutilation; tolerance of inhumane slaughter; and sharia law to give just a few examples.

As I have said repeatedly in the European Parliament and its committees: if you bring people to Europe, from the Third World, they do not become replacement Europeans; they turn parts of Europe into the Third World. Distinctive peoples are not the product of distinctive cultures. Distinctive cultures are the product of distinctive peoples.


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  1. I see from another survey that younger people are no more integrated by race than 40 years ago. More effort needed is the cry.

    They wish us all to be forced to chum up with people we have nothing in common with or feel bad about ourselves. Curiously all the pressure is on white people to adapt while others are entitled to celebrate their own ways. Funny that!

  2. I recall Gordon Brown defining what was distinctively British as being ‘fairness’.

    Amusingly, he was immediately jumped on by an Asian activist who accused this remark as being ‘racist’ (isn’t everything these days?) since it seemed to imply that other nationalities weren’t ‘ fair’, or at least, as fair as are the British ( well they aren’t).

    So much for defining a nation by its values.

    1. It just goes to show how stupid Gordon is when it comes to this question. How can you define ‘fairness’ in different peoples and even if you could surely there are other ‘fair’ peoples in the world apart from us British? This value is not exclusive to us and thus how can we distinguish ourselves from other nations by it?

  3. We have arrived at the ludicrous state where an Ethiopian asylum seeker, Mo Farah, is claimed by some, to be British and has actually, and in my opinion, fraudulently represented Britain in sporting events. We are not that hard up for successful athletes that we have to attempt to palm off some one who is not British and not even European as British. . The English cricket team has taken this stupidity even further by including an Asian muslim in the team.
    What a farce this is. British is white and of British descent not some one who’s mother happened to give birth to an immigrant in our country.
    This does not apply in Switzerland where you are the nationality of the parents. My friend, born in Switzerland of Spanish parents is……. Spanish. Not Swiss, not British or any other nationality than that of the parents. I suggest we adopt this sensible policy as soon as possible.

    1. As I understand it Mr Mo has arranged for himself to be domiciled in Canada for tax reasons. Great British citizen indeed.

  4. I’m surprised only 51% of the British population think descent defines Britishness, there again there has been decades of brainwashing by the establishment. Was it the Duke of Wellington who said a dog born in a stable is not a horse or some similar quote?

    I want to know how a British Nationalist movement is going to be built to overthrow this corrupt establishment and remove the traitors ensconced in Westminster?

    1. Mark no movement can be built to do that. Wrong way round. A movement can only respond to a desire by the British people to be saved.

      That will include a lot of British nationalists who are currently sitting doing nothing and waiting for a party like the BDP to become successful before they venture to support it.

      There is increasing awareness of the national position – and that awareness seems to be exploding. Newspapers now say things every day which a few years ago were utterly rejected and confined to the supposed ‘far-right’ who were offered a torrent of abuse for saying them. That is a huge change.

      1. (Party Member) Quite right Mike. As predicted by our Party on these pages. Further evidence of the breaking up of the Multi-cultural façade this year, was provided by an all Party Home Affairs Committee. They have declared that the failure to take action against Female Genital Mutilation ( FGM ) ” Is a National Scandal ” with as many as 170,000 victims in our Country. The M.P.’s blamed the ” Lack of Action by Ministers, Police and other agencies ( like Social Services) on misplaced concern for Cultural Sensitivities”. In other words POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ! New readers to our Patriotic Website will be surprised to learn that we Nationalists have highlighted this particular problem for years and have been blocked from our Nations Media by the previously dominant Multi-Cultural industry. Help us re-build a decent Society by Joining TODAY.

      2. Mike, there is obviously a large mass of disaffected people in this country disillusioned and fed-up with the political establishment, many of whom don’t bother to vote seeing if as useless – they are the raw material of any new nationalist movement. A nationalist movement will only be built by reaching out to these people and building support locally in our communities. It is wrong to say we have to wait until people have a desire to be ‘saved’ as you put it. The people have to be shown a positive message they can support, and lead to salvation.

        Newspapers are the propaganda mouthpiece of a plutocratic elite who control our society. Any comment now allowed in them which may allude to so-called ‘far-right’ sentiment is tightly controlled and channeled into the simplistic and distracting attacks on ‘Islam’, ‘Eastern European workers’ and ‘asylum-seekers’, rather than the root of the problem – the money power establishment.

    2. Didn’t forget that a lot depends on who is said to be British. You can bet your boots that majority of the native British think that descent is the key.

    1. Replying to Paul Kennedy’s post, I agree with him. I suggest anyone who is inclined to support the concept of Nationalism in Britain – regardless of their particular political party – should, when speaking or writing, refer to an ancestral British native as “a British citizen” and a non-ancestral person living in Britain as “a UK citizen”. (Even figuring out how to phrase this opinion in accord with political correctness was quite challenging! That is the depth we have been reduced to where “freedom of speech and thought” is concerned!)

