Ten Reasons To Leave The European Union

By Kevan Stafford

  1. Euro Budget EU COST The EU costs a total of £1,000 billion a year – an incredible £2,000 per year for every man, woman and child in Europe. *






  1. AuditordFINANCIAL INCOMPETENCE The EU’s auditors have refused to approve EU accounts for each of the last fourteen years.






  1. CorruptionEU CORRUPTION £6 billion of EU cash unaccountably goes “missing” every year as a result of corruption and misuse of funds.






  1. Open BordersUNCONTROLLED BORDERS Mass inflow of labour has increased unemployment and now made England the most densely populated country in Europe.






  1. sovereigentyLOSS OF SOVEREIGNTY 80% of our laws are imposed by unelected EU bureaucrats, amounting to 100,000 oppressive and costly regulations on citizens and businesses.





  1. LifeEU ATTACK ON OUR WAY OF LIFE Political correctness is destroying global diversity, social cohesion, our values, our culture and our way of life.






  1. Unelected OfficialsUNDEMOCRATIC EU Elected MEPs have no powers to instigate EU laws. All laws are created and imposed by unelected EU officials.






  1. courtsEU THREAT TO LAW & ORDER The European Court of Human Rights protects the rights of criminals rather than the rights of law-abiding citizens.






  1. currencyEURO CURRENCY FIASCO The Euro single currency has been a disaster, destroying jobs and growth and driving up costs and debt.






  1. TradeBRITAIN WILL THRIVE OUTSIDE THE EU Like non-EU members Switzerland and Norway, Britain will thrive outside the EU by trading freely with all countries of the world.






* The Great European Rip-off  by David Craig, Matthew Elliott

7 thoughts on “Ten Reasons To Leave The European Union

  1. I am pleased that the Horror Channel is repeating one of my favourite TV shows from 1967 when I was 20. It is the science-fiction series “The Invaders”. It always begins with the same introductory narration: “The Invaders – alien beings from a dying world – their destination, the earth – their purpose, to make it their world!” It occurred to me that if there were a EU version of this drama, it would have to begin: “The Invaders – alien citizens from a dying regime – their destination, your country – their purpose, to make it their land!” Some people would perhaps call me “Fascist”, others might call me “old-fashioned” or “politically incorrect” – but can someone please explain to me WHY, as an Englishman, I should dance with welcoming open arms and enjoy participating in the disassembly and conversion of Britain and its compulsory transformation into a foreigner’s country, when my own ancestors for the last thousand years or more have spent their life blood and toil in making it a safe and prosperous country for their own descendants, not for invaders?

  2. ( Party Official ) Well done Kevan. The disaster that is our membership of the sinister European Union Superstate is clear. Pretending to just being a trading organisation is in the past for them. Now they are shameless in declaring their ambitions to suck the life out of Nation states and peoples. Imposing Mass Immigration is Genocide , albeit mostly peaceful. The policy of the British Democratic Party is for total withdrawal , straight away !

  3. The estimate that the EU costs a total of £1,000 billion a year to run – an incredible £2,000 for every man, woman and child in Europe is from the book “The Great European Rip-off – How the Corrupt, Wasteful EU is Taking Control of Our Lives”, by David Craig and Matthew Elliot, published by Random House Books in 2009.

  4. Peter, brilliantly put, and any right-minded Englishman should feel the same…unfortunately too many of them are more interested in drinking themselves into oblivion every weekend or watching ”reality” televison. As for the EU, I knew it was bad…but after reading the above analysis, nobody but a fool could make a case for staying in it.

  5. Whether we are lead by Brussels and its undemocratic rules or by Westminster with its liars and cheats, makes the whole damned episode, Hobsons choice, or no choice whatsoever.
    Where in fact if we were governed properly. We wouldn’t be in it in the first place. So either way we get the worst possible leadership.
    But out it must be. Then its our duty to round up the traitors and by due process . take away all their ill gotten gains, and imprison the worst . If we stay in, that we cannot do without bloodshed. And bloodshed is never the answer anyhow.

  6. ( Party Official ) I do not know if the REMAIN CAMPAIGN will ALLOW it on the news but there has been HORRIFIC ANTI – BRITISH VIOLENCE TODAY 21 / 6 / 2016 IN CALAIS AGAIN. People who want to come to Britain for free housing etc. , oh sorry I meant to say ENRICH OUR CULTURE , HAVE SCREAMED HOSTILE SLOGANS AGAINST US BRITS AND HURLED ROCKS AT ANYBODY OR ANYTHING BRITISH. When we vote LEAVE THEY WILL GET THE MESSAGE , SO SEND THAT MESSAGE BY VOTING LEAVE !

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