        1. Northern Ireland contains two communities who see themselves as very different. There is the Ulster-Scot/British community who sometimes have a Northern Irish identity too and then there is the Nationalist community who see themselves virtually exclusively as Irish (although a few now also think of themselves as Northern Irish along with the other community). It is certainly a complicated picture in the Province.

          1. Yes Steven, it is a complicated situation.
            Having said that, when you know the history of the ” two communities….

            I have highlighted this as I think it is important. It is not just two communities but two separate nationalities, one British, the other Irish, with their different histories, languages, religions and cultures.

            One is the Ulster/Scot British who identify with everything (including the monarchy) as part of their British identity. They are British citizens who are constantly under attack for showing and supporting their British roots. The reason they sometimes claim to be Northern Irish is they are exasperated at constantly being under attack from within (sounds familiar) and not receiving any help or support.

          2. (Party Member) No amount of ‘ muddying the waters’ will change the fact that nationalist parties in this country support the loyalists in Northern Ireland.

            For clarity, there are only two types of people in Northern Ireland. Those who love us and want to stay British and those who hate us and want to pull out of Britain, destroy our friends called the Republic of Ireland, and make a Marxist state of the whole lot!

  5. In response to Peter Mills
    The UK as it is referred to, as it includes Northern Ireland. Great Britain does not include Northern Island .
    Therefore the phrase UK or Brit is as it stands today meaningless. Welsh folk refer to themselves as Welsh .Scots as Scottish . Us south of the border Englisn. And as a Monarchy we are subjects not citizens. Personally I’n a republican .
    So English will suffice.
    The world are Brits. I therefore am not.

    1. We are not subjects now like we used to be as the British Nationality Act of 1981 created British Citizenship with several classes of citizenship (the highest being British Citizen with the right of abode in the United Kingdom). Indeed, it is precisely because we didn’t define our citizenship before that act was passed and were ‘British subjects’ that we got into this mess in the first place ie Labour opening the doors in 1948 and Britain’s ‘Stupid Party’ aka the CONServatives doing nothing about it until the 1962 Immigration Act imposed some very limited controls.

      I am English too and proud of it BUT I am also British (REAL British, that is) and also proud of that identity. I see it as mainly to do with a common history for the last few centuries with the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish) Let’s not admit defeat by giving the British identity totally away to those the traitors (Lib/Lab/CON) have let-in because these treasonous scumbags will then say anyone can be English, Scottish, Welsh as well. They have already started to do this!

  6. According to the government, anyone who resides in Britain can be called British. However, most people would say that only those of ancestral heritage can call themselves English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish. Most Britons and immigrants and their descendants seem to accept this reality, but it seems the results of the British Social Attitudes survey shows that a slight majority of the entire population also believe that being called British can only be a preserve of the native population as well. The reality is that people need an identity and those who are immigrants will always see themselves as being from where they are from. Their offspring will also seek an identity and more often find themselves being more comfortable with looking to where they are from both culturally and racially. Those who wish to diversify this nation into a cultural and racial melting pot are fighting against basic human nature, unlike us…

  7. I would imagine that to be a republican, is a very un-British thing to be. Remember I’m from the west coast of Scotland, with Ulster roots.

    1. If you asked a dozen British people what Britishness was I reckon you’d get a dozen different answers. It has no clear definition and certainly isn’t defined by values or beliefs that we all share because there are so many different ideas and beliefs among native Britons. I also wish to see the end of the anachronistic hangover from feudalism that we call the monarchy, which I believe maintains an unquestionable status quo for the ruling elite professional political class. While we have this terrible status quo we will never embrace true democracy. I also see no value in a monarchy that has not stood up for its people and criticised and refused to cooperate with governments that have been slowly giving away our sovereignty. This can only be called treason.

      1. You make some very good points here.

        We have a constitutional monarchy, therefore the Monarchy is not allowed to comment on political matters.

        I must admit I’ve never thought before of how little they have done for our nation that they are meant to represent. Maybe it’s been a blind allegiance, but the symbols mean so much in Ulster, where the British population is under physical attack as well as from the threat of immigration.

  8. Hi all.

    I have to say I have only just become aware of this huge threat. This is really scary. Can we do anything about it?

    Two months ago I would have said the EDL were trouble. Why? Nobody knows about what’s going on. We need a leader in Britain with no tattoos. Please step up the right man you will go down in history as a true Brits hero.

  9. ( Party Official ) The Muslim Council of Britain ABHOR terrorism , according to their General Secretary , Dr. Shafi. Although I do not believe this , as their Holy Book commands them to oppose Jews and Christian people in every way possible ! However , I do KNOW one thing , they ABHOR our civilised values , like KNOWING women are equal , to give just one example ! Ladies , AVOID THE VEIL , BY JOINING US TODAY !


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